It is sad how the Greens who once did not want to violate their consciences can now violate it so easily. I believe they should be held accountable for what they have done. If they sued the government so they would not have to violate their consciences... should they be sued if they violate their consciences while taking money from others and going against the will of God when they should be doing the will of God?


How do you know the Greens are not into pleasing God these days since rejecting Town of Love revealed by the Holy Spirit?

They have said God's Word is dangerous and built a museum for it and have proclaimed it is NOT about faith!

And, "But my righteous one will live by faith. And I take no pleasure in the one who shrinks back."

Hebrews 10:38

David, Steve and the rest of the Green family following greedy and prideful David will never change the fact that what is God's is about faith and never prove with truth that God's Word is dangerous.




Can you imagine Steve Green talking about a room in his home with a Bible in it?
Can you hear him say... that has "nothing to do with faith"? He might just say that if he thinks that is what you want to hear... thinks he might get some money from you... or thinks his dad might be approving of him saying that... so he can look forward to a nice raise. 

Nothing like getting paid with God's money to insult the Word of God.


How foolish are the Greens?

The Bible makes a distinction between doubt and faith. If it is not faith... it is sin.

So when Steve Green says the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith... he is essentially saying it is about doubt... and about sin... his own personal doubt and sin venture funded by David Green with God's money.

...everything that is not from faith is sin.

Romans 14:22

The Greens will have to give an account to God.


David Green of Hobby Lobby admits to not being a good student in school. I, on the other hand, made very good grades growing up while thriving as one of Oklahoma's top basketball players. My brother was valedictorian at Putnam City and again at TCU. I say that so you will know I am no idiot as the bully David Green foolishly claimed... and when I tell other Christians what the Greens say and do... I assure you... they do not look at me like I am the idiot. They are shocked by what the Greens say and do... and shocked that they do not support Town of Love like the majority of Christians who know about the vision. Just look at some of the foolish things the Greens have said... which other Christians find hard to believe someone calling themselves a "Christian" would even say...

If Steve Green, a man claiming to read the Bible daily, tells you that God told him to build a place for Him that is NOT about faith and tells you God did not make the planet to encourage faith... then ask Steve Green why Romans 1:20 says... For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

If a man who says he doesn't believe there is a God is without excuse... what does God have to say about a man like Steve Green who tells people they don't have to believe?

Why would Steve Green tell you God wants a museum about His Bible... which is all about encouraging faith... to NOT be about faith... and tell you that God doesn't want Town of Love to encourage faith either with their involvement?

He is NOT being led by the Holy Spirit to say that... maybe his dad told him to say that... and if Steve doesn't say what David wants... then he gets to be called an idiot and receives no money.


David Green says it is God's, but acts like it is his.

This is from his own book about him "giving it ALL away"...

While I had always believed Hobby Lobby was God's company, after that night, it was as though God had laid personal claim. He was not just leaving it to me to acknowledge his ownership with my words. He was enforcing his ownership in my heart and throughout the company. It was transforming for me that night as it became for OUR entire company over time.

Notice how he appears to be so moved that it is definitely God's company... then immediately says OUR entire company

page 66... Giving it ALL away

Similar to saying it is God's bank account... then OUR entire bank account!



I put up the following challenge for David Green on Resurrection Sunday 2019 after praying to God.

This is challenge day 5.


Visitors in Washington DC, the Hobby Lobby area in OKC and in Israel quickly saw this site after I put it up.


After I put it up, I asked God to confirm for me what He thought about it. I was led to open His Word without looking and place my finger down in His Word without looking. When I looked, it was on 2 words and 1 Name... "commendable before God".


Not only did God reveal the vision for Town of Love to me... He also guides my hands... and if He wants to guide my hands to money for Town of Love... He certainly can.


Will David Green try to stop that?


David Green himself compared touching what is God's to Uzzah touching the Ark of the Covenant. I know very well what happened to Uzzah... and I certainly fear God... but I am assured I will not come to harm even if David were to put every dollar of God's in his possession on that table... and I touched it and walked out with it.


Let David see if God will allow me to touch $500 million and walk out with it.


