God revealed something He wants featured at Town of Love the Greens have money for and approve of. And yes America... the Greens have the money and approve! (Their flesh does not, but their spirit inside them does)


God wants me to give you clues. Can you figure it out by the numbers in 3 steps?



Put God first: #1



Psalm 78:6:

so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children.


Ephesians 2:10

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.


GOD = 26 (G = 7, O = 15, D = 4)


Exit 151A in Oklahoma City leads to the Town of Love location revealed by the Holy Spirit to bring honor to Jesus Christ


Luke 1:37

"For nothing is impossible with God."


Jeremiah 33:3 

'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'




Do you perceive the new thing God wants with Town of Love?

How low will the Museum of the Bible go?

Take a look at what message the Greens allow at the MOTB:
"dumb luck or divine intervention"... 
(they leave it up to whatever you want to call God's intervention. Is that Biblical? NO! Both of those cannot be true. One is a lie, but they do not tell you it is a lie. I will tell you that "dumb luck" is a lie and tell you the Greens are insulting God!)

You can see it on this link:



Is this how the Greens of Hobby Lobby want you to think that conversation with God went?...

Steve Green: "Hey dad... I just heard God say he doesn't want Town of Love to encourage faith in Jesus Christ... but instead... God wants us to build a museum for the greatest book of faith and say it is NOT about faith!"

David Green: "That doesn't sound like God, but if you say so Steve, it must be true! Forget promoting faith in Jesus Christ and be sure to tell people they don't have to believe! You are so smart and that faith guy is an idiot compared to you!"



Someone was willing to obey God and give a large sum of money to fund Crossings. What if David Green and Steve Green were willing to obey God with Town of Love? 
Why would Pastor Marty Grubbs not support that? I supported the new building of Crossings Community Church wholeheartedly.

Satan got Pastor Marty Grubbs to go against God and His Word. Marty chose to oppose 1 Peter 4:10: Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms. Marty said my gift was not for others. 

Marty Grubbs wants to be the mouth of the body of Christ and say he does not need the eye...
but God wants the eye and the mouth working together. The mouth does not say what it should when it refuses to do things God's way. 

David Green wants to be the hand of the body of Christ and say he does not need the eye... but God wants the eye and the hand working together. The hand does not do what it should when it refuses to do things God's way.


The body will not work as it should unless it works together as God wants. 





Here is what the Museum of the Bible says about the Bible:

"It is a captivating story that includes a little bit of everything; 
adventure and violence,

mystery and bravery,

AND dumb luck or divine intervention – 

depending on your point of view."

Truth does not depend on your point of view and God's divine intervention is NOT dumb luck. Satan wants you to think that and the Museum of the Bible goes right along with Satan to cast doubt.

Pastor Marty Grubbs: As you listen to God... which sounds more like shenanigans...

Me saying God wants Town of Love to encourage faith in Jesus Christ?

Steve Green saying the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith?

Your answer will tell us whether or not you listen to God enough to understand what He says.
The Greens have been led away from what God wants by Satan... and spiritual discerning Christians I've talked to know this. 
Can you see how they have been led away from what God wanted to begin with?

Do you care more about the truth told about your dad than you care about the lies the Greens tell about God's Word?
Is God's plan better than Satan's?

What does God tell you? Satan's plan may look better to some... but not to me with the Holy Spirit.

Satan likes people to come up with Plan B away from God's Plan A. Marty is against Plan A along with David Green... the guy keeping the money for Town of Love. Was Marty taught that by his father? He certainly was not taught that by his heavenly Father! 

Pastor Marty Grubbs did not want to do God's will God's way regarding Town of Love. Perhaps he learned another way to do things from his dad David Grubbs... on the right... David with his much, much younger wife "Mindy" (Melinda Grubbs).  That's his dad away from Marty's mom on the left. 

Will Pastor Marty Grubbs move closer to what God wants now? Or will he think it is no big deal... as if doing things Satan's way is no big deal and will eventually be accepted as the new family normal?

I am trying to do my part with God so that Satan's way is NOT the new Christian family normal.


You admitted you haven't thought much about what God is stirring your heart over at times. It is time you think about it. Town of Love is designed to encourage faith in Jesus Christ and to strengthen marriage... so that a husband will love the wife of his youth and won't so easy follow Satan to look outside the marriage to satisfy his desires... with a much, much younger woman.


