What would you think if you heard David Green and Steve Green say that the Rev Billy Graham deserves a larger display at the Museum of the Bible than Jesus Christ does?

You may not hear them say that... but you can watch them and see their actions... see how much more they make of Rev Billy Graham than Jesus Christ... Google it for yourself and go to their website... and notice how much more they make of Rev Billy Graham than Jesus Christ at the Museum of the Bible.

They rejected honoring Jesus Christ with Town of Love... and now this... with smuggling, lies and fakes.



It appears that those at Hobby Lobby who have seen this site do not appreciate the wisdom and discernment God has given me... so let me explain where they continue to go wrong:

Hobby Lobby says
"Christmas is what YOU make it."

That is not Biblical. God made it... not YOU. The atheists and other non-believers cannot make it into something it is not. They will never change the truth of what God has already made it.

Using the same lack of wisdom and discernment... what if the Greens stood up in court and told everyone...

"Abortion is what YOU make it."... ?

Can you see how the emphasis is on YOU... and not on an absolute truth? The emphasis is on YOU... whatever YOUR truth is... it's YOU... YOUR truth... NOT an absolute truth.


Abortion is killing... that is the truth... and it is not left up to whatever YOU decide it is.

God is into ABSOLUTE TRUTH... what is ALWAYS TRUE... NOT the Green version of truth you see up there.

Satan is trying to weaken our understanding and respect for ABSOLUTE TRUTH... and the Greens are going right along with his plan... and it appears that they are not even aware of it... or if they are... they don't care enough to change it immediately.


I have a proposal for the Greens and the Museum of the Bible:


I know God has gifted me with discernment. I can spot evil when other can't. I see red flags when others don't. I am like a spiritual investigator who sees evil other investigators don't see.


I have been working on the outside to help fix the problems that could have been addressed beforehand and avoided if I had been working on the inside with you.


You guys know me from a distance as the guy who calls you out on things and shows where you have gone wrong.


I would like to work with you on the inside – to help you catch things BEFORE it goes public – before you have to regret doing things that are not right or regret saying things that are not true or God-honoring.


You might look at me as the guy who annoys you... but you need to look at me in a different way.


I am the guy annoying Satan as I reveal how he has been using you... so you will know he is using you... and God had made the way for me to do that.

I would rather take care of that privately BEFORE and not have to address it publicly AFTER.

So I propose working with you. I would work for 1/2 of what you have paid David Trobisch... as a graphic designer/marketing communications consultant... but I request that I am allowed to approve or disaprove of what he plans to teach people... for his previous teaching has clearly not been in agreement with the Bible. If I need to prove that to you... I certainly can. Other discussions by speakers at the Museum of the Bible must be in line with God's Word as well – no exceptions. 

I will work for 1/2 of what you pay David Trobisch... to help prove I am not in it for "the money"... but in it to share the truth... and I assure you... my value for truth far exceeds that of David Trobisch... of that you can be sure if you are trying to determine how well GOD'S MONEY is spent on actually sharing the Biblical truth. If you haven't spotted Trobisch's obvious Biblical errors yet after all this time, then you definitely need some help.

I would love to help you make the Museum of the Bible more like what I have described below and help you communicate the truth effectively. I would rather do that from the inside in private... over doing it outside after one of you has already done or said something wrong.

God has trained me to spot Satan's deception. I may be one of the most discerning Christians on the planet when it comes to spotting Satan's involvement... so I hope you will accept this offer to work together to AVOID the deceptions Satan wants to get you involved in – to void what Satan wants to involve you in to discredit and dishonor God and His Word. 

My discernment of evil can be proven inside or outside of your offices... so it is my hope for you and for the reputation of God's Museum of the Bible... that you put my talents to work to help you build and maintain a reputation for truth and love at the Museum of the Bible.


You can respond to this offer of "partnership" at charleswhubbard@gmail.com


Why am I doing this? I have been working to help you on the outside and I keep seeing you make the same mistakes. Those mistakes are adding up and the lack of provenance and commitment to truth is hurting your ability to show God's Word is accurate and reliable. There must be a sincere dedication to keep the door open for sharing the truth God's wants us to share... and close the door on what the devil wants. I want to work with God to help you close that door on the devil.



Let me share something with you in case you think my efforts to honor God are just limited to correcting and rebuking you.

Here is Proverbs 12:18:

The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

now... there is a popular song out called "Reckless Love." People even sing it in church to God... but God is AGAINST the reckless... and therefore... God should never be described as "reckless". I have addressed this... but they did not change it.

So now we have millions of people singing that God's love is reckless... actually dishonoring God as they sing it.

Imagine how accurate it would be to call it "Awesome Love"... but Satan has them convinced to keep it reckless... while those of us who are discerning refuse to sing it that way. God doesn't do things in a reckless way... He planned it out with wisdom.

If Steve Green were to write a Museum of the Bible song based on what he and others have said... it would be... "It's not about faith... You don't have to believe it... the Bible is dangerous with David Trobisch in the background singing "Paul did not heal anyone" and "the Koran is the most beautiful text in the world". 

I want to help you with the lyrics to a new song... a true song... a song God is pleased to listen to.


David, Steve and Jackie Green need to care more about how God scores their actions than they care about how the world scores their actions... because the world is influenced by Satan... God is not.

Here are some tips for Steve and Jackie Green before their next speaking engagement, book or video... and some tips for the Museum of the Bible.

If God warns in His Word against something... that means you won't find Him doing the thing He warns against.

1. God is against those who trick people... so he will NOT trick people as Steve Green says.

2. God warns against danger... so His Word (The Bible) is NOT dangerous. People are dangerous... NOT God's Word.  People reacting in evil ways to God's Word does not make it dangerous. God's Word is pure... people are not.

3. God will never tell anyone to say that they don't have to believe His Word or the narrative of His Word... so get that out of your speeches. You can say "we welcome those who do not believe"... but do not ever say "you don't have to believe it". Let every word that comes from you encourage faith and move people toward accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

4. The Bible is about faith... so if you have even one Bible in God's museum... it is a museum about faith. Do not ever say it is not about faith. And if God has a museum... it is about faith... because God is very into faith... and we are never to imply He isn't. It is impossible to please Him without faith... so saying something that belongs to Him is NOT about faith... is certainly not pleasing to Him.