If David is truly convinced I am a liar and an "idiot" as he has said, then he would surely invite this challenge to see me done away with.

David Green... bring God's money... what are you waiting for? 

Are you afraid you are wrong and afraid to see official confirmation that God is guiding me and doesn't like how you and your family have treated His Word?


If the Greens claim I am not led by God, then let this test prove it. What would the Greens have to lose by placing it on the table and letting God show whether He approves of me taking it for Town of Love or not? It is NOT their money. God is able to show whether He approves or disapproves of the transaction... and I am willing to do that for Jesus Christ because of the love and respect I have for Him.

Well David... time for that test. I am willing to prove I tell the truth. Are you?

Happy Resurrection Day!


I woke up Saturday morning following Good Friday thinking about the importance of holding the Green family accountable to doing things the way God wants. I then got on the computer and God led me to click on a link I saw online. It was a link for a man named Jeremy Burton. I then discovered he has actually done some work with the Museum of the Bible and has a website to ADVOCATE ACCOUNTABILITY. It is amazing how God leads me!!!

I emailed Jeremy so that he could join me in holding the Greens accountable to do things God's way. I look forward to seeing if Jeremy Burton actually practices what he preaches. I prayed "Jeremy will reject evil and do good... in the Name of Jesus Christ".

For this end I also wrote, that I might put you to the test, whether you are obedient in all things.

2 Corinthians 2:9

I thank the real Jesus Christ for taking my place on the cross so that I can have a relationship with God and the promise of eternal life through faith in Him.
It is about faith to me and will always be.
To say it is NOT about faith is to dishonor the Savior Who died for each one of us who has sinned (all of us)... even sinners like the Greens who continue robbing God of what He wants.
They should honor truth and love as God wants them to with both wings,
but they don't.
Instead, Mr Green has come out saying the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith and tells people they don't even have to believe it.
Think about those words as you watch the video above and consider what Jesus Christ did for each one of us.
And think about Mr Green's words...
"You don't have to believe" Jesus actually died for you.

Why do I continue to reveal the error of the Greens? They are part of the body that God has called me to expose.
I have been called to reveal the darkness. If your body has a cancer, you deal with it. Now the Greens are the part of the body with the Satanic cancer 
and it must be dealt with.

The Body of Christ is supposed to operate like the Body of Christ... 
not in opposition to Christ Who is the Head of the Body.

The Greens are not being obedient to the Head. They dishonor the Head... with money given to them to honor the Head.
The vision of Town of Love was given to me by the Holy Spirit to exhalt Jesus Christ and encourage faith. I was led by the Holy Spirit to get funding for the vision with money they have in their possession...  money for the vision of Town of Love.
David Green has not said he does not have the money for it. David Green has not said God told him not to fund it. David Green has not mentioned God or His will in any conversation I have had with him.
David Green is wrong. God is right... and His Word is NOT dangerous... but the Greens say it is.
Not believing is dangerous... eternally dangerous.
Do not believe Mr Green or any other Green who tells you that you don't have to believe... even if they say God told them to tell you that you don't have to believe.

God always encourages faith... and not one Word in His Word is against faith... so it is ALL about faith.

That means a museum for the Bible that is all about faith... can never NOT be about faith... as Mr Green claims.

Mr Green is a liar.

The big problem that David Green has is PRIDE. A man like David full of pride finds it difficult to admit he is wrong.

Sadly, it appears David Green has influenced a family who finds it difficult to admit they are wrong.

God would never tell any Christian to say His Word is dangerous... but the Greens did and don't apologize or admit their error.

God actually shows He wants to keep people from danger... so saying His Word is dangerous is a lie.

God's Word NEVER contradicts His true nature.
God is NOT dangerous... so His Word is NOT...

but the Greens say it is... and so imply God is also dangerous.


The Greens have said things against God, His plans and His Word.

The following illustrates how foolish they are.

Christians are praying for the Greens.



Questions for David Green of Hobby Lobby:
What authority do you have to speak for God with regard to funding both wings?
You have no authority.

Your job is to fund it and not refuse.
When God says fund it... fund it.
If you really think God has told you not to fund it... then why do you not say that?

