Steve Green, son of David Green, has chosen to gather a bunch of Bibles together in a $500 million + museum and tell people it is not about faith.

God has led me to create Love Christian Wear to take Bible verses out into the public and tell people the Bible is about faith.

And David Green called me an idiot. What has he been teaching his son that he would think I am an idiot. Does he consider his son a genius telling people the museum built for the Bible is NOT about faith?




Oh... we are so close! Which is God more pleased with... A faith venture or a venture without faith?

I know the answer. Do you?

Love Christian Wear = Faith Venture

Museum of the Bible = Venture without faith (according to Steve Green... son of David Green)

I think those donations to the Museum of the Bible venture without faith would be better spent with the Love Christian Wear faith venture... sharing the Word of God in public... in English so people can read it... not Latin in reverse as they've done on the front of the MOTB.


Would Steve Green still stand up and say that the Museum of the Bible isn't about faith? Would the visitors outside the Museum of the Bible agree with Steve Green? I expect many would disagree like myself and other God-honoring Christians do.


The Museum of the Bible’s new exhibit on the Rev. Billy Graham opens today, revealing how his lifelong ministry led to almost 3 million Christian conversions

The above was just reported. That appears to be a faith venture... even though Steve Green has clearly tried to portray the museum built for the Bible as not being about faith. How many people does he think he can convince of that? Does he think people standing in line to see that exhibit might find it strange that the museum is not about faith... according to him?

“[The Bible] became a sword in my hand to break open the hearts of men, to direct them to the Lord Jesus Christ.”
—Billy Graham

Someone tell me if the Museum of the Bible actually shows that quote at the MOTB Billy Graham Pilgrim Preacher exhibit. I am curious to know if they mention my "Lord Jesus Christ". 

It is just about time for to go public... and it is most definitely a FAITH venture! I would like to quote my brother Bishop T.D. Jakes... Get ready... get ready... get ready!!!


I imagine many standing outside of the Museum of the Bible would like to be wearing Love Christian Wear. But will a FAITH venture be welcomed by those working for the MOTB who say the Museum for the Bible is NOT a faith venture? Get ready... get ready... get ready!!!

The Bible is clearly about faith. Watch the video and share it with the Green family. Ask them if they think Bishop T.D. Jakes would agree that a museum built for the Bible has nothing to do with faith.
The above is a YouTube video of Bishop TD Jakes... posted on my birthday. I believe it is a present from God to help prove the importance of FAITH to the Green family.

Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible says it isn't about faith and says you don't have to believe it.

How long will he keep that up?
Will he pass on that legacy to his kids and tell them to make sure that they tell people it is NOT about faith and tell people they also don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible like he says?
Or will Steve repent of his evil... tell people it is about faith... and encourage people to believe God?
I speak the truth and they don't want to partner with me.

We are waiting for them to speak the truth and partner with me.




When I was younger, I would listen to Steve Camp and one of my favorite songs was RUN TO THE BATTLE. In that song, he sings about running a mission a yard from the gates of hell.

As Christians, we have to communicate down here with a focus on the eternal – always encouraging people to believe in Jesus and go to heaven.

Does Steve Green think his words would be wise to someone a yard away from hell?

He needs to think about things in that way and ask the questions: Am I sharing the truth that can help save people or am I sharing lies that can put them in danger?



Let's make this very simple for you.

Take the following Spiritual Wisdom Test.

1. Would God or Satan tell Steve Green to say the following about the Word of God or something built for it?:

"The Bible is dangerous"

"It is not about faith"

"It is not a faith venture"

"You don't have to believe it."



2. Who do I work for as I expose the deeds of darkness? God or Satan?



Would the visitors outside of the Museum of the Bible pass that Spiritual Wisdom test... or would they be deceived by Satan to think Steve Green has done things God's way?








The Museum of the Bible is planning to feature an exhibit on Billy Graham. Is Steve Green aware that Billy Graham preached about FAITH? Is Steve Green aware that they are planning to feature an exhibit of a man about faith... in their museum which he claims is NOT about faith? Are they going to restrict all references to faith so it appears that the museum is not about faith? They have had speakers who doubt the Bible... so it is good to feature a man who showed us he believed it while he was with us down here.

Imagine if Billy Graham could come back down here and tell Steve Green what he thinks about saying the museum built for the Bible is NOT about faith! But far more serious than that... imagine Jesus Christ coming down and telling Steve Green what He thinks about saying the museum for the Bible is NOT about faith. Jesus always encourages faith.


