To Marty Hepp (CEC) and others in the CBMC family:


I received an email from Marty Hepp... a man I have known for quite some time where I went to church with Pastor Marty Grubbs. Something stood out in that email and after I awoke today and prayed, I got an idea which I believed was from God, and just to confirm, I asked God to show me. I was led to open my Bible without looking and place my finger down without looking. So I did. When I looked, my finger was on "earnestly"... in Hebrews 11:6... And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Earnestly: with sincere intense conviction; seriously

I am letting you know all of that because it actually relates to the idea I received from God.

I contacted Marty Hepp and others in the CBMC... but Marty's response does not honor God... so God wants me to invite them to see if they have any INKLING OF CONVICTION.

If they have NO INKLING OF CONVICTION from the Holy Spirit that it is wrong for Steve Green to build a museum for the Bible and say it is NOT about faith and NOT a faith venture... and have NO INKLING OF CONVICTION of anything else others have done and said with the Museum of the Bible is wrong as shown on the PDF... they may contact me and I will place their name here... if they really have NO INKLING OF CONVICTION.


We can start with Marty Hepp: (I emailed and called for Marty. Let's see if he has CONVICTION OF WRONG... or if he has NONE)
And we don't want to leave out those in the CBMC which Marty has communicated with:





I do not expect to see Steve Trice's name up there in that list. I took most of the contents of that PDF to Steve Trice. He told me he had invested in the Museum of the Bible... and he did not agree with Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible saying it is NOT about faith and NOT a faith venture. So it appeared to me that Steve Trice immediately had MORE THAN AN INKLING OF CONVICTION early on in our conversation.

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