The truth is... you don't say that because you know in your spirit God wants it. 

After I put that up here with the rest of this, I asked God to confirm He wants it up. I do this because I value God's direction and do not want to speak on my own... but want to share what HE wants shared.

I was led to open my Bible and place my finger down without looking. (The Holy Spirit guides me.)

I then looked at what was under my finger... "put up with"... found in 2 Timothy 4:3.


This is also very appropriate as it relates to the Greens and others they partner with.


Here is 2 Timothy 4:3-5:


For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.

Do I know this direction in the Bible is not natural?


Yes I do... It is supernatural.

And it is given to me that I should honor my Savior Jesus Christ... the One I long to see.



Imagine the Greens expecting you to believe that God wants His museum about His Word to NOT be about faith... while His Own Word says it is IMPOSSIBLE to please Him without faith!


David Green likes to talk about how they take counts within his family... like each person has a voice and some kind of influence on the outcome. 

Had they asked God to be in the count, there would have been at least One for the Town of Love wing and One for saying the Museum of the Bible wing is about faith.


But God's will wasn't valued in either wing by the Greens.

I believe I should have more authority to sign for God's money on a deal than David Green does. In other words... if the money David Green has in his possession is truly God's... then I should be able to withdraw the money for faith purposes. They have shown themselves to be unfaithful to the faith by building a museum for God's Word and saying it is NOT about faith.

A faithful steward of God's money will use it to encourage faith... not tell people they don't have to believe like Steve Green has.

Since David Green has himself acknowledged the money is NOT his... then it should go to the steward of God who is faithful to publicly encourage faith in Jesus Christ... not the one who publicly tells people they don't have to believe the Bible and tells people God's museum is NOT about faith.




"Some decisions I make around here are 54%-48%".

- David Green of Hobby Lobby (David is the guy who drove up and called me an idiot to my face as I was obeying God)

You can hear that around the 26 minute mark here:

What was David Green's final count for whether or not to do Town of Love?... 51% for it and 52% against?

How about the Green family vote as to whether the Museum of the Bible was about faith in any way?... 102% against faith?




The Greens like to tell us about how they don't want to violate their consciences.

Imagine how willing they are to violate their consciences by building a museum all about the Bible and saying it is NOT about faith.

That was after they violated their consciences and rejected Town of Love.

When Steve Green says you don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible, maybe he was referring to the story of the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man in agony was not able to get to the other side. The rich man wanted to warn his family. Do the Greens want to warn anyone about hell? Do they want to encourage faith in Jesus Christ so people will avoid hell? They don't with the Museum of the Bible as Steve Green says it is NOT about faith at all. Maybe Steve Green thinks all rich men or men as rich as his dad (David Green) deserve to go to heaven as if wealth is a sign of being close to God.
If Steve Green knows that you will be in hell if you don't believe in Jesus Christ... and he tells you that you don't have to believe... he is basically telling you he is OK with you being in hell.
I am led by the Holy Spirit and I tell people to believe in Jesus Christ... so they will avoid hell. 
It appears the Greens will be welcoming the teachings of Charles Darwin at the Museum of the Bible. How low will they go? I keep thinking about what Steve Green says about it not being about faith. If it is not about faith... it is anti-faith... anti-Christ.
Picture yourself with access to billions of dollars in net worth... knowing that the money is God's... knowing that God is only pleased when people have faith... then you use the money to build a museum for the Bible and say it is NOT about faith... meaning you reject encouraging what pleases God! 
The Museum of the Bible is now dealing with the John Templeton Foundation... the organization working to enlighten the world to the benefits of Buddhism.
See the link. (I don't make this stuff up)

A wise Christian should know that BUDDHISM is ANTI-CHRIST. But we are talking about the Greens. Steve Green has even told people they don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible... a statement against God and His Word.  Steve Green's statement is against the purposes of God... and they do this using God's money!
The Greens choose to partner with unbelievers and liars rather than partner with me to encourage faith in Jesus Christ. 
Will Steve Green continue to act like God doesn't want faith in Jesus Christ talked about at Museum of the Bible and Town of Love... or will he admit the truth... that God encourages faith even if Steve or David don't want to?
Steve Trice of Jasco says the Museum of the Bible is about faith.
Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible says it is not.
Who is telling a lie? 

