Steve Green has denied faith and David Green has denied access to funds to promote faith in Jesus Christ with Town of Love.

Notice the above Living Bible History Museum mentions UNDENIABLE FAITH.

The son of David Green DENIES that the Museum of the Bible is about faith.
One museum calls it UNDENIABLE FAITH... the other DENIES FAITH.


The Bible says that someone who denies the faith is worse than an unbeliever!

Steve Green needs to be held accountable for insulting God and His Word.
If you would like to hold him accountable, email me:

For those of you who might want to know about the test for David Green...

he has not yet contacted me to do the test proving which of us is honoring God.




David Green of Hobby Lobby is ultimately calling God an idiot.

Do David and Steve Green really expect Christians to believe God told them not to honor the Savior Jesus Christ with Town of Love and instead told Steve to build a museum for God's Word and say it is NOT about faith and to also tell people they don't have to believe God's Word?

A fool might believe them, but not any wise, God-honoring Christian. I haven't met a Christian yet who believes God wants the museum of the Bible to NOT be about faith and the vast majority of Christians love the vision for Town of Love.

So if I speak for the vast majority of Christians, and David Green calls me an idiot for representing Town of Love as God directs me... then he would likely call the vast majority of Christians idiots too if they were called to share what I share with them concerning what God wants.

And really, ultimately, because I am simply the messenger sent by God, David Green is calling God an idiot.



God knew Satan would get the Greens to say His Word is dangerous.

Using Psalm 36:7, God had me show He is a REFUGE... not dangerous... years before the Greens said His Word is dangerous.

God wants them to show His love... but they have decided instead to lie and say His Word is dangerous. 

The above is a graphic God had me take to David Green BEFORE we ever knew there was a left wing! The Greens do not respect God or what He wants. 

The Museum of the Bible was once reported to have 600 Bibles. So to illustrate the extreme foolishness of Steve Green, I give you the above graphic. Steve is the man responsible for bringing in some of those 600 Books of Faith... and then saying the museum of NOT about faith. 

Why would Steve Green lie to us? Why would his dad sit by and watch him tell lies? They need to be held accountable for taking in money from people who thought they would tell the truth about the Bible.

If you want to be part of those who hold them accountable, email me here:

And no... it does not matter if you are a Democrat of a Republican, it only matters that you want God's Word shown respect at a high level and want the Greens to encourage faith... not discourage it.

Saying the museum built for the Book about faith... is "NOT about faith"... is even more foolish than saying a museum built for money... is not about money.



David Green:


If you were careful with each step to honor God... you would have funded Town of Love and the Museum of the Bible would be very different – greatly encouraging faith. But you were not careful... and here we are. 

Do you really expect any Christian to believe that God told you not to honor Jesus Christ with Town of Love and told you to build a museum for the Bible and have Steve tell people it is NOT about faith? That indicates just how far off you are from even hearing God and doing His will correctly! It is impossible to please God without faith!

If you and Steve can't handle the Word of God correctly... then let another take your place... someone who can.

You wrote a chapter about what you've learned is MOST important... and you did not personally mention the name of Jesus one time! You obviously did not tell people what is most important... and showed you have not learned a lesson that other Christians have learned. (In fact, today my pastor just mentioned Jesus as MOST important!) Eternity with Jesus is far more important than figuring out how you can divide up God's money so that Jesus Christ isn't honored by you with Town of Love.

Rather than ask why I have communicated with you for 6 years... you should ask why God has had me communicate with you for 6 years.

Ask... "Is it really that important for people to know Jesus?"

Ask... "Is it really that important that the people know a museum for the Bible is about faith?" 
Yes it is.

Ask... "Is it really that important that Jesus be honored with both wings?" 

Yes it is.

Satan will tell you it is not important... just like he told your family the Bible is dangerous. You should stop listening to Satan. He has a way of making fools out of people like you.

God never said in His Word that it is DANGEROUS. So ask yourself this, David: Do you really believe God waited all this time to raise up Steve and Jackie Green to tell the world that His Own Word is dangerous? 

That is Satan... and we will know you are making progress when your family collects the evil books that are out there and destroys them... to the glory of God the Father... the God Who is NOT dangerous.


The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.