It is reported that FAITH is mentioned nearly 250 times in the Bible. So how does Steve Green claim to read the Bible every day... build a museum for it... and say it is NOT about faith?

Were David Green and Steve Green good students? Were they handed an English book in school... and upon reading some of the English book with English mentioned 250 times... did they tell their teacher and classmates that the English book is not about English? 

If Mr. Green claims to be reading the Bible... and he decides he has enough money to build something for it... shouldn't he know it is about faith and shouldn't he make point obvious?

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
Hebrews 11:6

Steve Green: If somehow you missed all the verses about faith in the Bible and just passed over the one above in blue... look above and read it... let it sink in... actually engage your brain... and think about what it is saying to you. It is saying to you that it is impossible to please God without faith... and you build a museum for the Bible and say it is NOT about faith.

NOT about faith = without faith
About faith = with faith


Steve also says you don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible.

"Believe" is reported to be mentioned about
160 times... and the Bible clearly encourages people to believe... never saying that people do not have to believe God's Word.

"Sin" is mentioned over 420 times. I haven't heard Steve mention sin... but I an tell you this... if he says he has read the Bible and says it is OK to tell people it is NOT about faith and OK to tell people that they don't have to believe... then he is sinning.




Read Acts 26:24-25 and apply it to this situation:
At this point Festus interrupted Paul’s defense. “You are out of your mind, Paul!” he shouted. “Your great learning is driving you insane.”

“I am not insane, most excellent Festus,” Paul replied. “What I am saying is true and reasonable."

I met David Green of Hobby Lobby face to face and was sharing the truth about God wanting him to fund Town of Love before that meeting. I had even prayed God would have me meet him face to face just minutes before we met. 


I greeted him and David Green interrupted me and said... "You're crazy..."

Festus called Paul crazy... David Green called me crazy. When a man like Festus or David doesn't want to accept what God wants... they just might call you crazy.

What God had me share with David Green was true and reasonable. God gave David Green the money ($30 million) to fund Town of Love... a faith venture... but instead of funding it... he rejected it... and they funded a museum for the Bible which they say is NOT about faith. If you are spiritually mature with the Holy Spirit... it should be easy for you to see a problem with saying something built for the Bible is NOT about faith.

But let's see if David can prove I am crazy.

Compare what God gave me to share with the Greens before I ever knew they were planning a Museum of the Bible and before I ever knew about a location in DC in the shape of a wing.

Compare the two wings:

The Town of Love vision contains the following 7 Christian businesses to build faith... in the shape of a


1. EL-LOVE-ATION Indoor Skydiving (people "FLYING" with visual of Christ returning)

2. Love Video Grill (RESTAURANT)

3. Love To Know Ya (COFFEE SHOP)

4. Love Is In the Air (BOOKSTORE & GIFT SHOP)

5. Love Christian Wear (APPAREL)

6. Love Sportswear (APPAREL)

7. Love To Tour (360° TOURS USING 360° TOUR TECHNOLOGY)

$30 million +


Compare it to what is being done at the Museum of the Bible... which is the


1. "Flying" through DC ride Washington Revelations (simulated FLYING)


3. Milk & Honey (COFFEE SHOP)


5. Apparel (APPAREL SOLD THERE IN GIFT SHOP) See how many shirts actually contain Bible verses like John 3:16 or John 14:6.

6. Some apparel has a sportswear look (APPAREL)

7. They use some 360° technology as shown (360° TECH)

$500 million +

If someone saw what I told people about in 2011... and compared it to what the Museum of the Bible has done...

in the shape of a wing... and all of the similarities... someone might make the argument that they actually copied off of what God revealed to me... and why would they copy off that... if they thought it was actually crazy?


If I thought someone was actually crazy... I would distance myself from whatever they were saying.


But it appears that the Town of Love wing and the Museum of the Bible wing have similar "DNA" so to speak... but the vision for Town of Love is to encourage faith... while Steve Green says the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith.


We are waiting for the Greens to get on track with God. 

God had me share the truth with the Greens. It was true and reasonable... but they rejected the truth and refused to obey.

Take a look at that and ask what David Green thought was crazy.

With so many similarities... one thing jumps out...

I say the Town of Love venture is to encourage faith.

Steve Green says the Museum of the Bible venture is NOT about faith.

Perhaps David Green doesn't want to be involved in an extremely public FAITH venture... maybe that is the part that sounds "crazy" to him. It wasn't crazy to me... so I just walked right up and told him the truth... like the Apostle Paul told Festus the truth before Festus said he was "insane".