hint: the Bible is about faith
How wrong is David Green?
I should let you know that David Green has never once told me that God did not give him the money for Town of Love.
I should also let you know that David Green never told me that God told him not to fund Town of Love.
Isn't that strange? We have read how David Green heard God tell him that Hobby Lobby is NOT his. Why has David Green not told us what God says about him funding Town of Love?
If God told me not to do something, I would definitely use that as my basis to reject what someone had approached me to do.
This is... afterall... about God's money being used for faith purposes.
It is not even David's money.

So... David Green... are you willing to lie and tell us that God told you not to fund Town of Love?
Someone your age should be looking to get things right... not wrong. Someone your age should be looking to finish strong... not weak.
Is your idea of finishing strong about building a museum for the Bible and letting your foolish son tell people it is not about faith?
How much of God's money did you spend on what Steve says is NOT about faith?
Do you see anything wrong with him using God's money and saying it is not about faith...
or is there hope for you?
It is sad, but I believe that you and Steve would rather tell people Hobby Lobby is about retail than tell people the Museum of the Bible is about faith.
And the latter is true... and far more important.
Grow up.

Jesus Christ paid David Green's sin debt.

God gave David Green the money to fund Town of Love to honor Jesus for paying his debt.

The first question is... 

Will David Green appreciate Jesus enough to actually honor him with Town of Love?

The next question is...

Will David Green keep writing books about other things he thinks are more important than what Jesus did?

He actually wrote about what he thought is most important and did not personally mention what Jesus did

as most important! 

When God had me go to him for funding... I had no idea who I was dealing with.

But I do not believe God is done with changing David Green.

Let faith arise.


On Friday, 3-15-2019, I thought I would drive out to the RIGHT WING location for Town of Love in OKC. I had not been there in quite some time. There were some major changes. All the buildings were torn down. My radio was off and I believe God told me to turn it on. When I did, I heard Chris Tomlin singing "LET FAITH ARISE" on his song I LIFT MY HANDS.

I thought the song was perfect for the occasion.

Watch the video. The scenes were very much like the location in OKC before they got rid of the buildings.

It is time we build something to honor Jesus Christ for His sacrifice... for His unselfish payment of our sin debt.


Jesus Christ paid a debt that even David Green can't afford... yet David Green has shown he won't pay to honor Jesus for it... even with the money God gave him to do it with.


Town of Love did not originate with me. It started with God. I don't have to have everything shown to me from A to Z to believe it. I believe it by faith... something the Greens do not fully appreciate.

I stood up to get their attention so that they would obey God...  and will stand in the gap for those who do not know Christ.


I would rather be a Christian... here with God, no billions and no building... encouraging people to have faith and believe God's Word...

than be a Green who built a museum for the Bible and said it is NOT about faith and told people they don't have to believe.

The Greens have lost sight of what is most important.

It is NOT money that is most important. It is NOT picking up a Bible that is most important. NOT even reading the Bible is most important. BELIEVING in Jesus Christ is!

The most important thing to do is to love God and believe Him... which means having faith in Jesus Christ.

That is the most important in this life and what will determine your eternal destiny.

This site is not up for me. I will be in Heaven with God.

This site is up so that more will be there.


I am not satisfied with telling people they don't have to believe as if missing out on an eternity with God is not a big deal.

I am here to encourage faith in Jesus Christ and to reveal our growing need for Town of Love.

The Greens do not speak for God-honoring Christians.

But I am not convinced that the Greens have reached their full potential... and I even have faith that they will one day encourage faith as they should... and one day do as they are told by God what to do with Town of Love.

They have to be willing to first be faithful to encourage faith in Jesus Christ at the Museum of the Bible and then they will be ready for Town of Love.

Both wings are to encourage faith in Jesus Christ.

My goal is to finish this race keeping the faith and encouraging people to believe in Jesus Christ.

That should be the goal of the Greens as well.