Happy Fathers Day. I encourage you to obey God on this to be a happier father. If you should decide you want to obey God...


email me: 



What if Pastor Marty Grubbs and David Green thought more about what God wants instead of what they want?

The reason we don't "get along" is because I happen to be the messenger for God with a message they don't want to support publicly... a vision to honor Jesus Christ with Town of Love.
It is actually very similar to the things found at the Museum of the Bible... but with a huge exception. I say Town of Love IS about faith... while Steve Green says the Museum of the  Bible is NOT about faith.

Is a messenger like Steve Green who is NOT about faith with what is God's... more welcome at Crossings where Marty calls the shots?

Does Marty Grubbs desire to put in a Bible wing at Crossings and declare it is NOT about faith so he can befriend the Greens?

Marty's dad had something else in mind other than what God wanted too. Maybe his dad taught him to look the other way as if the grass is greener on the other side.

Town of Love is the wife he should be looking at... but he is focused on a younger woman.

Marty refused to obey God and even admitted not giving much thought to what God says at times.


Pastor Marty would not allow God's Town of Love to be displayed at Crossings in what they called CHRIST-CENTERED. He would rather talk about his love for sports cars at Crossings than what God wants. When I was a teen, Marty would drive me around in his car and quickly whip into a parking lot at Crystal's Pizza... when he was a joy to be around.

That fun side has not been seen for a long time.

God revealed a fun way to reach the lost with Town of Love... but Marty fought against it... he fought against showing the vision that nearly every God-honoring Christian loves. 

Would he welcome the above display by the Greens?

Would he welcome them to Crossings any time after they built a museum for God's Word and said it is NOT about faith?

Or would Marty actually care about doing God's will after hearing His voice... even to the point of telling David Green and Steve Green that they are wrong?

I am close enough to God to hear Him and obey... so Marty shouldn't act like I have the problem when he isn't willing to obey God as he should.

At times your brothers may not like the coat your Father has given you to wear... and they get rid of you. 

God would rather have me on on the internet telling the truth with no building... than have the Greens in a $500 million museum spreading lies.



Pastor Marty Grubbs admitting he hasn't cared much for what God wants concerning Town of Love is the first step. Now if the Greens would admit it...

OKC... Exit 151A leading to the location for Town of Love...
Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit


A = 1 , B = 2. C = 3... Z = 26


Jesus Christ = 151
Holy Spirit = 151

Marty was there in church with me over 2 decades ago when God told me He had something for me to do... but my "friend" doesn't appear to be close enough to God to publicly admit liking what God has shared with me... a vision loved by nearly every Christian I talk to.  

Marty might be so confused at this point to welcome Steve Green who says a museum built for God and His Word is NOT about faith rather than welcome me as I encourage faith and proclaim a museum built for God is most definitely about faith.

God tells me to be faithful to His 2 wing plan even if the Greens are unfaithful.


Pastor Marty Grubbs should want Town of Love like he wants power restored at Crossings Community Church when the power is not working as it is designed to work.


So why would he not want that? Maybe Marty Grubbs has given up hope because he thinks David Green of Hobby Lobby will never obey God as he should to publicly encourage faith.


God has given David Green the money for Town of Love. Should I not anticipate it like Pastor Marty Grubbs anticipates power being restored at Crossings so that Jesus Christ is lifted up?

God has set these two wings up so that the Greens will work with God and me in order to do things right at the Museum of the Bible wing and the Town of Love wing... united in purpose to encourage faith in Jesus Christ and honor God's Word. 

I am ready to do the $500 million dollar test to prove I can touch $500 million of God's Hobby Lobby money... so why would David Green refuse me the opportunity to prove what I say is true?

After I placed the above image up, I asked God to confirm. He led me to open His Word (the Bible) without looking and place my finger down without looking. When I looked... my finger was on "give account"... of 1 Peter 4:5... But they will have to give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead.


That is very serious. If Steve Green tells you not to believe it... tell him you fear God... not him! 


Welcome to Two Wings of God.

I am here to tell you to believe the truth from God that Steve Green says you don't have to believe. He says you don't have to believe what is sung in the song above and the Greens have shown they don't want a Town of Love showing videos like this. Pray that the Greens change their narrative to reflect the truth God wants all men to know.