If David Green were to try to convince you I work for Satan... while I encourage faith and his son says the Museum of the Bible is not about faith... that should be a very tough thing to do if you have any spiritual wisdom or understanding that the Bible is here to encourage faith.


To show God approves of the NO FAITH approach of the Museum of the Bible... he would basically have to try to convince you that God no longer values faith as highly as God has shown in His Word... so you would have to rely on the words of David Green and Steve Green over the Word of God... to be fooled into believing that. It has been made very clear by Steve Green that the MOTB is NOT about faith and NOT a faith venture... so I do not make this stuff up. I don't have to make it up... I just reveal what Satan got Steve Green to say after getting them away from God's plan.  


MIKE KING (a consultant at the Museum of the Bible) had this to say when I asked what he thought about doing a shirt that says the Bible is dangerous:


" would be very problematic showing up on a T-Shirt. So my recommendation would be not to use it on apparel."

Mike King, YouthFront & Museum of the Bible Consultant

If it is considered problematic on a shirt... why would it not be considered problematic on Fox News or in a book?

It is much easier just to tell the truth and avoid the problems associated with telling lies... don't you think?


I believe the Bible is helpful and contains the Good News of Jesus Christ... and if you believe it... you will be saved... so I do not describe it as dangerous... I describe it as HELPFUL... dangerous relates to danger and harm.

I believe it is so helpful that I have put Bible verses on the shirts... therefore I obviously do not believe it will be a danger or cause harm to anyone reading it... but will actually HELP them.

I noticed Mike King posted the following quote on his Facebook after I saw his visit to the Museum of the Bible. I also noticed he was my Facebook friend. So... let's see how careful my brother Mike is with the truth... the Real Truth... and nothing but the Truth.


“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”
Albert Einstein


If you were a Christian foolish enough to write a book saying that God's Word is dangerous and God revealed to you that it is wrong to say... would you have too much pride to admit your error and too much pride to take the book off the market? 


GOD'S WORD® Translation
An honest witness saves lives, but one who tells lies is dangerous.

Proverbs 14:25

How do you test what someone says? You compare it to what God's Word says.

Let's test what Steve and Jackie Green say.

They say the BIBLE IS DANGEROUS. You can see this on page 82 of their book THIS DANGEROUS BOOK.

Let's test the truth of their statement against God's Word.

Their statement, if true, would include the Bible in the same category with one who tells lies.


God's Word defining Dangerous: "one who tells lies is dangerous"
Steve and Jackie Green defining Dangerous: "the Bible is dangerous"

If I told you the Greens were dangerous... you might logically want me to back that up with proof.

Well... since the Greens say the Bible is dangerous with all of its verses... ask them which verse is dangerous... ask for the proof of the danger in it.

Specifically ask them which verse they are referring to. Ask them to name one... and if there are others they believe to be dangerous... ask them to name those as well.
They can form a list of all of the verses which they think are dangerous for us to see... and we can view it and determine for ourselves if the Word of God they say is dangerous is meant to help us or to harm us. If it is meant to help us... it is no danger and not dangerous.

It is unfair to God to say HIs Word is dangerous without giving proof that His Word deserves to be in the same category as that of those who tell lies.

I do not believe God's Word is dangerous and do not agree with the Greens in any way on that matter... let me make that very clear. 

I believe the Word of God relates to the first part of the above verse... the part about saving lives.
am a child of God.


So how is God using me?

God wants the Greens to quit doing things their way and man's way... to do things His way... God's way.



Are the Greens looking forward to seeing the Christian apparel which God would like in the Museum of the Bible? They should be excited about it... but the fact that it is in line with God's Word and encourages faith in Christ... sadly... could be of great concern to Steve Green. The sleeve below has the statement... BELIEVE IN JESUS.


Steve Green: If having the words BELIEVE IN JESUS is a concern... you need to start doing things God's way so that you get excited about showing things like that at the Museum of the Bible – the museum God wants to encourage faith... even after your initial failures to do so as we have seen in print and throughout the media.

Steve... It's time to suit up and start scoring for God's FAITH team.


The above is an image from the FAITH VENTURE God has me working on...
Love Christian Wear. 
The back of the shirt has a Bible verse on it. It is not dangerous to me.
I guess the thought of God thundering could be scary for Steve and Jackie Green. 

