What if you met the liars David and Steve Green on the way to the truth? Some of you already have. Some of you work for them. Focus on the message inside the gates of heaven to see the truth... not the lies they share.


How to get to GREAT

I recently watched a video where David Green talked about going from good to great. He actually said GREAT was about leading people to the LORD... meaning leading them to know Jesus Christ so that they are saved.

David Green shows us he knows the right things to say. What comes from his lips does not match his actions... for he is not doing God's will with the Museum of the Bible or Town of Love in leading people to know Jesus Christ. (His own son representing the Museum of the Bible tells people they do NOT have to believe and says it is NOT about faith) 

I am the guy God has sent to remind him of what he has been called to do. I am not here to applaud David or his for leaving things undone.



Imagine being David Green with access to billions... you were not a good student... you are brought into God's Hobby Lobby business... things were not going well... so you cry out to God for help... and when God does the miraculous... you claim you were the one responsible for the phenomenal growth on the cover of your book – for people to see you are more powerful than you really are. And then God sends a man like me to tell you God caused the growth and wants you to promote faith in Jesus Christ with the Museum of the Bible wing and the Town of Love wing. You reject what God wants as you sit by and watch your son tell people that God's museum for His Word is not even about faith... not about Christianity or faith in Jesus Christ.


If your goal is to foolishly finish the race and reject the faith, that might be the way you want to go out. But if your goal is to finish the race and honor the faith, then you definitely have some changes to make... if you are David Green.


I take what I do very seriously. When I received the idea to do the graphic above, I asked God to confirm it. I was amazed at where God led me. I think many of you will be too when you see the graphic and the verse. Since I know the Holy Spirit is in me, I asked to be led to the answer in the Bible to know whether or not to show the graphic. God led me to open His Word (the Bible) without looking and place my finger down without looking. When I looked, it was on "him" in Hebrews 12:25...


See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven?

Do not believe David Green if he tells you God is not telling him to promote faith in Jesus Christ with Town of Love or the Museum of the Bible. God most certainly is... and God caused the phenomenal growth of Hobby Lobby for those purposes... NOT David Green. (David Green's book shows David caused the phenomenal growth - which is a lie)


IMPORTANT: I will have nothing to do with how soon David Green meets the LORD. David knows he only has a certain amount of time on this earth and that it is not much longer. I am only sharing what God has revealed to me. My goal is to help David Green remain on this earth to accomplish all God wants to accomplish with him. His own sin of prideful disobedience can determine how long that will be. David Green should be thanking me for telling him the truth... the truth his sinful nature does not want to accept.

The above is to show you how foolish the prideful David Green is for taking credit for what God has done and refusing to obey God with Town of Love... with God's money caused by God's growth... NOT David's.


David Green has a book out claiming he is the reason for the phenomenal growth of Hobby Lobby. That, my friends, is NOT true. God made a donkey talk, and God could have used a talking donkey with Hobby Lobby if He wanted to. God used prideful David Green instead and God is using me to address his pride problem. 

Imagine that talking donkey claiming what David Green is claiming. How many of you would believe it was Donkey Green (and not God) who caused the phenomenal growth of Hobby Lobby?



Did David Green agree to give Steve Green hundreds of millions ONLY if he agreed NOT to promote faith in Jesus Christ?




I can tell you this. The LORD made Balaam's donkey talk AND caused Hobby Lobby to experience phenomenal growth.

The donkey never took credit for what the LORD did. But David Green takes credit for what the LORD did.

Who is wiser... the donkey or David Green?


In Acts 13, the Bible tells us Paul was in the Jewish synagogues proclaiming the word of God about faith – faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. A sorcerer named Elymas tried to turn the proconsul from the faith. Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked straight at Elymas and called him a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right!

Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible says it is NOT about faith.

What would Paul say to Steve Green?

God wants the Museum of the Bible promoting faith in Jesus Christ in a big way and Steve Green shows us he opposes it.


Imagine Steve Green, the liar, in court

Your honor, I would like to call Steve Green to the stand... the man representing the Museum of the Bible... the man who said it is NOT about faith in Jesus Christ and NOT about the Christian religion. I believe the jury will find him guilty of telling lies... and not even these attorneys can convince the jury he tells the truth.

Then I would like to call David Green to the stand to see if he supports his son's lies with God's Town of Love money.