5. You will be held accountable to God for words you say... and if you are speaking about God's Word... you better show a lot more respect for the position of the Author and the power He has. We live in a world that does not respect God, so you need to think about every word you say in public... making sure every word shows the highest respect for God and His Word. You are not to represent His Word like a fictional Harry Potter book... afraid to say it is true. DC and the rest of the world need to hear from you that it is true and that you made mistakes on things you brought in too quickly... things that have proven to be fakes. Too many fakes will hurt your credibility and hurt what should be in your mission statement... that God's Word is accurate and reliable... in a world that often is deceptive and not reliable.

6. As Christians... we should be aware of how the Old Testament and New Testament work together... and should never act like what we know about Jesus Christ is not important. We should know a relationship with Jesus is the most important... it is the ULTIMATE GOAL of any of God's organizations. So the ULTIMATE GOAL of the Museum of the Bible is for people to believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior. Even if it makes a Jew nervous... that is the truth. To say the ultimate goal is... "we hope people will be curious about the Bible"... is really not being genuine to the Christian faith. Our goal should be in line with God's. Does God just say He wants us to be curious about the Bible? NO! He wants us to believe the Bible and accept Jesus as Lord. I repeat... that should be the ultimate goal of the Museum of the Bible and you should not show any fear in saying that.

7. We are not to be concerned about trying to please the world at the expense of NOT pleasing God. Open your arms to all people... welcome them to the Museum of the Bible... believers and non-believers... but never discredit the importance of Jesus Christ. The world needs to see Christians who are bold enough to say... "Jesus is the ONLY WAY to God the Father". Some Jews who did not believe that at one time have become Messianic Jews who believe in Jesus Christ today... because they were told the truth. Do not compromise in any way the truth you know... because our goal is to save people... not make them feel good about their false beliefs on their way to hell.

8. Make it a goal to speak about Jesus. Desire to hear His Name mentioned more than yours in reference to the Museum of the Bible. The museum should be about Him... not you. It should be used to point people to Him... not to you and your books about how the Bible is dangerous.

9. You feature a large display about Billy Graham. Now make one about Someone greater than Billy Graham... JESUS CHRIST. Show the love Jesus showed for us all by giving His life on the cross. Show how He was born according to the Scriptures... show how the Old Testament foretold about Him... show how He cared for people... show how He forgave... show how He died a cruel death for each of us... and show how He rose from the dead... and tell about how He will return one day. Put it together with the goal of convincing an athiest or a Jew to believe in Jesus Christ.


10. Do all of this caring more about what God wants rather than what unbelievers want... and you will help save people... and be better suited to do Town of Love... God's right wing to go along with God's left wing. Be excited about what God has called us to do together and approach doing it as if you live excited... and on the edge of your seat. 

Watch the TobyMac "Edge Of My Seat" lyric video for some inspiration:

What if David and Steve Green were to live on the edge of their seat like TobyMac talks about around the 10:45 mark in this video?


What if instead of looking at Town of Love like something they dread... what if they looked at it like something that they and their family should be excited about?


They can choose to look at it as a task that might be hard... or they can choose to look at it as a task that is exciting and incredibly important for people to come to know Jesus Christ.


The Green family should be waking up in the morning thanking God for the vision of Town of Love... not running away from it.


I have never taken credit for this vision... and I can't... just like David can't take credit for the money he was given by God to fund it.

I am doing my part and David has to do his... preferably with a smile... maybe even a high five. In fact, I should be seeing smiles and getting high fives from all of the Greens... if they had the right perspective on things.





Imagine being a Green dealing with me and thinking... this guy is not getting off of God's plan as easily as we did. How will we stop him from exposing that we are off God's plan?

This is quite a dilemma... because God knows the thoughts of the Greens and is always thinking ahead of them. God knows they have the money for Town of Love and are not being obedient. God even told David Green that the Hobby Lobby money is not his – so he wouldn't be so possessive of it.


So I have no problem expecting David Green to fund something to openly encourage faith in Jesus Christ... after he has already shown how willing he is to use God's money on a museum built for the Bible that Steve Green says is NOT about faith and does not openly encourage people to have faith in Jesus Christ.

God showed me the right wing and had me contact David Green to fund it before I ever knew about a left wing... so God plans things ahead of time so David Green can't act like he doesn't know... and doesn't know God wants people to know Jesus in both.

He can't even say Town of Love is a stupid idea because the Museum of the Bible even has a lot of similarities that I shared with Town of Love... years before the museum was built. You could even say it has a sort of similar DNA... as if they could not keep from making it similar if they wanted to.

But the things they left out should be red flags to you Christians who think the Bible is about knowing Jesus Christ and the Bible is about faith. (You will find some of that on this page)

Is it just a coincidence I live here in OKC and have a pathway laid out for me to walk on right in front of Hobby Lobby?... just a coincidence that God showed me a right wing... a FAITH building wing... so that I could compare it to the NOT ABOUT FAITH wing in DC?... just a coincidence that God showed me the right wing (early 2011) before the other wing was even purchased?... 

You need to understand that I am serious about obeying God with this... far more serious than the Greens have ever shown themselves to be regarding obedience.


The Greens came out against abortion like they carried a strong sword.


I have been trying to help sharpen their sword... but lately it appears Satan has given them a rubber sword in place of the strong one they once used... a sword that blows in the wind as they say God's Word is dangerous.

I need my partners (the Greens) to grab the real thing... God's strong, unwavering, unbending Word and be ready to fight... not against me... but against the devil who has turned them against what God wants at the Museum of the Bible... Town of Love... and even Hobby Lobby...

Now in case the Greens should try to make the Police or the FBI think I am talking about a physical fight... I am not. I am talking about a spiritual fight. You guys in the OKC Police and FBI are involved in that fight whether you acknowledge it or not... the spiritual realm influencing the physical realm... good vs evil.  Town of Love is designed to help you in that battle... so regardless of what any Green might say about me... I am here to help you and the Greens. 


Can you hear David and Steve Green telling an atheist: "Christmas is what you make it"...?

then the atheist responds: "Thanks David and Steve... cause I am for sure not going to make it about God or Jesus Christ. Christmas is what I make it... definitely not made by some God I don't believe in!"