Steve and Jackie Green: Please don't write anything negative about the front of this shirt or anything about the verse on the back being dangerous... I expect people outside the Museum of the Bible will want to buy some... and I don't want you influencing them against it.
If Steve Green (now with the Museum of the Bible) were a follower of Jesus Christ back in the day when Jesus was walking the earth and he kept telling people His words were dangerous... I believe Jesus would have told Steve Green... "Get behind me, Satan!"

But after being rebuked by Jesus, would Steve Green have produced copies of THE DANGEROUS WORDS OF JESUS and distributed them to get some extra cash anyway... while his dad, David Green, cheered him on?
David Green of Hobby Lobby called me an idiot as I obeyed God... he drove right up in his black sheep car and called me an idiot... so I appreciate God using me to rebuke the Greens and reveal the foolishness of their words as they reject God's will.

Today we will focus on Proverbs 1:33 to prove that what the Greens say about the Bible being dangerous is NOT true.

Here is Proverbs 1:33:

But whoever listens to me will live securely and be free from the fear of danger.
For the Greens to convince you that God's Word is dangerous... they would have to convince you of a lie... and God is NOT a liar.
The MOTB is actually planning to have Max Lucado there in August... and you can hear Max Lucado say that God is not a liar on this video:

Go to the 15:00 mark and hear Max say that those who take honesty seriously... are serious about honesty.
When the Greens say things against the Word of God and allow others to say things against the Word of God in the Museum of the Bible... that only proves that they are not serious about honesty... because God is not a liar. God's Word is true... and allowing people to say things that are not true about God's Word in a place representing God's Word is not showing value for truth and honesty.
And let's address honesty. The Hobby Lobby website says the following:

Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.

Click the link below and ask yourselves if the Bible shows approval of witches and celebrating Halloween.
I actually worked in a company which had a witch and her favorite time of the year was Halloween.
She even had a thing on the wall letting people know she was a witch... and her principles were not in agreement with the Bible.
I would tell her Biblical things... but she was not in agreement with them... so how do David Green, Steve Green and others

at Hobby Lobby think that witches are in line with Biblical principles? And of course, how does Steve Green say the Bible is dangerous...

while trying to make money on witch and Halloween things?


Is telling people God's Word is dangerous honoring to Him? If the Greens followed President Trump around and told everyone his words were dangerous... would that be honoring to President Trump?


If the Greens think saying the Bible is dangerous is a wise thing to do and doesn't expose Christians to more danger... have them test their saying:

Ask Steve and Jackie Green if they are willing to do the following:
1. Are they willing to wear shirts that say THE BIBLE IS DANGEROUS and I FOUNDED THE MUSEUM OF THE BIBLE?
2. Are they willing to drive to an area where Christians are being killed for being Christians who own what they call a DANGEROUS BIBLE?
3. Are they willing to walk through that area without security protecting them... wearing their shirts declaring the Bible is dangerous as Christians are being killed around them in that area?

If they are unwilling to do that... then why send a message that the Bible is dangerous?... because there are already Christians out there in dangerous situations who could come in contact with dangerous people who could pick up a copy of This Dangerous Book and use the very contents of This Dangerous Book in an attempt to justify their actions against what they would describe as dangerous Christians reading a dangerous Bible.

A word to the FBI: I have not been contacted by anyone wanting to harm the Greens, myself or any Christians who love what the Greens call a dangerous Bible. This is to help prove a point about how foolish it is to say that the Bible is dangerous. They will take a stand to protect the lives of the unborn... but will they take a book off the market to help protect the lives of Christians already born... and born again... Christians in places where the enemy should not be reading about how the Bible is dangerous? I obviously do not want this message spread about God's Word because I love God and His Word... and I have spent a lot of time working on a website featuring shirts that have contents on them from what the Greens call a dangerous Bible. People should not be told that the Bible verses on these shirts are dangerous. The Bible verses are not dangerous... neither is God and neither am I.

I contacted the FBI to let them know about this just after I put it up. Part of my job as a Christian is to help protect and serve. That should be the job of the Greens too... but will they ever change? Pray they will.




So... what do I do when the Greens reject what God wants and turn against God to say that His Word is dangerous? I pray they will do things God's way. I do what I can do and pray God changes their hearts to do things His way. I encourage you to pray for the Greens as well. Don't honor what they say unless it lines up with God's Word. If they pay you to spread lies... reject the money and walk away. Let them know that you serve God... not the money. 