After that, I would like to call the Green children to the stand to see if they are willing to keep these lies going for decades after David and Steve are gone... or till Jesus Christ returns... whatever comes first.



A liar raised by a liar


Steve Green aligned himself with Satan when he told people they do not have to believe the Bible and said the Museum of the Bible is not about faith.


David Green aligned himself with Satan by not correcting the lies of his son.


David Green has taught Steve Green how to lie by taking credit for the growth of a company that belongs to God.


That company… Hobby Lobby… is God’s company which has experienced phenomenal growth because God has started it so it would fund the two wings to promote faith in Jesus Christ.


The Greens have refused to obey God… and I am the man God has chosen to expose their lies.

If either of them tell you God does not want these wings funded to promote faith in Jesus Christ... they are telling you another lie.

If both of them were given a 5 minute advance notice that Jesus Christ was returning (in 5 minutes)... would they be telling people to believe and encouraging faith in Jesus Christ... or would they be telling people they don't have to believe... so that they would end up in hell?

"But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars--

they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."

Revelation 21:8


Here are important questions for David Green... the liar who shows he is the reason for the phenomenal growth of Hobby Lobby:

David Green: If you were the rich man in hell... would you ask God to send someone to warn others about hell?

If you say you would... why would you allow your own son to tell people they don't have to believe the Bible and allow him to say the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith in Jesus Christ – the ONLY ONE Who can save a person from hell?

Should we assume you would want Steve to continue his lies so that you could have more with you in hell?

or like the photo...


Would you beg God to send someone to get your family to encourage faith in Jesus Christ like God has been telling you to do with both wings?


God (the One Who does not like to be called "the God character") will deal with David Green

David Green has been seen as the black sheep of the Green family. God has assigned David Green the task of making sure the funds for Town of Love are distributed so that Jesus Christ is honored as the Messiah... the Son of the Living God. But David Green, the black sheep, hasn't obeyed God since God's will was first revealed to him. God will address his disobedience and deal with him in this life... and the next.

God, the One David Green's own son irreverently describes as "the God character" in his new book, will deal with David Green. God is fully capable of dealing with David Green's sin.


Will David Green abort what he was born for?

Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

James 1:15

David Green has acted like he wants the Town of Love baby to die if he is required by God to have anything to do with it. I have been praying God gives me ideas on how to get David Green to appreciate publicly promoting faith in Jesus Christ with both wings. So when God gave me the idea to put the face of the man David loves the most on the Town of Love baby... the man David tries to protect... it made sense... because David wants to extend what little is left of what he calls his one life.

David likely won't tell you that his remaining time on earth is tied to how quickly he starts telling the truth about what God has done with Hobby Lobby and how quickly he funds Town of Love.


But I will.


James 1:15 above shows you the results of sin. Lying is a sin. Avoiding doing what you know God wants you to do is also a sin. Both are sins for David Green and have been ongoing.

David Green did not make Hobby Lobby a huge success. God did so that there would be plenty of money for the Museum of the Bible left wing and the Town of Love right wing. Hobby Lobby is God's... so David has nothing to lose. God has sent me to get the money for Town of Love. And if David tells you God did not send me... then certainly God is able to deal with me on His own without David's interference. All David has to do is see if God allows me to live once I touch the money.

David Green has already shown he is not faithful to what God wants by allowing his own son to have access to millions and then say God's Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith.


Welcome to Two Wings of God and David Green Is A Liar:

For those of you who might be new to this site, let me explain quickly what is going on. God caused Hobby Lobby to grow so that there would be plenty of money to fund the Museum of the Bible and Town of Love. But David Green is circulating lies that he caused the phenomenal growth. Satan knows as long as he can get David to take credit away from God... he will not obey God. I have been called to share this truth.

If you are under the impression that the Greens are great Christians that we should model ourselves after, think again. They built a museum for God's Word and said it is NOT about faith. Their representative did not represent God in any way as he told people they don't have to believe the Bible. God has qualified me to share this message, to share the gospel and encourage faith in Jesus Christ... and I do this in places around the world. 

Here is a PDF of God's Town of Love vision which David Green rejected while already having access to the money for it... 


David Green is said to have access to nearly $8 billion dollars. But what is that with little love for Jesus Christ? He tries to act like he is some big, bad dude as he lies about his "accomplishments" in his books and remains idle and disruptive to what our Father in heaven has called us to do to honor Jesus Christ. Let the Word of God remind him of my high position... and his low position. 


Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position. But the rich should take pride in their humiliation--since they will pass away like a wild flower.

James 1:9,10




so that we can preach the gospel in the regions beyond you. For we do not want to boast about work already done in someone else’s territory. But, “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord. ”For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends."

Corinthians 10:16-18

Read the above verses and apply them to this situation with God and David Green.


David Green could be the most prideful person I have ever met face to face. Let me explain why. David Green admitted that Hobby Lobby is God's. That means Hobby Lobby is God's territory. God did not tell David Green that Hobby Lobby is His so God could boast about work David Green had done. God made Hobby Lobby into what it is. But David Green has put out books showing he takes the credit for work done in God's territory. Then he commends himself for the work. God doesn't commend David Green. David Green commends himself and tries to sell the lie that he himself has caused the phenomenal growth of Hobby Lobby... while it was actually God Who caused it to grow. That is a real pride issue... David Green's pride addiction.

So why do I keep sharing the truth? I have heard that some people change when they near their last days on this earth. Some start thinking more about that moment they will meet God. David has to consider how far he will take this lie... and even if he thinks he can fool you... he won't fool God... the One Who actually caused the growth of Hobby Lobby to fund the two wings. David is getting older and closer to meeting God – the One he will have to give an account to.

He may enjoy the luxury in this very brief life as he lies... while he considers God telling him to change as annoying... but when this life is over... what will he receive from God eternally for his blatant disrespect shown to God the Father and the Savior Who died for him?


David Green was put in charge of the money... and so was Judas... the one who betrayed our Savior Jesus Christ.

My hope is that David Green will soon tell the truth he should have told long ago and will obey God like he should have done long ago – with both wings.


It is far better to obey Jesus than to betray Him.

What lies might David Green tell his own family to support his book's claim that he is the reason for the phenomenal growth of Hobby Lobby?
Something like this?...
I know you all have heard about how I was on my knees crying out to God in 1986. But I never got any help from God concerning Hobby Lobby. So I decided... since God wasn't helping at all... I was going to make Hobby Lobby grow phenomenally... me... the mighty David Green. I did what was necessary to turn things around without God's help... I am the reason for the phenomenal growth... just like my book cover says. So if Charles tells you it was God... you call that idiot a liar. 



"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."

Luke 19:10

The most important thing I have learned in life was that Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY to God the Father. For a person to enjoy eternal life with God the Father, they must come through Jesus. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. That is what you will read in God's Book to you. 


David Green of Hobby Lobby wrote a book and in it he has a chapter telling what he thinks is most important. But he doesn't even personally mention Jesus Christ. That is what you will read in David Green's book to you.

When God led me to David Green for the funding of Town of Love, I had no idea that we were so different. I found out how little he loves Jesus Christ.

David Green enjoys talking about himself.

I enjoy talking about Jesus Christ.


David Green let his son tell people they don't have to believe the Bible... without public correction.

I would not allow my son to represent God's Word that way.


David Green doesn't obey God with Town of Love so that Jesus Christ is honored and the lost will be saved.

I have continued to be faithful to encourage David Green to obey God with Town of Love so that Jesus Christ is honored and so the lost will be saved.


David Green acts like Hobby Lobby is his and that he caused the phenomenal growth.

I know Hobby Lobby is God's and God caused the phenomenal growth.


David Green acts like God has no right to send me to him so that Town of Love will be funded.

I know God has every right to send me to David Green to that Town of Love will be funded.


David Green spreads lies in his books as he takes credit for what God does.

I have been called by God to share the truth... and the truth is... God caused the miraculous growth of Hobby Lobby so that it would fund Town of Love and the Museum of the Bible. David Green did not cause the miraculous growth.


David Green doesn't want to publicly honor Jesus Christ as He deserves for demonstrating His amazing love for us by sacrificing His body and then rising from the dead.

I do want to publicly honor Jesus Christ as He deserves for demonstrating His amazing love for us by sacrificing His body and then rising from the dead.


My prayer for David Green in 2020 is this... that whatever days he has left... that they be spent talking about Jesus as if Jesus is far greater and far more important than David... because He certainly is... and He certainly deserves all the honor and praise for what He has done for each of us.

David Green talks so much about leaving a legacy while refusing to honor Jesus. Watch the video ONLY JESUS and think about a 2020 without a focus on David Green.


May we all focus on Jesus Christ in 2020. 

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