Still waiting for the Greens to obey God. 




There are two wings which God wants to encourage faith... one in OKC and one in Washington DC. God gave the money to the Greens to fund both wings. The Greens didn't like God's plan to encourage faith with both wings... and have joined in spending over $500 million to build a museum for the Bible which Steve Green says is NOT about faith.

What will Steve Green say next... that God didn't want them involved in encouraging faith with both wings and that God isn't into faith like His Word says?


Imagine a rich man being given money to do God's will and the rich man turns to the man without the money for it and says... you do it. Should that rich man (who is a bad steward) expect to receive a great reward when he meets the Savior Who died an agonizing death for him and rose again?

David Green refuses to honor Jesus Christ as God wants him to.


Even when the Greens are NOT about faith... Jesus certainly is.



How about the biblical story of his birth or his teachings? In the twelve-minute movie devoted to the New Testament, it’s not mentioned. “Well, in twelve minutes you have to be selective,” Pollinger (Museum of the Bible) tells CBN News.

Seth Pollinger above talks about how the Museum couldn't put much about Jesus because it has to be selective. Perhaps David Green also thought he should be very selective in the brief few pages about what is most important to him in his book and couldn't find the space to write down Jesus Christ is MOST important.

If you read about what David Green learned is MOST important in his book in the first chapter... you won't read his words describing knowing Jesus is MOST important.


To be honest, when God led me to David Green for the money He gave David Green to fund Town of Love.... I had no idea who David was on the inside. I had seen the David he wants you to see in public... the generous man who wants you to think he does what he can to honor God... and had not met the greedy David Green who doesn't fully appreciate what Jesus did for him and doesn't fully appreciate how important it is that people find out about what Jesus did and believe in Jesus... meaning put their faith in Jesus Christ... and be saved.

David Green takes it so lightly that he has entrusted the Museum of the Bible to his son and allowed him to go out and say that it is NOT about faith... meaning not about faith in Jesus Christ... even telling people they don't have to believe! David has not publicly said his son is wrong for saying such things... so he goes right along with it.

That should alarm you as it alarmed Steve Trice of Jasco... and other God-honoring Christians - who when given the opportunity to speak about the Bible with unbelievers - would encourage them to believe and place their faith in Jesus Christ.






If you are in step with the Holy Spirit doing something with the Bible... you will be encouraging faith. That is what I do. So why does Steve Green refuse to encourage faith with the museum of the Bible? Why does he refuse to encourage faith with Town of Love? It is because he and his dad are not in step with the Holy Spirit regarding the two wings of God. Can you imagine God telling you that you don't have to believe His Words?

Satan wants to keep the Greens from doing God's will with the 2 wings.

There are God-honoring Christians who will encourage you to believe the Bible. Then there are people like Steve Green... son of David Green... who say you don't have to believe and build a museum for the Bible and tell you it is NOT about faith.


If the Green family of Hobby Lobby claim to have read the Bible and claim to try to please God in all they do... do not believe it... for they built a museum for the Bible which Steve Green claims is NOT about faith. It is IMPOSSIBLE to please God without faith. They have also rejected the Town of Love vision revealed by the Holy Spirit... loved by the majority of Christians I have talked to.


Why does God have me prove the Greens don't yield to the Holy Spirit?

They built a $500 million museum for the Bible wing and said it is NOT about faith... while rejecting the $30 million Town of Love wing (revealed by the Holy Spirit) designed to honor faith in Jesus Christ and invite people to know Him.
God will not tell the Greens that something built for His Word is NOT about faith and will not tell David to say NO on building the Town of Love wing in OKC. David says NO to what the Holy Spirit wants. Not only is it designed to honor Christ and reach the lost... but it is also designed to share the truth about abortion so that the lives of babies are saved... whether it is saving them at conception or all the way just before birth... when some people want to put an end to the lives of babies.

David Green has said NO to what God wants... but I pray he obeys God soon.