Can you imagine if the Greens represented the United States to other countries. What if they were sent to say good things about America and they led off with "America is dangerous"? Would Americans applaud the Greens saying that America is dangerous? Enemies of America would.




What the Greens say about the Bible:


The Greens say the Bible is Dangerous:

Definition of dangerous (According to Webster)

1: involving possible injury, pain, harm, or loss : characterized by danger 

  • a dangerous job

2: able or likely to inflict injury or harm  

  • a dangerous man


Using the above definition, you likely would conclude the Greens are saying that using the Bible is (1) characterized by danger... involving possible injury, pain, harm or loss and/or (2) able or likely to inflict injury or harm


I do not believe such things and put Bible verses on Christian shirts that will be sold online.

Those who tell lies are dangerous.

They are reporting the deadliest shooting in Texas state history at a church as they introduce the Greens talking about how the "Bible is dangerous".

Are Steve and Jackie there saying to each other... "See...  I told you the Bible was dangerous... look at what it caused that man to do to them"?

Are they now thinking the truth... the man killing was dangerous... and the Bible and those carrying Bibles in that church were not dangerous... and we should not be saying the Bible is dangerous?

Welcome to Two Wings of God. God and I do not agree with the Greens that His Word is dangerous... so keep that in mind as you watch. Expose your kids to the Bible... there is no danger in doing so.

In explaining dangerous... Jackie Green says if you apply the principles of the Bible... you may need to change your life... and for some that is difficult.

She appears to equate the difficulties she might have in obeying God's Word as dangerous.

I actually see the changes God wants to make in us as beneficial and helpful.. not dangerous... actually helping us AVOID DANGEROUS SITUATIONS and DANGER.


Imagine... if Jackie Green's child was consistently arrested for speeding at 80 miles and hour and more... and she explains the laws to her child...


Jackie: Now I know this is difficult... these driving laws are dangerous... 


Child: Mom... it is difficult for me to drive under 80 miles an hour... those laws are dangerous for me.

Jackie: You are right... those speeding laws are dangerous and I am going to write a book about how dangerous they are.... I will call it "Dangerous Speeding Laws"


Child: Yes! Get on Fox News and tell them about those dangerous laws!

After the book "Dangerous Speeding Laws" is written 


Jackie: I was just on Fox News introducing my "Dangerous Speeding Laws" book... and just before I was going to talk about it... the worst speeding accident happened in Texas history... 26 people died because a man was speeding! See... those speeding laws are dangerous! I am so glad I am making people aware of how dangerous those speeding laws are!


Child: Yes! Make them aware of how dangerous those laws are! 


Would that make any sense to you?
Should laws designed to help people be described as dangerous?
Or should they be described as keeping you from danger?

With the wisdom God has given me... I understand His Word is given to keep us from danger... to help us... not to hurt us... to show us He can be trusted over anyone... even over someone named Green. 


Watch the above video in which the Greens announce their book after a terrible shooting in a church.
Just after they announce people have been killed in a church... they smile and go on to say that the Bible is DANGEROUS... like the atheists say (that comment alone should show you how wrong they are).

Do Steve and Jackie really think that the message to send people is that the Bible is dangerous?

People like the man who shot people in the church are dangerous... not the Bible or the people carrying the Bibles.

Satan wants you to think the Bible is dangerous and that the man doing the shooting was the guy doing the right thing.

God wants you to know that the Bible is NOT dangerous... and that those who do evil against those who read it... are dangerous... NOT THE BIBLE or those who read it!
Notice how Steve talks about how loving God is... but for some reason... he and Jackie allow Satan to use them to say God's Word is dangerous. Satan's words are dangerous... NOT God's.
If Steve Green is aware that Christians are being killed because people think the Bible is dangerous... then his goal should be to show the Bible is NOT dangerous... in order to convince those who want to do evil to Christians that it is not dangerous.  

God never says His Word is dangerous. Satan is the one who tries to convince people of that.


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16


The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 
2 Peter 3:9


If you read the above two verses, and you are helped by the Holy Spirit to understand them, you should be able to understand this:
1) if a person believes in Jesus Christ – they will not perish but have eternal life.
2) God is not wanting anyone to perish

3) A person must believe in Jesus to have eternal life... so God will never tell anyone they do not have to believe.

If all of the above are true... and they most certainly are true... then why does Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible say that people do not have to believe the narrative of the Bible?

Any Christian not wanting people to perish would encourage believing in Jesus Christ and never imply that you don't have to.

I encourage people to believe in Jesus for I want all people to have eternal life.