Then imagine David and Steve hearing the athiest say that and then agreeing with him... you know... to show support for their prized Hobby Lobby slogan and get even more money from an athiest with itching ears who wants to hear stuff like that.




Is that Biblically true... ?


Christmas is actually what God made... not what you or I make...  Jesus born of a virgin... and there are a lot of people who do not believe in Jesus Christ... people who will make Christmas out to be just a fun time to party and not even think about Jesus Christ... so that statement is NOT true... not even close.

It appears the Greens are on quite a run of insulting God these days.

Christmas does not change to what people make it to be... just like a Green can't change God's will with regard to what God wants.

Let's apply the above statement to the Bible:


God's Word is what you make it.


Jesus is what you make Him.

Faith is what you make it.


The rainbow is what gays make it.

Town of Love is what a Green makes it.

Truth is what a Green family member makes it.

Are any of those true... or are you just going to go along with a Green because they are rich and you are deceived to think godliness is why they have financial gain?




It is Satan who is tricking the Greens... not God. Satan does not want Town of Love or the Museum of the Bible encouraging faith in Jesus Christ.

If Steve is sensing that the one he his talking to is tricking him and deceiving him... then he needs to start talking to God – the honest God I listen to.

When you start rejecting the honest God – you will easily fall for Satan's deception and accept it as truth.


Steve Green lies. He says God TRICKED him and says God's museum is NOT about faith.

Let's read God's Word (2 Corinthians 4:2):
We reject all shameful deeds and underhanded methods. We don't try to trick anyone or distort the word of God. We tell the truth before God, and all who are honest know this.





The Bible shows us that TRICKING a person is shameful and underhanded... But Steve Green says God tricked him.

Steve also says God's Word is dangerous... and since it is God's Word... he is also saying God Himself is dangerous.

He has also said God's museum is NOT about faith.

Do you believe a liar like Steve Green... do you really believe God the Father would trick Steve... tell Steve to say His Word is dangerous... then tell Steve to say His museum is NOT about faith... and tell Steve not to invite people to know Jesus Christ at the Museum of the Bible?




The left wing of the Museum of the Bible is trying to make you think they are "committed to transparency" AFTER their fakes are exposed as fakes... while they cover up their relationship to the right wing of Town of Love. I have known about their commitment to abort what God wants born... their commitment to conceal what God wants brought into the open... and their commitment to deceive when God wants truth.

If the Greens lie and tell you I am not doing things Biblically... let them know about Ephesians 5:11... Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 

That is what I do... I expose their evil.



Maybe Steve Green thinks God is a deceiver like himself... maybe he thinks God tricks people... so he feels he can trick people... do some smuggling... bring in some fakes... tell some lies... just Steve being like what he thinks God is like... a deceiver, a tricky God, a dangerous God with dangerous words in a dangerous book.

Or maybe Steve is trying to make himself feel better after doing evil... telling himself... God is a deceiver too... an attempt to justify himself deceiving other people. Maybe his family questions why he deceives people... so to reduce the pressure he is under... he tells his family that God tricks people too... so they don't go hard on him when he tells lies.

Oh how different things would have been if David and Steve had just obeyed God.


Maybe Steve Green's position is this...

"God... you tricked me once to do the Museum of the Bible left wing... but You won't trick me to do the Town of Love right wing too. I am too smart to let You trick me again. I noticed you tricked me... so I got You back... and said the museum is NOT about faith and told people they don't have to believe!" 

"See if you trick me again God... You don't know who You are dealing with... I am Steve Green... son of the mighty David Green... he calls the shots and calls whoever he wants to call an idiot. My dad even called Your messenger Charles an idiot as he tried to trick us on Your behalf to honor Jesus in ways we don't want to do!" 


"God... when my dad appears before You... You will bow to him and tell David Green You are not worthy to be in his presence... for my honest dad is above a dangerous God like You who tricks me!"

"You are crazy if you think we will honor Jesus like that and tell people to believe in public. You won't trick us to do that God... not with money that is now ours and no longer yours!"

Don't expect us to be tricked by You God into giving our money to Town of Love... we won't be fooled by You any longer!"

God... I caught on to your trick of wanting us to invite people to know Jesus at the Museum of the Bible... so I didn't fall for that and avoided it so I could show You I won't be tricked by You again!"



On FoxNews, Jackie Green mentioned Steve Green says that

"God tricked" them into doing the Museum of the Bible.


Even some churches avoid using the word "trick" around Halloween because it means deception... but even Steve Green associates God with being One Who will "trick" him to do something... perhaps something he would not otherwise want to do... for instance... something like Town of Love to honor Jesus... something he and his dad have avoided doing. 

Perhaps Steve and David are both saying that God is trying to trick them again into doing Town of Love by using me.


From dealing with the Greens... it has become very obvious that they don't obey God right away... perhaps why Steve Green says they were tricked into doing the Museum of the Bible.

Maybe in an effort not to be tricked by God again... they are saying "NO!" to God... because they don't want to be tricked again by God.

Maybe their position is this... "God... you tricked us once with the Museum of the Bible left wing... but You won't trick us to do the Town of Love right wing too. We are too smart to let You trick us."

But is God really a "trickster"?

Let's look at the definition of TRICK.



a cunning or skillful act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone.


deceive or outwit (someone) by being cunning or skillful.

They might also tell you that like God, I am also trying to trick them into doing Town of Love.

That sounds like something Steve Green might say after saying God tricked him into doing Museum of the Bible.

It is interesting how Steve Green want us to believe him, while he says "God tricks" and also says you don't have to believe the narrative of God's Word... as if God isn't reliable or trustworthy.


God is not the one tricking people... I assure you... nor is His Word dangerous as Steve and Jackie describe it to be.


God is trustworthy... not tricking people as Steve claims. God actually warns against danger and the Bible is written to help us avoid danger... therefore it and God are NOT dangerous!


When the Greens were asked what they hope people will take away from seeing the Bible museum... there was not one single mention of people coming to know Jesus and accepting Him as Savior... but it was said that ULTIMATELY... they just hope people will be curious.

