The boy below is 8 years old. His name is Fabian Butler. His 'sassy' drag queen alter ego was inspired by Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Some with ties to the Museum of the Bible have rejected partnering with Love Christian Wear (a company promoting faith)... while the MOTB purchases NIKE clothing... clothing opposing Biblical values.

NIKE is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ... encouraging people to explore their sexuality and change to whatever they feel comfortable with... if a boy wants to be a girl... then they say BE TRUE to what you want... essentially saying be true to whatever sinful lifestyle you choose.

I am not comfortable with it... and not comfortable with some of the disturbing choices made by the Museum of the Bible or Mardel.

Go to to see how men, women, boys and girls should pose.

The above is an image on a website associated with the Greens that I certainly would not use.

That is very disturbing in this time of boys trying to figure out if they want to be like girls.

What would you think if you saw Jesus portrayed in a pose like that at the Museum of the Bible?

The Greens may like it... may leave it up because they just like doing things their way... but I and others notice the problems with things they refuse to change.

Let's focus on the verse: For we live by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

When Steve Green says the Museum of the Bible is NOT a faith venture... isn't he implying that he and the others are not living by faith in that venture? How can someone who calls themselves a Christian remove faith from something built for the Bible? He clearly says it is NOT about faith and NOT a faith venture. 

If he tries to remove all aspects of faith from it so that it is NOT a faith venture... what is he hoping it will become... a financial venture... a power venture... a popularity venture... a "forget God while making my dad David Green proud of me" venture?

Distributing outside the Museum of the Bible.

On August 25th, we began our first day of distributing flyers to people visiting the Museum of the Bible... so that they will know the truth about Steve Green and the Museum of the Bible... and save 25% if they love the Word of God and want to stand up for faith.

The young man handing it out has been involved with United World Mission. He said something that was very important about what happened that day that I want to share with you.

I paid him to distribute, but he told me that he had the opportunity to share about Jesus Christ with a man... and he said if that was all that was accomplished that day... it was worth it... worth more than the money.

That is a sharp contrast to Steve Green and the Museum of the Bible. They ask people for more and more money... and their financials show they have plenty... but they keep asking... while Steve Green says it is NOT about faith... and sharing about Jesus like the young man working with Love Christian Wear... would not be allowed in an organization that is NOT about faith... if it is truly NOT about faith.

I happen to know God wants people to believe in Jesus and wants the Museum of the Bible to boldly proclaim that faith.

I am not about seeing how many millions of dollars I can have in my bank account... but I am more interested in seeing millions... in fact... billions... in heaven one day because they accepted Jesus as their Savior.

I would not dare take money from people and refuse to share that in a place built for the Bible... while saying it is NOT about faith.



The following is the handout that was distributed to people outside the Museum of the Bible to reveal the truth about the man who has refused to do what God wants.

To those of you who think the Museum of the Bible should be about faith... should encourage faith... and should encourage people to believe the words in it...
Save 25% now by entering discount code "FAITHVENTURE25" on

Read the PDF above to discover the disturbing news about the Museum of the Bible which many do not know. Be a good steward by giving to FAITH VENTURES... not to those who appear to be... but say they are not. 


I tell people to believe the narrative of the Bible. Steve Green says you don't have to believe it.
I am praying he will change and speak the truth.
When he is ready to speak the truth and share the truth... we are closer to working together... because I am certainly not going to stoop to his level and say what he has said.

Even if David Green, Steve's dad, offered me billions... I would not say the things Steve has said about the Bible and the museum built for it.

The link below is what a God-honoring faith venture looks like for at least $499.9 million less than the $500+ million museum built for the Bible which Steve Green claims is not about faith. Those Love Christian Wear shirts shown are called Shield of Faith shirts and feature the powerful John 3:16 verse on the back. These are for adults and youth who are not ashamed of their faith... who actually believe John 3:16 is about faith.


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Corinthians 13:13



Compare Museum of the Bible to Love Christian Wear

Steve Green, son of David Green, has chosen to gather a bunch of Bibles together in a $500 million + Museum of the Bible and tell people it is not about faith.

God has led me to create Love Christian Wear to take Bible verses out into the public and tell people the Bible is about faith.

And David Green called me an idiot. What has he been teaching his son that he would think I am an idiot? Does he consider his son a genius telling people the museum built for the Bible is NOT about faith?

Would you rather support a museum for the Bible that says it is NOT about faith or Love Christian Wear saying the Bible is about faith?

A good Christian steward honors God and His Word.


Compare Billy Graham to the Greens


Billy Graham speech at Oral Roberts University:

"...If this institution ever moves away from faith in the Bible and faith in God and putting God first, then let us this day pronounce a curse on it. This institution was built by the prayers and dedication and the money of men and women who love God and who believe the Gospel and who believe the Bible is the Word of God."

Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible:

"It is NOT about faith." & "It is NOT a faith venture."

David Green speech at Oral Roberts University:

"Keep your spouse first... your spouse will always be with you."





The Town of Love vision contains the following 7 Christian businesses to build faith... in the shape of a


1. EL-LOVE-ATION Indoor Skydiving (people "FLYING" with visual of Christ returning)

2. Love Video Grill (RESTAURANT)

3. Love To Know Ya (COFFEE SHOP)

4. Love Is In the Air (BOOKSTORE & GIFT SHOP)

5. Love Christian Wear (APPAREL)

6. Love Sportswear (APPAREL)

7. Love To Tour (360° TOURS USING 360° TOUR TECHNOLOGY)

$30 million +


Compare it to what is being done at the Museum of the Bible... which is the


1. "Flying" through DC ride Washington Revelations (simulated FLYING)


3. Milk & Honey (COFFEE SHOP)


5. Apparel (APPAREL SOLD THERE IN GIFT SHOP) See how many shirts actually contain Bible verses like John 3:16 or John 14:6.

6. Some apparel has a sportswear look (APPAREL)

7. They use some 360° technology as shown (360° TECH)

$500 million +

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