I do want to be fair to Steve Green of Hobby Lobby and the Museum of the Bible.

If Steve Green wants to call me and tell me that he should not have said that and that he will be obedient to God in making it clear to those coming to the Museum of the Bible that the Bible is the Word of God and that they should believe it... I will take this down and look forward to seeing his public declaration that people should believe it.


Steve Green: Call me... when you are ready to obey God. We are waiting. You should also get rid of every book you have that declares the Bible is dangerous. That is not the message you should spread around the world to those who do evil against Christians while saying the Bible is dangerous. I pray that God will take Love Christian Wear worldwide... so I do not lead off my marketing with "the Bible is dangerous"... "so buy a shirt with the dangerous Word of God on it". To the contrary, I align my marketing with God's Word and I show how the Bible can help people.


Satan is dangerous... GOD and HIS WORD are not dangerous. 



Extremely Important:

I want to make it very clear that we do not approve of everything that has been said by those connected with the Museum of the Bible and those who have spoken at the Museum of the Bible. We believe the Bible is the Word of God and that God's Word is without error. We do not support anyone telling you that it is not true or telling you that you don't have to believe it. We believe the only hope you have of eternal life is through faith in Jesus Christ. We honor faith in Christ and do not support anyone or any organization saying that anything built specifically for the Bible is not about faith.
Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy your faith – we work to encourage it and encourage all people to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. The Bible is true. Believe it and do not listen to anyone telling you that you don't have to believe it. 

Welcome to the GOD vs. green page.

The following is from the Chicago Tribune about the Museum of the Bible and Steve Green:

D.C.'s huge new Bible museum includes lots of tech, not a lot of Jesus

This isn't the evangelism that the billionaire Green family first promised a decade ago when they set out to build a museum dedicated to Scripture. At the time, the museum's mission statement promised to "bring to life the living word of God. . . to inspire confidence in the absolute authority" of the Bible, the book at the institution's center.

The approach today, while still viewed with skepticism by some scholars, appears to be more modest: "The museum has fenceposts - limits. It doesn't overtly say the Bible is good - that the Bible is true," said Steve Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby and the chair of the museum. "That's not its role. Its role is to present facts and let people make their own decisions."

green's words

Green says it doesn't say "that the Bible is true" and that its "role is to present the facts."


He should say that the Bible is true... and go on to say that the fact that the Bible is true... is a fact that they will present.

Notice he says that they don't say it is true and that their role is to present the facts.

Again... if their role is to present the facts... then why would you not say it is true based on Proverbs 30:5?




Here is proof in God's Word:


Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to him for protection.
Proverbs 30:5

Steve Green says they won't say the Bible is true, but he does say the Bible is dangerous. (This Dangerous Book)

Why would Steve Green not say it is true? Why say the Bible is dangerous when God's Word says clearly says God protects

as shown in Proverbs 30:5? 






Compare God's Word (Proverbs 30:5) to green's words

GOD'S WORD (The Bible):

Every word of God proves true.

green's words:
It doesn't overtly say the Bible is true... its role is to present the facts

GOD'S WORD (The Bible):
He is a shield to all who come to him for protection.

green's words:
The Bible is dangerous.


Who taught Steve Green to say the words in Green?


It was Satan... the one who tempts people to say and do things against God for more and more money.

We are waiting for the Greens to get on track to serve God... not Satan.



Proverbs 30:5 should be enough to convince Steve Green that God's Word is not dangerous... but if not, then Proverbs 14:25 shown above in the photo should do it:



GOD'S WORD (The Bible):

An honest witness saves lives, but one who tells lies is dangerous.

green's words: 

The Bible is dangerous.





When God gave me the vision to help America get on track with the Bible, I had no idea that I would be working with Him to get the Greens on track. Who could have imagined Steve Green telling people the following?...:

• The Bible is dangerous

• You don't have to believe it

• It is not a faith venture

• It is not about faith

• It doesn't say the Bible is true - Its role is to present the facts


Please pray for them to tell the truth.


Steve Green:
If you are trying to figure out what is true and what you say conflicts with the Bible... just use this as a rule:

God's Word is true.

Your words against God's Word are not.

FACT: God's Word is true. If his role is to present the facts, then his role is to share that God's Word is true.
FACT: God's Word warns against danger and God protects, so His Word is not dangerous.
FACT: One who tells lies is dangerous... NOT GOD.
FACT: Satan is dangerous and anyone he can manipulate to speak lies is dangerous.

© 2020 God Against Nike