OKC and Washington DC:
David Green of Hobby Lobby drove right up and called me an idiot as I did God's will. (I keep telling you to show just how evil he can be and how unrepentant he is - showing no regret for his sin) 

Am I really an idiot as I do God's will?

What would you call David if he believes his son as he says a museum built for the greatest book of faith... is NOT about faith at all?

Does that sound wise to believe something so foolish?


Do you see why you should not value the words of a man like David Green who rejects God's will?



As you read the Bible...
1. You will not read of God ever telling anyone to say what they do for God is NOT about faith.

2. You will not read of God telling someone to tell other people they don't have to believe.

So why would Mr Green want you to believe that?



How many in David Green's family would love to see Town of Love in OKC but are afraid to tell David the truth?


God knows.

If the Greens knew what God knows, they would fund Town of Love. But they don't trust God's wisdom and they seek out the advice of men... which is influenced by Satan.

Don't be led by those getting the advice of Satan. Just look at how far away the Greens are from what God wants them to do and say. Draw closer to God as you pray for them to draw closer too. Pray they choose to trust God and reject advice of those against God. 

The Greens are not flying in formation with the rest of us God-honoring Christians

As I watched the air show today from my house, I got a sense of how dangerous it would be to fly with David Green... a man who has been too comfortable in his "black sheep" role.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we want people on our team that we can trust... people who won't take off and do their own thing... and put the rest of us at risk.

David Green told young people to "keep your spouse first" when he should have said "Keep God first"! Why? Because he does not put God first.

And it becomes even more dangerous when he raises a child to be like him... the child Steve Green.

Steve Green used God's money to build a museum for the greatest book of faith known to man... and what did Steve Green say about it? He said it is NOT about faith! That shocked Steve Trice of Jasco... as he proclaimed "Sure it is!" (about faith)

Not only did Steve Green say that, but he also told people they don't have to believe the Bible! (Satan and the enemies of God say you don't have to believe His Word) 

He also says the Bible is dangerous! (Satan and the enemies of God say His Word is dangerous)

A person led by the Spirit of God will not be led to say what the Greens have said.

David Green: "Keep your spouse first"

Steve Green: "It is NOT about faith" / "You don't have to believe it" (the Bible) / "The Bible is dangerous." 

If you are near the Greens, pay close attention to their maneuvers to see if they are in line with God's Word.

If you see them get out of line... tell them to put God first and get into formation with the rest of us God-honoring Christians... if you have the courage.

Close to 100% of Christians I have talked to love the vision of Town of Love... the vision which God wants funded by the Hobby Lobby money. (I can't say 100% because I have to include the Greens)

If the Greens were in formation with God and the rest of us, it would have been funded long ago.

If you are a God-honoring Christian and know the Word of God, it is easy to see that the Greens are not in line with God.

I encourage you to pray for them... so that they fly with Christ... rather than against Christ as they do Satan's will.

I am 4-CHRIST... NOT ANTI-CHRIST (666)... 4-FAITH.... NOT ANTI-FAITH (666).



Look at the visual above to get the picture of how dangerous the Greens are and why they need to be held accountable as you read what they have said and done with what is precious in God's eyes.

I sent an email to the president of Wisconsin Lutheran College  so that he would know the truth about David Green... but left out a very important word... the word "not". God prompted me to quickly redo the email and send it back to him. I did that within just a few minutes after seeing my mistake.

Steve Green does not obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit like that. He was prompted by God to say the Museum of the Bible IS about faith... but he said the opposite. He put in the word NOT when he should have told the truth.

Steve has a problem telling the truth about both wings. 

He was prompted by God not to do a book describing the Bible as dangerous... but he did the opposite... and it is still for sale in the MOTB store.

He was prompted to encourage people to believe the Bible... but he did the opposite. He told people that they don't have to believe!

He was prompted by God to fund Town of Love... but he did the opposite. He said people like Town of Love because they have NO skin in the game. Jesus likes Town of Love... so Steve clearly wasn't talking about Jesus... because he had ALL of His skin in the "game"... and from what I have seen... Steve doesn't really care to do what Jesus wants at this point in his life.