For those of you who are new to this site. You should know this. David Green never told me that God told him NO. David Green was entrusted with the money for Town of Love and the Museum of the Bible. But the Greens have gone off track with what God wants... and God wants the Greens back on track to invite people to know Jesus Christ... meaning 2 wings about faith in Jesus Christ! If the Greens tell you that God doesn't want 2 wings about faith... or even 1 wing about faith... they are telling you a lie.


So far, the Greens have refused to yield to the Holy Spirit with regard to both wings. The Holy Spirit desires that each wing encourage faith in Jesus Christ – but the Greens have objected to what God and other Christians want – choosing to put the desires of nonbelievers over God's desire.

David Green of Hobby Lobby wrote a chapter in a book telling us what is most important to him. He doesn't even personally mention the Name of Jesus Christ in that chapter about what is most important!

Those of us Christians who have learned Jesus Christ is most important should easily see the major problem with David Green.


I still pray for the Greens to do God's will. Yesterday I prayed God would help the OKC Thunder beat the Houston Rockets and they were down by 26 points! Some people like David Green might call me crazy for praying that... but I did... and OKC had its largest comeback victory ever! THE LARGEST EVER! 

I also believe God can change the Greens... and their finish will be better than what we have seen so far. The potential is for the Greens to have their largest impact for Christ ever... THEIR LARGEST EVER!

(I asked God to confirm the above line after I typed it. I was led to put my finger down in His Word without looking... and it was on 3 words... "This being so" in Acts 24:16... This being so, I myself strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.)


And speaking of 26 points... I am reminded that if you add up the numeric position of letters in G(7) - O(15) - D(4)... you come up with 26.

GOD: 26


The exit into the location for Town of Love is 151... shown above.

I had a dream about David Green in the morning of 2-9-19. In that dream, he was at an event with someone at his side. I didn't really see who and assumed it was his wife. But my focus on on him. He saw me, but instead of a startled look, he had a welcoming look. I felt compelled to go shake his hand... and I did. He smiled, said a few words about working together and gave me his card so I could call him. Then my dream ended.

The truth is, if David Green had yielded to the Holy Spirit when God led me to David  to fund Town of Love with the money God gave him to fund it with, things would be very different – the 2 wings of God would openly actually be encouraging faith in Jesus Christ – but instead – we have David's son out there saying that the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith.

I remember that day God had me hold a sign outside to get David's attention. I had been out there for quite some time, and then David Green got in his car and drove up to the stop light... with me not far away holding the sign.

This was not the usual wait time at a stop light because at that very moment 2 fire trucks with the #20 on them drove by (from Station #20 at SW 29th and Council)

I knew the #20 #20 was no coincidence because I believe in God's perfect timing.

So why would a #20 and #20 drive by David Green... the man with the son who says a museum built for the Bible is NOT about faith?... 20 20... 2020

Well... something is planned for 2020. It is a museum for the Bible and it IS about faith. In fact, they are not even ashamed to talk about faith for they have it in their very name... Faith and Liberty Discover Center


So you have the Green who rejected what God wants with both wings and sends a man out who tells people the museum of the Bible is NOT about faith.

And now you have a museum for the Bible that says it IS about faith.

If you think the Greens represent the majority of Christians on this planet, you are very wrong. The majority of Christians I have contacted love the vision of Town of Love. 

We should ask why the Greens are not like the majority of Christians and ask why David Green does not yield to the Holy Spirit.

Think of the Holy Spirit in a car going down the highway with a mission to elevate honor for Jesus Christ... and David Green is supposed to yield and get behind the Holy Spirit... but instead... David speeds up to cut off the Holy Spirit from doing what the Holy Spirit wants to do to honor Jesus Christ with the Greens.



I hope you will watch the above video and appreciate what the "real Jesus Christ" did for you. He didn't have to die for you. He could let David and Steve Green spend eternity in hell... after all... David and Steve Green have turned down the opportunity to help save others from hell with both wings. They have even promoted that the wing they did fund is NOT about faith in Jesus Christ... NOT about believing what Jesus did... and Steve Green has even told people they don't have to believe!


God shared with me a vision called Town of Love to do the opposite of what Steve Green has said. It is a vision with LOVE... LOVE for what Jesus Christ did... LOVE for honoring God's Word and encouraging people to believe... LOVE for the people who do not know Jesus Christ and need to be saved... LOVE which the Greens to this point have shown no appreciation for... while nearly all other Christians I have shared the Town of Love vision with have appreciated it. 