The Greens likely won't understand my passion for people to know Jesus and accept him as Savior if their ULTIMATE goal is for people to just be curious about the Bible.

The ULTIMATE goal for Town of Love is for people to know Jesus and accept Him as Lord and Savior... something the Greens have avoided joining God in doing with either wing.

Imagine if your ULTIMATE goal was like the Greens... just to have people curious about the Bible... and not have as your ultimate goal that people would believe in Jesus and accept Him as Savior... the very reason the Bible was written.






Why did Steve Green of Hobby Lobby and the Museum of the Bible lie?

Not only did he lie, but Hobby Lobby was caught smuggling before it was publicly exposed that the Museum of the Bible was showing Dead Sea scroll fakes... something they should have tested BEFORE showing it... that is the ethical thing to do... to actually prove something is legit that others consider fake... but they did not.


Of course... I knew there was a problem early on with the Greens when they rejected the wing of Town of Love that would show JESUS is legit.


They rejected showing Jesus is legit with Town of Love and ended up with things that are not legit!


How many of you know Satan will try to get you to accept what is fake and reject what is true?


So when did Steve Green lie to us?


He said the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith.


If they had a huge empty building and featured just one accurate Bible from Genesis to Revelation... it would make the Museum of the Bible about faith.


So why would he try to deceive you to think it is NOT about faith by filling it with many Bibles (many books encouraging faith)?

Even if he were to convince you that the Bibles were not about faith, would he be able to convince you that Billy Graham's life had nothing to do with faith... after you had witnessed videos showing otherwise?

The thing about a liar is this... once they start a lie... they have to spend a lot of time trying to convince you that the lie is not a lie. The liar may be able to convince some, but what happens when they try to convince people like me... people who will never be convinced the lie is the truth?

Does Steve Green really expect me to one day believe his lie?

If Steve Green, or his dad David Green, tell you that God does not want them to fund the faith venture called Town of Love... they would be telling you another lie.

How many lies are the Greens willing to tell you to avoid what God wants?



About David Green's time down here:


Does David Green really want to finish like this... rejecting what God wants and having his son say the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith?

If so, I can see why David's own mom had concerns about him.

If David's mom could speak to him now, she would say he should have funded Town of Love like God told him to do AND encouraged faith in Jesus with the Museum of the Bible... both wings encouraging people to believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

But if David won't listen and obey God now... he wouldn't listen and obey his mom either if she had the opportunity to speak to him.




The Greens like to talk about their tithing as if they are not robbing God... while they steal the money for Town of Love... and build a museum for God saying it is NOT about faith.

Satan tells them that they can get away with it... but they won't.






Joel Baden - professor of the Hebrew Bible at Yale Divinity School:

“Most forgeries don’t end up on display because museums typically evaluate their authenticity before making them available, Baden said.

Baden said the Museum of the Bible was “deeply irresponsible” to display the five inauthentic fragments before it put them through the full round of evaluations.”

How do you expect the Greens to do things right when they act like there is no relationship between God's two wings?

They turn the 
other way and reject what God wants... so don't act surprised when you find out the Greens don't see what others see... or when they see it... don't admit to seeing it.




The Greens reject honoring Jesus with Town of Love... Jesus... the One Who is legit... and they end up spending a lot of money on Satan's fakes which are not legit... and David Green acts like I am the idiot.


So David Green... God directed me to go to you... do you still think I am the idiot?


A wise man listens to God and obeys... and we know you and Steve have not listened and obeyed.


I mean... who would believe God told you guys to do what you have done and promote fakes... telling a Green to say God's Bible museum is NOT about faith... telling a Green to say people don't have to believe the Bible... after telling you that He doesn't want you honoring Jesus Christ's love with Town of Love.


Who would believe that?







On October 31, 2018, I appeared in a courtroom with a judge. On the way to the courtroom, I passed a person dressed as a devil... but I did not talk to the "devil".

If David and Steve Green were on their way to meet the ultimate Judge (God)... and they told God that His Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith...

1. Would God say that they had heard from the devil and obeyed the devil?...




2. Would God say that they heard the Spirit of God say that His museum has nothing to do with faith?


You wise, God-honoring Christians know what God would say.

But do the Greens know what God would say? Do the Greens know God is pleased with faith?

Do they know God is pleased with the vision of Town of Love... or have they become so familiar with obeying Satan's voice that they think Satan is God... and God is Satan?

God told David Green that Hobby Lobby is NOT his.

God gave me the authority to go to the Greens to let them know God wants Town of Love funded by money from Hobby Lobby sales... a company which belongs to God.

The Greens rejected the authority God gave me and it has been said publicly that God's Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith.

Who gave the Greens the authority to both reject what God wants concerning Town of Love and say God's museum is NOT about faith?

Will David and Steve Green tell us who gave them that authority?

I know Who has the Authority and want to hear in their own words who gave them the authority to say such things.

It has been reported that the Museum of the Bible has cost over $500 million... so I would like to use the following checks to show the heart of David Green. Obviously the amount is not exact... but is there to represent what David Green will approve of and disapprove of as he speaks for what God wants.


David has told us that what he has is God's. He was also speaking on behalf of his family as well.

That means that the Museum of the Bible is God's.


Steve Green told us that it (God's museum) is not about faith.

So let's look at what David Green has approved money for and what he has not approved money for as God's steward.

We'll let you decide if he is being faithful or unfaithful.

You need to ask yourself if God is really not in the faith business anymore.

If God is... then He approves of Town of Love... and does not approve of a museum proclaiming it is NOT about faith.

God's plan is for the Greens to fund Town of Love... but the Greens are on their plan... oh Satan will try to convince them it is a "simple" plan... Satan says just keep the money... but sin like that against honoring Jesus Christ should make you feel like the guy at the end of the trailer above.


I will point out that the Greens rejected doing God's Town of Love with God's money from Hobby Lobby sales... now admitting they spent God's money on fakes at the Museum of the Bible. (If they still refer to that money as God's money and not "their" money)

Is that being a good steward of what God has entrusted to them?

If that truly is God's Bible museum... why does Steve Green say God's museum is NOT about faith? Since when is God NOT about faith? Do the Greens now speak for God and want us to know God has changed?