The Greens seem to be a family acting like they are trying to make a difference but not willing to do what it takes to make a difference. With David and Steve leading them the way they are... don't expect much until the leaders change.

Here are very important questions to ask:

Why would Steve Green associate himself with Christian beliefs when it concerns Hobby Lobby but then deny those Christian beliefs when it concerns the Museum of the Bible?
He clearly stated the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith?

Why does he want us to believe a retail store is about faith, but a museum for the greatest book of faith is NOT about faith?
Why does his dad not speak against this and correct his own son? Not speaking against it and going along with it shows acceptance of it... a willingness to tolerate evil and coexist with it. 

He and his dad will not be my partners until they can publicly tell the truth.

How long will it take for the Greens to overcome their pride and publicly admit that they are wrong?

David and Steve: I am not here to multiply kisses to you and tell you how wonderful you are as you live opposed to what God wants.  I am here to help you as a real friend should – some tough love when you live in a world where people say what you want to hear so they can get close to that money. 

And speaking of God's money... I can prove God has sent me to touch $500 million... to encourage faith in Jesus Christ – something you have not obeyed God with concerning the Museum of the Bible.





I would like to welcome those of you from Wisconsin Lutheran College as you are introduced to the truth of David Green and his family – the truth David would not want you to know as you label him a divine servant. Did God give him that title... or was it you? I care more about what an honest God says of me than what a mere man wrongly says of me.

Did David Green's parents teach him to tell people they don't have to believe the Bible... or is that something David Green picked up on his own and taught Steve Green to say so that Steve can be a friend of the world like his dad?

How many of you would be proud to hear your son tell people that they don't have to believe the Bible? How many of you would sit by and do nothing while your son did?

David Green acts as if he has the final say on what to do with God's Hobby Lobby money.

1. David has already implied that touching what is God's would result in what happened to Uzzah... the man struck dead.

2. That would mean if I tried to touch what is God's... when God did not want it touched by me... then I too would be struck dead.

3. I have been sharing for years that God wants Town of Love funded by His Hobby Lobby money.

4. I am willing to prove it... but not only prove I can touch $30, $40 or $50 million of God's money... but even touch $500 million of God's money... and live.


David can put $500 million of God's Hobby Lobby money on a table with other Christians around to witness the transaction. I will walk up to it... hold it... and walk out with God's money to honor Jesus Christ with Town of Love.
What does David have to lose? It is NOT his anyway... even as much as he fights to imagine it is.


Imagine what must go through the mind of David Green as he rejects the Holy Spirit prompting him to honor Jesus Christ with Town of Love. Imagine how messed up you would be to build a museum for the Bible and watch your own son claim it has nothing to do with faith. Could his thoughts be so far off that they are something like the above?

Can you find the man who insults God in this photo? Which one appears to be not as happy as the others? Which one do you think might call you an idiot if God chose you to share something with him?

Dr. Daniel W. Johnson awarded the Divine Servant award to the man named David Green who called me an "idiot" for doing God's will. I am willing to prove before all of those present above that God has truly directed me to get funding for Town of Love with God's Hobby Lobby money. Is David Green ready for the truth to be revealed?

It is hard to get a meeting with David Green. If you invite him to a big event honoring himself... he will show up. If you invite him to fund something honoring Jesus Christ more than he wants to... he won't show. He must become less... so that he honors Christ more.


The Town of Love location and getting God's Hobby Lobby $500 million for it and more

I will be working to set up a meeting with David Green... the man who compared touching what is God's to Uzzah being struck down for touching the ark. I am willing to prove God sent me by touching the $500 million and walking out with it... confirming for David Green that God has sent me to get the money for Town of Love. 

Does David think I will die like Uzzah... or is David afraid I will live and spend that money promoting faith in our Savior Jesus Christ in ways he and his son have refused to do?

Let's put what I say to the test.

On May 6th, I went out to this location and took this photo. This is the location I drove to when God directed me to meet a woman whose dad owned the land in the same general area where I had prayed over 5 years before regarding a restaurant showing Christian videos. That land 5 years earlier was just north of the CLIMB UP building you see on the left.

I did not have the money for that around 2006... and did not go ahead with the plan.

Then in 2011, by some amazing coordination from God, He orchestrated the meeting of that woman mentioned earlier through a project called Hunger Heroes... a project designed to help feed hungry kids.