Some will claim David Green must have love to give so much money away. He actually wrote a book about giving it all away... but he never gave it all away... and even if he had given it all away to boast about it... what would he gain without LOVE for God and the lost people God wants him to reach with Town of Love



Here is the Town of Love vision to encourage faith which God directed me to David Green to fund for $30 million.
If that sounds like a lot to you... the Museum of the Bible which David's son says is NOT about faith... is estimated to cost more than $500 million... and they show that they reject sharing the faith there! I have shared that with Christians and NOT 1 person I have shared it with agree with the Greens on that approach. Every single one is shocked to find out that the museum built for the Word of God is said to NOT be about faith.


I saw both of the above in a hotel where I stayed recently.


When it is David Green's time to GO... what will be his reward?

I would not want to be in David Green's shoes keeping the money for God's Town of Love wing while building a museum for the Bible and watching his own son say is NOT about faith in Jesus Christ.


And David Green called me an idiot.

Jesus Christ won't call me an idiot (like David Green did) for honoring Him and encouraging people to believe in Him.


Welcome to the Two Wings of God.


Satan tricked Steve Green. Not God... as Steve Green says.


The Greens helped fund a $500 million museum for the Bible which Mr Green says is NOT about faith.
He also says it is NOT a faith venture.

That would make it a DOUBT venture... which goes along with the Greens lack of faith.

Mr Green actually said God tricked him into doing the museum for the Bible.
Someone needs to tell him that if he is doing a museum in a way that is devious and evil... he shouldn't blame God for tricking him into doing it... he needs to blame Satan. 


This page will help explain what God wants and show how the Green family has gone against what God wants. Please read to get a better understanding of how God wants both wings to honor Jesus Christ... while the Greens refuse to do so.

I have been given knowledge of His will and know it is my duty to share it. That is what I do and how I serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I know the battle is NOT against the Greens... but is against Satan himself... the one manipulating the Greens to do his will.

The battle is the Lord's and I am just a man He uses in it to show the importance of sharing hope and love to those who need it. All of us need it... and not one person should be without it. Not one person should ever be told by Steve Green that they don't have to believe it.


Why do the Greens reject what God and the majority of Christians love? 

Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus, didn't want to honor Jesus... he had access to money too and kept money for himself. Maybe he claimed to give it all away too... like David Green of Hobby Lobby.

God knew David Green would reject what He wants for both wings. God the Father has the right to tell David that He wants His Son Jesus honored with both wings... even if David Green doesn't want to.

It is God's money... not David's.

But David is on the fence... acting like the money is his... as he keeps us waiting longer. David Green has been mad at God before because God required him to do something. He still hasn't learned his lesson that obedience is better than sacrifice. 

We can't wait any longer!


Look at the 2 wings below and ask which wing looks like God's wing.
Hint: It is IMPOSSIBLE to please God without faith. 


Read Matthew 24:12,13 as you consider the above. 

Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.

The left wing was once a warehouse to keep things cold... like the David Green reaction against doing God's will.

The right wing was a lumber yard... like the wood Christ hung on as He lovingly sacrificed for David Green... the man who has refused to honor Him so far with Town of Love. He was given the money for it by God... to test David Green's love... to show us whether he will love God or love money. Look at the above and decide if he is passing the test. I should point out... he was a poor student and has a tough time learning things the rest of us learn.

We have to ask what lies he taught his son. The Bible says to take up the shield of faith... Steve Green says set your faith aside.
Town of Love features the shield of faith... but Steve Green says to set it aside.





David Green helped fund the $500 million museum for the Bible his son says is NOT about faith

in Jesus Christ and rejected funding the $30 million Town of Love that is about faith in Jesus Christ.

Compare the similarities of the wings and ask yourself if the only thing David Green objects to is promoting faith in Jesus Christ. 