God willing... I will soon show up in front of Hobby Lobby... at the spot they do not own... a place where I can share the truth from God they refuse to accept and obey. 

The Greens seem unaware that Satan is trying to destroy the credibility of the Bible with them... luring them to buy fakes, getting Steve Green to say you don't have to believe it and reassuring people he is not going to say the Bible is true.

They reject the truth and believe the lie. 


Can David Green claim that he is the brilliant mind behind Hobby Lobby who earned his billions... like the donkey might claim he spoke to Balaam on his own power?

David Green was a very poor student. He is now a grown up who avoids trying to improve things which he should improve. 

I often wonder why God entrusted him with the money for Town of Love and is having David go through this test to show us whether he will honor Jesus or not.

A man like David can be deceived to think he made himself wealthy and act like it is all his (even while saying it is God's)... and a man like me who has faith may not seem important in his eyes... when that wealth has become more important than honoring God to him.


So I am that vessel God uses to remind him not to forget God. He doesn't like how God uses me... but he will soon have to answer to God... not me. He and I will both have to give an account to God. He will either choose to give that account as one who obeyed... or he will choose to give that account as one who disobeyed if he does not improve.


He needs to consider how much time he has left... and make the most of what little he has. The average man lives to be only so old... and that's about his age.

I wouldn't want a legacy of refusing to obey God and raising a son to take money from Christians like me then telling people the museum built for God's Book of Faith... is actually "NOT about faith".


David even says what he has is God's... so with that logic... he would be saying that God's Bible Museum is NOT about faith.

Maybe that is good enough for David Green... and exactly what worried his own mom about him.

The Museum of the Bible is showing the work of a man named Willy Wiedmann who apparently believed the Bible enough to paint visuals of it for 16 years... now known as the Wiedmann Bible.
If Willy were allowed to come back and speak to us after being in the presence of the Lord... would he agree with Steve Green that you don't have to believe what he painted... or would he say to believe the Bible and do not trust any man like Steve Green who tells you that you don't have to believe it.

Willy painted it for 16 years... but in just a few seconds... Satan can get Steve Green to say you don't have to believe it... as if Steve Green is easily under Satan's control as he and his dad reject sharing the truth of Jesus Christ through Town of Love.
How much did Willy struggle against Satan to complete it... and how easily did Steve give in to Satan and choose to 
dishonor God's Word as he prepared for his speech about how the museum for the Bible is NOT about faith?
A man like Steve Green who does not struggle to do the right thing... will give in to Satan to do the wrong thing.




Let's see what others says on CNN about how the Greens do things:

For years, Justnes and other scholars have been calling on the Greens and other evangelicals to reveal how and from whom they acquired the Dead Sea Scroll fragments. In an interview before the Bible museum opened last Fall, Steve Green told CNN that he wasn't sure who sold his family the Dead Sea Scroll fragments.

"There's been different sources, but I don't know specifically where those came from." A spokesperson said Green was not available for comment about the German test results. 

"They should tell us where they bought them and show their papers," Justnes said. "The physical tests are super sexy and what the public wants to hear about, but without an object's provenance, it is just unethical.


Wow... I can just hear Steve Green say... "Come see our Dead Sea Scroll fragments in a museum built for the Bible that is NOT about faith... but I don't know where those fragments came from. Trust me... would I lie to you, smuggle or willingly work with fakes? (as he and David Green show a lack of concern for doing things God's way)

People have been warning the Greens for quite some time about the way they do things... I have even tried to... but I have to be careful if I communicate the word "warn"... because they might attempt to get the FBI on my doorstep again... to give me a little reminder that the Greens think they call the shots... loaded up with the power to say a $500 million museum for the Bible is NOT about faith and the unspoken message to me that a $30 million faith venture called Town of Love will not be funded by money God gave them to fund it with. Just read about the Greens on here... and ask yourself... if you were in their shoes... would you reject what God wants for what you thought would mean a little more money in your pocket?

If you had a net-worth of $6.7 billion... and your own mother had concerns about your spiritual walk... would you fund a $500 million project for the greatest Book of Faith and let your son say it is NOT about faith PLUS reject the $30 million + project to go along with it to actually invite people to know Jesus Christ?

If you are a true God-honoring Christian... you would not.

I wonder how many in the Green family would actually go along with Steve Green and state in public that a museum built for the Bible has nothing to do with faith? Maybe Barbara keeps quiet because she wants that money. Satan tells them to keep quiet about the faith... and reject Town of Love designed to encourage faith in Jesus Christ.


Encouraging faith in Jesus Christ is something we have not seen Steve Green do with the Museum of the Bible.... in fact... he has said you don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible. 

Is David Green proud off his rejection of God's plan and love that own son says you don't to believe?

How about Barbara... is she a PROUD momma... feeling at peace with rejecting Town of Love designed to encourage faith... and accepting the Museum of the Bible NOT encouraging faith?

Here is James 4:17 for Barbara and the Greens who refuse to do the good they know they ought to do:
If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for them.


If Barbara Green knows the good she ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for her.


If David Green knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for him.


If Steve Green knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for him.

If any Green knows that he or she should confront David Green for rejecting God's plan... and doesn't confront him... yet even goes along with his rebellion toward God's plan... it is a sin for him or her... regardless of how much they get paid to continue their sin.



David and Steve Green:
Here is a serious message for you as an intro to a very serious website. If you are "happy" with the kind of men you have become rejecting what God wants... you are deceived by Satan to accept rejection of God's will as your new "happy"... which should not make any God-honoring Christian "happy".
Some at Hobby Lobby, OKC and DC must be believing the truth on this website. I wouldn't go to a liar's website over and over if he had nothing of value to say. But I am not a liar... so people keep coming back over the years and read the truth I share.

God revealed a vision to me and directed me to you to get funding... so that money is NOT yours... it is God's... and as long as you hold on to it... you will become more evil.
That money is meant to 
honor Jesus Christ as Savior with Town of Love.


If you think greed is no big deal... watch the movie "A Simple Plan"... and substitute yourselves as the lead characters. Think of the money in the plane as money for Town of Love... money to help set people free by introducing them to Jesus Christ. Think of your family trying to keep it for yourselves. The guys in the movie used their need for money as an excuse to do what they did... so what is your excuse?