Proverbs 12:15

Welcome to Two Wings of God. According to the above verse... if the Greens think their way is right... telling people that the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith and telling people they don't have to believe... then they are fools.

God sent me to them to give them advice... not just for the Town of Love wing... but also for the Museum of the Bible wing. 

They have refused to listen to advice from God.

Steve Trice of Jasco tells the truth Steve Green didn't tell people... the Museum of the Bible IS about faith.

Steve Green is a fool. Steve Trice is NOT... unless he ends up defending the fool for his foolish words.



I am willing to back up what I say with a test.

David Green can put $500 million of GOD'S MONEY on a table. If God allows me to walk away with it... without striking me down... then you will know God sent me. If David Green refuses this test... then you can assume God sent me and that David wants nothing to do with revealing that truth. The Greens will also be required to promote faith in Jesus Christ at both wings... something they have been reluctant to obey God in.




David Green loves to talk about David Green... not Jesus. So they have a museum of the Bible that does not talk much about Jesus... a museum David's own son says is NOT even about faith.

And David Green calls me an idiot. He might even call you one too if you think Jesus should be honored.
Maybe David wants a mirror so he can stare at the one he loves so much... the one he can talk about for years and years.

I can imagine David's mom, Marie, asking David... "But what about Jesus?"
Would David call his own mom an idiot too... or just think his mom was an idiot inside of his head?


Would Steve Green call David's mom an idiot if she encouraged people to believe GOd's Word.


You can find stories about David Green going on and on talking about himself - NOT JESUS! In one of those stories... he talks about Hobby Lobby being bold in their witness... their FAITH witness!

Ask yourself why they are bold in their faith with Hobby Lobby... but NOT bold in their faith for the Museum of the Bible... even going as far to say that the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith at all... even telling people they don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible!

They rejected being bold with their faith regarding Town of Love and rejected being bold with their faith regarding the Museum of the Bible.

God wants me to show their error... and this Mother's Day... David Green's own mom, Marie, would want me to show the error too... something the black sheep of the Green family has refused to correct in this school of Christian life.

How many years will David Green have to redo this level of education as a disobedient Christian? Imagine David being in 7th grade and being 6 years older than the other kids because he failed over and over to pass the test that allowed him to move on.

Would the other kids like being called idiots by the one who could not graduate? 


He had to take Grade 7 over again because he didn't grasp it the first time... and here we are going on 6 years repeating the same grade over and over again until he learns that Hobby Lobby is God's and that God wants 2 wings to encourage faith in Jesus Christ. 


"For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit."

2 Peter 1:21

God led me to David Green to get the RIGHT WING faith venture funded before I ever knew about the $500 million LEFT WING Steve Green says is NOT about faith... imagine them trying to convince Christians that God's museum is NOT about faith. Imagine David Green calling all of us Christians idiots if we do not agree with his distorted view of what God wants. 
The Greens love themselves and talking about themselves more than Jesus... which makes it easier for Steve to say it is NOT about faith... meaning it is NOT about Jesus at the Museum of the Bible... the Bible... actually written about Jesus!

God revealed the RIGHT WING back in 2011... BEFORE we knew about any LEFT WING. God often does things... prophetic things... to help convince people of how He has the ability to make things happen over time... to build your faith... so you will trust Him and not consider Him or His Words dangerous as the Greens have said... calling the Bible a "dangerous book".

David Green does not respect prophecy or value a vision revealed by the Holy Spirit to encourage faith in Jesus Christ.

Even if everyone close to David Green told me he does not love Jesus that much and will NEVER honor Jesus Christ publicly at Town of Love... I still must share what the Holy Spirit tells me to share.

Tell David Green to have $500 million on the table... I will walk up... touch what is God's... and prove God sent me to him. I will not die like Uzzah did when he touched the Ark of the Covenant. I will walk out with it and do what David Green refuses to do... publicly honor Jesus Christ for His sacrifice and His love... with Town of Love.

Which wing represents Jesus?

The Museum of the Bible wing built by Steve Green who says it is not about faith... or the Town of Love wing not built yet which is about faith?

Hint: If it is not about faith... it is not about Jesus.

Ask Pastor Marty Grubbs at Crossings Community Church. Surely my friend Marty has learned that if people are Christ centered... they will promote faith on the left and on the right. But will he actually hold the Greens accountable or go right along with them getting donations from Christians who think they encourage faith? 