And just so you know... God had me reveal the contents listed above on the right to David Green before I ever knew there was going to be a Museum of the Bible! I created the brochure and took it to him. I also began showing it online after he rejected honoring God's right wing... long before the Museum of the Bible was built... so I would not have known what the contents would be at the Museum of the Bible... but God knew... and He knew the Greens would be off track.

If they claim I copied off them... they are telling you a lie.

I have not lied about this. My job is to tell the truth and encourage faith in Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine the foolishness of the Greens trying to convince people that God told them to do something for $500 million without faith... then try to convince people that God told them to reject funding the wing to encourage faith in Jesus Christ?


Here is the PDF of the vision from God which the Greens rejected.


We Can't Wait Any Longer

1. God led me to pray south of Harkins Theater for a Christian Video Cafe. I produced graphics which featured Michael W. Smith on the video screens. 

After the above Healing Rain album by Michael W. Smith was done, God led me to downtown OKC to pray about a Christian video cafe. It was just south of Harkins Theater. I did the full graphic layout and did visuals of the Christian video cafe which featured visuals of Michael W Smith. His album was released in late 2004.

Christians loved the idea of a Christian video cafe... but I didn't have the money for it... and I didn't move forward with it.


2. God led me back to that same area over 5 years later

Then in early 2011, I was on Facebook and responded to a woman looking for a graphic designer to do a logo to benefit feeding hungry kids. I did the HUNGER HEROES logo and gave her some marketing ideas. She said she would love to pay me what I was worth... and she could if her dad's land would sell... and when she told me where her dad's land was (#2)... I told her about (#1) and she was blown away that God led me to her. She said she was part of a prayer group that prayed over that land and the leader of the group proclaimed God said it is meant for harvest!

I went to that location and prayed. God then immediately began revealing 7 Christian businesses He wants at that location... a place called Town of Love... a place in the shape of a wing to encourage faith in Jesus Christ.
God then led me to contact David Green of Hobby Lobby for funding the venture to encourage faith in Jesus Christ. I created a brochure showing it was in the shape of a right eagle wing and knew nothing about a left eagle wing... but did show a graphic of an eagle with 2 wings. SEE PDF.
The day I took it to him... I prayed just before that God would have me meet him face to face... and that is exactly what happened... I met him face to face. I found him incredibly rude as he was against honoring Jesus Christ with Town of Love.

David Green refused to obey God with that right eagle wing called Town of Love – a place designed to encourage faith in Jesus Christ. And as bad stewards they have done the other wing for the Bible... saying it is NOT about faith.



3. The Greens build a Museum for the Bible and say it is NOT about faith.  

You can imagine my excitement to find out that the Greens were actually building a Museum for the Bible in the shape of a LEFT eagle wing... and if you are a God-honoring Christian... you can likely relate to my disappointment to hear that it is NOT about faith. You read that right! Steve Green claims it is NOT about faith... NOT about encouraging people to believe in Jesus Christ... NOT about saving anyone!




So why are David Green and Steve Green refusing to honor Jesus with both wings?

1. They are into talking about themselves rather than Jesus

This book, written by Steve Green, boasts about their company speaking out boldly. Read his little boastful line under the title Faith in America.


And you need to notice the title Faith In America.

I imagine if Steve Green built a museum for his book titled Faith in America... he would tell you it is about faith.

So why would he build a museum for God's Book and say it is NOT about faith?

Did his dad tell him to say the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith after rejecting the Town of Love faith venture?



2. David Green has a chapter telling about WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO HIM in his book GIVING IT ALL AWAY... and he doesn't personally mention Jesus Christ in that chapter!

He also lies about giving it ALL away!

This book, written by David Green, boasts about his giving it ALL away... but he never did give it all away as the title claims.

No... David has held on to what is God's. That is right. The money brought in by Hobby Lobby to fund Town of Love is NOT David's money... it is God's money. And David never gave all the money away.

Maybe David thought we would believe that lie and not expect him not to have money for God's faith venture to honor Jesus Christ.

He hasn't obeyed God yet... but he sure wants you to think he is giving it ALL away and leaving a great legacy... when he isn't.

The Greens are more interested in elevating themselves and other human beings when they should be elevating honor for the Son of God... the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

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