Are the Greens really concerned about your SAFETY?

Before I address that, let me tell you how the Museum of the Bible does things.

This is what the Washington Post reported about the fakes in the museum:




"But scholars had raised questions about their authenticity - EVEN BEFORE the museum's grand opening."

Jeffrey Kloha (Museum of the Bible) response:
"We certainly had lots of questions... uhmmm... but we decided it was an opportunity to help educate the public about different research methods." 

(That is quite a spin... rather than admit they did things wrong... they want us to think it was for our educational benefit... Oh... how nice... they did not do it right so we could be educated... like the Greens refusing to obey God so we can be educated on their many failures as they disobey. The Greens should set out to do things right... rather than educate us on smuggling and dealing with fakes, they could educate us on doing things God's way... not the screwed up greedy Green way.)


Now... about the Greens and your safety...

Let's suppose the Greens were introducing a new car... instead of a museum for God's reliable Word.
Let's say that they received many concerns from experts about the safety of that car... even 
warnings from experts about the safety of that car... but then the Greens just decided to avoid those warnings and introduce it to the public anyway. 
Then after it had been introduced... people got hurt because it was not safe... and so they pay Jeffrey Kloha to get in front of us and say... We certainly had lots of safety concerns... but we decided to introduce it anyway... and use it as an opportunity to help educate the public about different safety methods... (after the damage is done.)


And if you think I might be far off on the Greens not caring about your safety... a Christian... if Steve Green is one... should know that if he tells you that you don't have to believe the Bible... he doesn't mind that you end up in hell... and that is definitely NOT caring about your safety... that is a "you can go to hell" attitude... a bad attitude like the attitude I experienced from his greedy dad about funding Town of Love with the money God gave him to fund it.


The Bible is even more serious than car safety. What happens when you give the impression that the Museum of the Bible... which should elevate truth at the highest level... is a museum containing fakes? If you start people down the path of not believing the truth... you should have never built a Bible museum in the first place.


I am here so people believe the truth... even the truth from God the Greens reject.


I watched a movie called
"A SIMPLE PLAN" on October 24th for the first time. It was a powerful example of how Satan can lure you into doing something you would not normally do... influenced by greed. 

It tells the story of 3 men who found over $4 million in a plane and tried to cover it up so it would be theirs.

I thought about the Greens and their greed acting like the money for Town of Love is theirs.


Something got my attention this morning as I listened to Charles Stanley give a sermon... "Standing Before God's Open Door." 

At the 22:30 mark, he teaches this: 
"What is God's redemptive plan? His redemptive plan is that all persons be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth. 
That is God's

I invite you to watch the movie A SIMPLE PLAN on Amazon Prime and see the results of sin.

Think of the Greens playing the roles of the men in the movie – trying to keep what is not theirs and doing evil as a result. 
Listen to the confession of the man who says he "feels evil" for what he has done.
Will the Greens will ever admit they feel evil for what they have done?

Since the Greens have decided to take what is not theirs, they have said and done things they should not have said and done:

Here are a few examples:

1. David Green called me an idiot as I did God's will
2. Steve and Jackie Green say the Bible is dangerous... and even went as far as to actually foolishly write a book about how dangerous it is.

3. Steve Green says you don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible.

4. Steve Green says a museum built for the greatest book of faith (the Bible) is "NOT about faith."

5. They rushed into doing the Museum of the Bible and did not verify the accuracy of artifacts... and not verifying casts even more doubt for the unbelievers as to the truth of things in the museum... like the Bible.
6. David Green spoke out against Donald Trump... but then changed his mind. Speaking out against Trump was wrong... changing his mind to do the right thing was right. 
7. The Greens have shown reluctance to change their minds and do the right things to honor God's two wings... showing themselves to be against encouraging belief in His Word and encouraging acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior at the Museum of the Bible and Town of Love.

The Greens need to get off
the "GREEN SIMPLE PLAN" to keep the money meant for Town of Love so they can get on GOD'S SIMPLE PLAN to save people with the truth of Jesus Christ. 

Do you think David and Steve Green are feeling evil yet as they reject what God wants? Or are they so far gone they can't discern what is evil and what is good?
Maybe they now think the Bible is NOT about faith and are justified in saying the museum for it is NOT about faith.


Imagine David Green praying with his family and asking God to show him why he is a billionaire.

Then David Green says he hears God tell him...
"I want you to spend over $500 million on a venture for My Word and say it is NOT about faith... and I want you to reject spending over $30 million on Town of Love that IS about faith. I no longer want to be involved in faith ventures and I want you and your son Steve to make this very clear... I am God and I have changed."

Would you believe God told David Green that?

Or would you believe that David Green did not actually hear from God... but instead... heard from Satan?

I just found out Hobby Lobby plans to buy St. Gregory's University in Shawnee. Are they going to claim that is NOT a faith venture too like they did the Museum of the Bible? Maybe Steve Green would like to now tell us that ORU is not a faith venture either. I read the Greens even used faith in the Hobby Lobby business many years ago... so why insist the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith?

If there was just one Book of faith in that building... would it on some level be about faith? If that is true... that the Bible is about faith... why is Steve Green trying to convince us the museum for it is NOT about faith?

The Greens rejected God's two wing plan years ago and sadly that rejection has been showing up in their actions.

Why does Steve Green work with fakes and refuse to work with someone like me who shares the truth of Jesus Christ?

I saw a black Escalade today with a personal license plate with the message: Walk by "F8H"

I thought about how we are supposed to walk by faith wherever we go... so when Steve Green says to check your faith at the door and says the museum built for God's Word is not about faith... I disagree with him.

When God revealed the vision of Town of Love to me... I was excited about how it would help America. And when God revealed that the Greens had the money to fund it... I was excited about that too.

What I did not count on was David Green and Steve Green being so easily manipulated by Satan so that they would reject doing what God wants... refuse doing what God wants both at the Museum of the Bible and Town of Love.

Both David and Steve Green have rejected what God wants... and perhaps they are so deceived to think that they can keep it up and
fake everyone out... so that America believes God wants them to spend $500 million or more on a venture that is not about faith and doesn't want them spending $30 million or more on a Town of Love venture honoring faith.  