She loved the logo I designed and later said she loved the marketing ideas... then said she wished she could pay me what I was worth. She said she could if her dad's land would sell.

I asked where her dad's land was... and was completely blown away when I found out it was right here... (where I took this photo recently)... a short distance from where I spent time praying to God as I walked over that land just north of the building on the left.

But it didn't end there.

Once I found out about the land, I drove out to it and just as I drove up to the area where this photo was taken... I heard in my spirit under the Oklahoma night sky... look up Luke 1:15.

This was not a verse I knew by heart, so I looked it up immediately.

This is what I read and truly believe God spoke it to me for Town of Love:

For he will be great in the sight of the Lord. He is never to take wine or other fermented drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even before he is born.

It got me thinking... what does great in the sight of the Lord look like? One thing is for sure... I have been guided by God since then and He keeps me holding on to what He started.




God has given me specific direction on where to get the funds. I am not supposed to get off of God's plan.

God directed me to Hobby Lobby BEFORE I ever knew there was going to be another wing.

I knew about the right wing called Town of Love... but did not know about the left wing called the Museum of the Bible.

Once again... God surprised me.

I also found out that God told David Green that Hobby Lobby is NOT David's... meaning it is GOD'S.

So that puts us in a very interesting situation.

God has told me to get funding for Town of Love with money brought in by Hobby Lobby... God's company.

David Green has denied me access to the funds which God wants me to have to honor our Savior Jesus Christ for His amazing love.

David Green has also NEVER said God told him not to give me the funds for Town of Love.

One thing that David Green can't deny is what he has written in his book called GIVING IT ALL AWAY.

From what he has written... I am willing to prove God has sent me to get God's money for Town of Love.

This is in David Green's own book... 

One night I was praying about this in the back yard. All of the sudden, right there under the Oklahoma night sky, something dramatic happened. I sensed God saying to me, "This company belongs to me. Don't you touch it. It's mine."

The force of those words jolted me. I connected them right away with the story in the Bible about the day King David and his people tried to move the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem using a cart. Everything went well until one of the handlers, a man named Uzzah, reached out to steady the ark as it went over a bump in the road. God struck him dead on the spot. Why? The Bible says it is because of his irreverent act" (2 Samuel 6:7)




David Green has clearly shown us that God spoke to him and gave David a warning about touching what is His - God's.

I am very aware of that warning and know what it implies.

But we have a situation here where I say that God has directed me to get funds for Town of Love from sales made by Gods company... Hobby Lobby.

David Green has shown he has a problem with fully acknowledging it is God's company... and so therefore has denied access to those funds.

In accordance to what David himself has said... if I were to touch what is God's... in an irreverent way like Uzzah did... I would be struck dead.




Put $500 million on the table... what was spent on the Museum of the Bible which Steve Green denies is about faith... and we can all witness whether or not God allows me to touch what is His and go honor Jesus Christ with it at Town of Love.

If God should allow me to walk up and touch what is His... and honor faith with it... then it will prove David Green was making his own decisions about how to spend God's money without considering what God wanted.

But if God strikes me down... then David Green can spend the $500 million somewhere else.

David Green has acted like he doesn't want me around and has taken the effort to make sure I am not.

So... why would he pass up this opportunity to watch God strike me down?

He wouldn't pass up that opportunity if he truly believed God would strike me down.

I am willing to take this test.


Is David?










• God said Hobby Lobby does NOT belong to David Green
• God sent me to get funding for Town of Love with money from His company sales... Hobby Lobby

• David has avoided funding Town of Love with God's money, but has clearly implied if what is God's is touched when God doesn't want it touched... then God can strike a man down. 
• I am willing to touch the $500 million and go promote faith in Jesus Christ... proving God wants me to touch it and handle what is His – not David's.
• If David Green refuses this test... then he is basically showing he is wrong and unwilling to have the public know that God wants Town of Love funded to honor Jesus Christ.
• If David goes through with this test and it is confirmed that God wants faith promoted at both of His wings... then the Greens will have to promote faith in Washington DC as well... something they have been reluctant to do.


Can anyone in the Green family conceive of why God would want 2 wings promoting faith in Jesus Christ?

The Greens should read John 6:29 for the answer:

Jesus answered, "The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent."





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