God does not approve of what the Greens are doing. David Green's own parents would not approve. Other Christians do not approve. So... why should I? Is David Green hoping I become more like him so Jesus becomes less to me?

David tells us he had difficulty learning things. He still has difficulty applying what he has learned. He hears from God but does not do what God wants. He puts himself before God and others when he should be loving God and others. 

Years ago, after I had learned the Holy Spirit was directing me to specific answers in the Bible (Divine guidance)... I asked God what He had to say about me. The words God directed me to about myself were "Aaron's staff". 

Then when I found out that David Green has the money for Town of Love, I did some research. I read up on David Green... and discovered he referred to touching God's Hobby Lobby to that moment when Uzzah touched the Ark of the Covenant.

Well... that is interesting David compared it to the Ark of the Covenant... because of what Hebrews 9:4 says..which had the golden altar of incense and the gold-covered ark of the covenant. This ark contained the gold jar of manna, Aaron's staff that had budded, and the stone tablets of the covenant.


Not only do I believe God will allow me to touch His Hobby Lobby money, but I believe God would allow me to take every penny David Green has of God's to do what a good steward would do... promote faith in Jesus Christ at Town of Love and Museum of the Bible.


If David acted concerned about touching what he compared with the Ark of the Covenant, he should be concerned with what God compared me to... what was reported to be actually in the Ark of the Covenant... Aaron's staff.


David Green:

I am ready for that test David... and I am 100% serious about proving what I say is true... God, you, me, the money and anyone else you want there to witness the transaction.


Are you really so confident that you are more entitled to steward what is God's as you work with your family who spreads the lie that the Bible is dangerous and that the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith?

And who are you to deny Jesus of being honored at Town of Love? 


Watch Stephen Baldwin's testimony. Stephen Baldwin once thought what God wanted him to do was crazy too... but he obeyed... and God was glorified by his obedience.
What if David and Steve Green obeyed God? If they did, you would hear them mention Jesus a lot more... something they are reluctant to do now.

I found out David Green has tried to hurt my reputation. David Green didn't like God's plan to honor Jesus Christ with Town of Love so he went saying things he should not have. Of course... if the Greens will say what they have said about God's Word... they will say things about me as they are influenced by Satan. 

So... let us take a test publicly to show who is the man of their word.
David Green claims God told him not to touch Hobby Lobby... meaning it is God's.
I say God gave the money to the Greens for Town of Love and that it is to be used to promote faith in Jesus Christ. 
David said he felt if what was God's was touched... the person would die like Uzzah did when he touched the Ark of the Covenant.
Here is the test to prove I tell the truth:
(Challenge Issued Resurrection Sunday 2019... no response to date)
David Green can put $500 million of God's money on a table... at least part of what the Museum of the Bible is said to cost... a museum for the Bible which David's son says is NOT about faith.
If God allows me to touch it without striking me down... then you will know I tell the truth.

If David Green refuses to accept this challenge... then you can assume I tell the truth and he doesn't want you to know I tell the truth by taking the challenge to reveal the truth and then be required to encourage faith in Jesus Christ.
If God does not strike me down... then I get to use the money to encourage faith with Town of Love AND the Greens will be required to encourage faith in Jesus Christ with the Museum of the Bible.

If David wants to claim I am a liar... then maybe he might like to see me gone so he and his son can continue to say the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith and spread the news that God's Word is dangerous. 
Satan and Steve Green tell you to set your faith aside and tell you the Bible is DANGEROUS.
God does not.

The reason I am not partnering with the Greens yet is because they refuse to do things God's way. David Green couldn't pay me all the money in his possession to say the foolish things Steve Green has said.
A fool starts out talking foolishness and ends up saying crazy things that are DANGEROUS.
Ecclesiastes 10:13 (Found in the Bible that Steve Green deceives you to think is dangerous)
For the words coming from God to be considered dangerous... are the Greens willing to say that God is a fool who has said crazy things that are DANGEROUS?

Or are they willing to admit that they have been the fools talking foolishness who have ended up saying crazy things that are dangerous... and that God and His Word (The Bible) are actually a place of refuge... not a place of DANGER?