Can you spot a

I've seen a lot of video of Steve Green... and I do not recall him mentioning Jesus much... if at all. Jesus likes the vision of Town of Love... so when Steve called me up and said that those who like the vision do so because they have no skin in the game... well naturally I thought of Jesus who gave all His skin in the game. But for some reason Steve didn't think about Jesus liking it or giving His skin... and for some reason does not mention Jesus in connection with these two wings. 

Did David Green teach him that... or his mom Barbara? 

Is she so proud of her son building a museum for the Bible which he says is not about faith?

Maybe she is proud as she lets David call the shots and everyone runs to obey her husband like he is God... and God is not.

They say Barbara is here for such a time as this. But is she against God as she supports her husband's rejection of Town of Love... or is she agreeing with God and wanting Town of Love like most Christians I have talked to?
If she is here for such a time as this... is that as an example of a disobedient woman standing by her disobedient husband... or an obedient woman going against the wishes of her disobedient husband in order to obey God?

What happens when David Green calls the shots?

What are the Greens up to?
The Museum of the Bible is now showing a quote about how a rifle has more moral agency (power) than God's Word
(10-19-18 on Twitter)

It is reported that Henry W. Beecher believed that the Sharps Rifle was a truly moral agency, and that there was more moral power in one of those instruments (rifles), so far as the slaveholders of Kansas were concerned, than in a hundred Bibles.

I believe in the power of God's Word over a rifle... so I asked God what He had to show me about that comment. He led me to open His Word without looking and place my finger down without looking. When I looked I saw my finger on this... "seem to be weaker"... of 1 Corinthians 12:22... On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable.

So while the Museum of the Bible will show a quote of a man saying a rifle has more moral power than a hundred bibles and the Greens act like what God has given me to share with them is dispensable... God does not agree with the Museum of the Bible or the Greens.

Will the Greens support Love Christian Wear with the more powerful Word of God... or pass out less powerful rifles to impact morality in America?

David Green rejected God's plan and acts like I am the guy he can get rid of... someone who seems weaker than him... someone dispensable.

David Green: Do you think you should get rid of me because I
seem weaker than you in your eyes? Do you think there is no place for me in God's Two Wing plan... only a place for the Greens... those who say the Bible is dangerous and say a museum for the Bible is NOT about faith?

Don't call the police or the FBI because I showed a rifle that is in the museum... they are likely getting tired of you making me out to be a bad guy as I work to help out the police and the FBI.

I wonder what the OKC Police and the FBI think of you rejecting what can help them while trying to make be look like an evil guy... as God uses me to point out where you and your family go wrong... all because you want to call the shots with what God wants.


It is my hope to one day be sitting at the same table with you... with you holding a Bible to make a more powerful difference... not a rifle.


God arranged for me to do the OKC Police recruitment graphics year ago. I designed a poster, a huge billboard and a brochure in support of our fine officers doing a great job. I still support them and respect what they do... so do not ever believe a Green who will tell you I am out to harm anyone. I am here to serve God and support life... and Town of Love is a vision from God to help you, the police and FBI... a vision not to harm anyone. The Bible is not dangerous as the Greens say... and neither am I.

"Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me;

yet not my will, but yours be done."

Luke 22:42

Jesus did God's will. He gave His life for us on the cross... and then rose from the dead.

David Green acts like he doesn't want to honor Jesus as He deserves with Town of Love.


Could it be that Jews associated with the Museum of the Bible
who do not believe Jesus is the Messiah
would not like something honoring Jesus as the Messiah...
so he refuses because he wants to please the unbelievers
instead of pleasing God?

When God led me to David Green...
I did not consider what David Green wanted...

I considered what God wanted...

and David Green didn't like what God wanted.

I don't pray David's will be done...

I pray God's will be done.

David Green tells us what he has is God's.
So in keeping with the Green teaching,
when Steve Green says the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith...

what he is really saying is this:

God's Bible museum

is not about faith.
Sounds like the Green version of the truth... not God's version. 



David Green of Hobby Lobby:

Would you rather be involved in Town of Love while you are here,
or find out in Heaven that your family did it without you when you were gone...

because they chose to obey God after you refused to obey Him?

After I typed that, I heard... "That is from Me." Then I was led to open the Bible for confirmation from God.
The Bible was closed. I opened it and was led to put my finger down without looking.
When I looked... I saw my finger had landed on this area in the Bible:
 "revealed by the Spirit" of Ephesians 3:5...
which was not made known to people in other generations, as it has now been

revealed by the Spirit

to God's holy apostles and prophets.

Do you really expect any Christian to believe God told you not to honor Jesus Christ
with Town of Love and then told Steve Green to use the money
to build a museum for the Bible and proclaim it is NOT about faith?


What if David Green tried to set up his finances before his passing 
so that he could prevent his family from honoring Jesus Christ with Town of Love?
Could he set it up in a way that there is no way for his kids to obey God
in financing Town of Love even if they wanted to?
What would it be like for his kids to be sitting in on that conversation
while believing in their hearts that God wants it... and David doesn't?

Do they pray God's will be done... or David's?




The above locations are not exact. I would say the tracker is throwing them east. 

But there are definitely visitors at Hobby Lobby... so for anyone to claim they knew nothing about the two wings...

it would be an absolute lie.

David Green knows and God knows David Green knows.
God also knows David is responsible for the mess of not doing His will the correct way.
It's time to change... to be DIFFERENT.

David Green:
Here is something to think about. I am here on behalf of your own prayers,

your parents' prayers and the prayers of other Christians.
Change how you see me and change how you see the opportunity to help others believe
right in front of you.

I paid a young man $37 to distribute things outside of the Museum of the Bible.
He even got the chance to share the truth of Jesus with someone.
How much would you pay for someone to share the truth of Jesus at the Museum of the Bible?

Would you not approve of it there like you don't approve of Town of Love here?

If so... be DIFFERENT.

It is my prayer and hope that the Greens and I can be different...

different enough to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ

at Town of Love here in OKC and the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC...

to honor the amazing love of Jesus.

There is no good reason that Christians and non-Christians shouldn't be watching this video

at the Town of Love wing or the Museum of the Bible wing
when God has given the Greens the money to fund them both.