Until David Green overcomes his pride, he will not publicly admit that he is wrong. Until Steve and Jackie overcome their pride, they will not publicly admit they are wrong. God's Word is not 
dangerous. They are.
And I, I don’t want to leave a legacy
I don’t care if they remember me
Only Jesus.
Casting Crowns
David Green just might feel like calling Casting Crowns idiots... because David Green wrote a book about leaving a legacy... and didn't personally write about Jesus in what he talks about as "most important".

I have done research on the Greens and what I see time and time again... is them talking about how great their own family is... not talking about how great Jesus is.
I am here to turn their eyes to Jesus... and to get them to acknowledge publicly that Jesus has the Name above all names... even above their own... and that He should be talked about more than themselves.

Pride runs through the Greens... because David Green leads them in pride... and destroys with pride.
After I put the above up, I asked God to show me if He approved of it up. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to go to the Bible. I walked into the other room. I picked up the Bible that was closed. I opened it and placed my finger down without looking... having no idea were the Holy Spirit might lead me. When I looked, I saw it on themselves in 2 Corinthians 5:15:
And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for
themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.
God is very good at directing me in His NON-DANGEROUS Word.

The devil leading the Greens to say God's Word is dangerous... is dangerous.
Just listen to the foolishness of Jackie Green:

Reporter asking Jackie Green:

We’ll start with you…

Why did you name it “This Dangerous Book”?


"Well, we feel, like you said…

Atheists would say it’s a dangerous book."
(Yes... Jackie Green actually said those words... the foolish wife of the foolish Steve Green who tells people they don't have to believe... uses the words of a fool in her explanation of why she calls the Bible dangerous)


Wise Christians know that we should not be saying what atheists say about the Bible…

but the Greens can't be classified as wise Christians as they receive direction from Satan and do his will


How many Greens will betray Jesus?


The Greens have shown they are willing to go to court against the government. Are they willing to stand up in court to tell America that they don't have to believe the Bible (what Jesus said to believe)... are they willing to say God's Word is dangerous (God's Own Word warns against danger)... and are they willing to say God's museum of the Bible is NOT about faith... (God's Own Word says it is impossible to please Him without faith)...?

God doesn't want God-honoring believers going to court against each other... but are the Greens really God-honoring believers... or betrayers against the will of God?


Keep in mind that Steve Green says GOD tricked him into doing the Museum of the Bible. Does he also say God tricked him into saying it is NOT about faith... with the level of knowledge he has of God?


Can the Greens not discern between God's voice and Satan's? When they obey Satan... they go against God... and it is clear they go against God as they say God's Word is DANGEROUS.

Satan wants people to think God and His Word are dangerous. 

This page is called "Suing the Greens" because that is what I asked God about.

The Museum of the Bible has received money from Christians and have lied and proclaimed that they built a museum for the Bible that is NOT about faith. Steve Green has also told people they do not have to believe... words NO Christian should ever support! They have also said God's Words are dangerous... again... words NO Christian should ever support!

The Greens need to be held accountable as they have betrayed God and His will of showing the authority and reliability of the Bible as the Living Word – the Living Word people should be told to believe.

Because I care what God says... I asked God to show me something about suing them on 5-3-2019.

When I asked God about suing the Greens, I was led to open the Bible without looking and place my finger down without looking.


The result is important to share!

When I looked, I saw my finger over "they were" in John 6:64... "But there are some of you who do not believe." For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were who did not believe, and who would betray Him.

I am not afraid to sue the Greens insulting God and His Word. I would consider it an honor to take a stand for God and tell about the Town of Love vision revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. 

Let me know if you want to expose the Greens as liars... liars proclaiming God's Word is dangerous.

Let me know if you would like to hold them accountable to returning money you invested as you expected them to encourage faith... NOT discourage it as Steve Green has done.

Let me know if you would like to partner in suing the Greens to hold them accountable.

Contact me here:

Here are 30 pages showing why Christians should not support the Green version of the Museum of the Bible:


Here is the vision from the Holy Spirit which the Greens rejected funding with money God gave them to fund it with:


Can you imagine being in court listening to David Green try to convince people that these two wings are not related as he tells us that God wanted them to spend $500 million on something for the Bible and proclaim it is NOT about faith PLUS explain why Steve tells people they don't have to believe PLUS explain why they distribute a book about God's Word being dangerous!...?

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