Sure Steve Green can build a beautiful "not about faith" venture asking for more money... but find out what the MOTB employees or ex-employees had to say here about that "not about faith" venture. Let someone other than me tell you about the problems there:  



I was listening to a sermon by Dr Tony Evans called Custom Designed for His Purpose a few days ago. He was talking about making the most of our time  here on earth. Naturally I thought about how I should do that... and since I have been burdened with dealing with David Green... I thought about how he should do that too.

Dr. Tony Evans reminded us that men typically live to about 73. David Green is approaching 77. He is not there yet... but he has spent his last years acting like God's two wings done right is not on his agenda.


Dr. Tony Evans talked about how our days are numbered. If David did the task that Dr Tony Evans mentioned... he should realize how fast he should be moving to get God's wings done right.

Dr. Tony Evans finished with this quote: "Only one life will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last."

God was bringing David Green to my mind throughout the sermon... and even till the end.




What if David Green was the rich man in Hades? 
Charles Stanley talks about a rich man and poor man who died in the Bible. The rich man was in agony in the flame. He goes on to say that even that rich man while in Hades begged that his brothers be warned so that they not end up in the place of torment.
David Green of Hobby Lobby is a rich man who has heard about the place of torment... heard about Town of Love to share the truth of Jesus Christ to help keep people from that place of torment... but instead of helping people with Town of Love... he has shown us he does not even have the same concern as the rich man in Hades. He is not begging God for the opportunity to save people... instead he is rejecting his opportunity by rejecting Town of Love... while his own son says the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith and tells people they don't have to believe.
Would the rich man in Hades approve of someone he knew telling people they don't have to believe?



Either Steve Green doesn't know the right thing to do... or he violates his conscience as he refuses to do the right thing.

Hobby Lobby sued the government claiming they would be required to violate their consciences. Well... does Steve Green really not know the truth... or is he now violating his conscience on his own... without the government? 

Steve Green of Hobby Lobby, son of David Green, built a museum for the Bible and said it is NOT about faith. He also says you don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible. Listen to the entire video above by Dr. Charles Stanley to see how wrong Steve Green is and understand why I am so passionate about sharing the truth that people need to believe.


To the Green Family:

God revealed the location of Town of Love to me in 2011... clearly in the shape of a right wing. God also revealed it is to encourage faith in Jesus and encourage believing God's Word. God had me contact David before I ever knew there was going to be another wing.
The Museum of the Bible is in the shape of the left wing. Do you really think people are going to believe that God has told Steve to say it is NOT about faith and that they don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible? 
My job is to share the truth God wants me to share with love... and not back down.
Is your job to show the world what it looks like going against the truth... or is your job to show the world what it looks like to humble yourselves and get on track with the truth?
I am part of the body of Christ that you reject... a part you need is the part you reject.
God set it up that way... but you act like you don't like the way God set it up.

God doesn't have to ask your permission before He makes His plans.
When God gave you money to fund Town of Love and God directed me to you to get the funding... I didn't argue with God... I went to you... not even aware that there was another wing.
Now that I know there is another wing... should I become like Steve to reject it as a faith venture and tell people they don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible... or should I stay on God's plan to proclaim faith in Jesus and encourage belief in God's Word for its accuracy, reliability and authority?

Which Museum of the Bible entry is more confusing to people walking by? Keep in mind... God is not the author of confusion. Which has more spiritual impact and would be considered inspired by the Holy Spirit... the One Who draws people to Jesus?

Imagine being in the Green family thinking that the top version in reversed Latin which most people can't read is the best way to help America as they follow Steve Green telling people they don't have to believe and it's not about faith.

How many of you can read the top version and tell me what it says? Is that the way God communicates the truth effectively... or is that the way Satan wants it done?

The Word of God is very important. What if America had every street sign done in reverse Latin like the Green Museum of the Bible? Would there be chaos in the streets? Of course.

Amazing True Story

I like to share the truth and encourage people to believe it. The photo here is our booth 5020 at the Oklahoma State Fair. The display on the right (with the visual representing Jesus and the two verses) was done from an idea God gave me in reference to the Gutenberg Gates in Washington DC... a display of the Green family's great wealth spent on a museum with huge 'gates' that most people cannot read or understand in DC.

Just after I brought these banners to the booth, we were visited by a family... husband named Chad... from a place right here in Oklahoma.

What is the name of that place in Oklahoma?


We did not know them and did not arrange the meeting... but God did. 

They were the only people we met from Washington... and the meeting happened just after I brought the banners 
of Jesus, John 14:6, John 3:16 and John 11:25! 

God's timing is perfect!

Will the Green family blow that off as another coincidence?

Will Steve Green say the Museum of the Bible is not about faith... tell you that you don't have to believe it... and tell you that God prefers the reversed Latin on the Gutenberg Gates at the Museum of the Bible over the verses in English shown above on the Love Christian Wear booth?

And let this be known:

We spent a larger percentage of our earthly net worth to pay and produce things for this booth to share the truth... than God is telling the Greens to give for Town of Love.

And we encourage people to believe in Jesus.

One of the last visitors to our booth was a pagan who came in an joked...

"Hell is my last chance to have a smoking hot body"

My wife and I told him about Jesus and encouraged him to believe. 
We take the truth seriously... because it is serious... eternity is very serious.
It is so serious that we never tell people that they don't have to believe.


If you are like Steve Green telling people they don't have to believe, I urge you to listen to the message from Charles Stanley above and change your words to align with God's.

I have been faithful to share the truth about the Museum of the Bible and the Greens. I have prayed throughout this time for the Greens to choose God's will... to share that the museum built for the Bible is about faith... because the Bible is about faith. I have prayed that they would fund Town of Love with money God has given them to fund it with.

It is my prayer and hope that they will all be more about faith and reaching the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ... in public.

I will be very focused what I can do to reach the lost and proclaim faith in accordance with God's divine will and purpose.

None of us are perfect... but even in our less than perfect state... we should work together to point people to the One Who is... Jesus Christ... the Son of God.

God bless you... and remember... Jesus is Legit!... He is the only way to God the Father.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6

© 2020 God Against Nike