And without faith

it is impossible

to please God,

because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (The Bible - Hebrews 11:6)

Watch the video. Steve Green is trying to hide the fact that the Museum of the Bible is about faith and Christianity. If you are a God-honoring Christian who donated thinking they would support faith and Christianity as the Bible does, you won't like what you hear coming from Steve Green's mouth. God did not tell Steve to say it is NOT about faith and NOT about religion. God did not tell Steve to tell people they don't have to believe. God always encourages faith... even when Steve Green refuses to.
The Bible in the museum is about faith... about Christianity... about faith tradition... about encouraging people to believe... and about truth... and Steve's lies do not change the fact of what it is... even if he and his dad, David Green, believe his lies.

Should Harold Armstrong, Steve Trice and the rest of the CBMC look the other way when Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible tells lies insulting God and His Word? No! This is why...


Steve Green has said "you don't have to believe" the narrative of the Bible and has said the Museum of the Bible is "NOT about faith".

Compare Steve Green's words to God's Word (The Bible - John 20:30-31):
Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this
book. But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.


I told Doug Gascay, CFO of the CBMC, what Steve Green said about the Museum of the Bible NOT being about faith... and this was his reply:

"It's a STRANGE comment."

Speaking of STRANGE... Steve Green gave a speech at Bob Jones University titled Living Out FAITH in Your Vocation (YouTube)... as he tells us his work at the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith. 

I told Steve Trice of Jasco what Steve Green said about the Museum of the Bible NOT being about faith. He disagreed with Steve Green and said...

"Sure it is."


What God wants or what Steve Green wants?
If Harold Armstrong and Steve Trice were helicopter pilots in the Air Force and had just rescued Steve Green in enemy territory... and they spotted me in enemy territory... would they obey Steve Green if he told them to leave me because he didn't want me on the same helicopter with him... or would they obey God and rescue me... against Steve's wishes?



This is on the CBMC website:


  • Deeper walk with Christ

  • Accountability with brothers
Christian Accountability - A Need for Support
Accountability is essential for any society to function and Christian accountability is no different. We are all held accountable in one way or another. For example, there are laws to obey and if we fail to be obedient, we may have to suffer the consequences set by the officials who hold us accountable. Accountability is simply being responsible for one's actions. 

I have contacted Christian brothers in the CBMC in order to hold Steve Green accountable. Steve has not told the truth about the Museum of the Bible.

Steve Trice of Jasco (Electronic Products)

Imagine if Steve Trice were to give Jason Trice $500 million to build the Jasco Museum... then Jason told people it is NOT about electronics... while the museum was full of electronics... would you say he is telling a lie? 

Now relate that to Steve Green... the "founder" of the Museum of the Bible... featuring many Bibles and Bible verses (the Bible is the greatest book of faith) ... and he tells us it is NOT about faith... Would you say he is telling a lie? 

God honoring Christians who know the Bible is about faith should be able to detect that Steve Green is telling a lie... Steve Trice of Jasco and the CBMC knows it is about faith... and he detected the lie... for I heard him say the Museum of the Bible "IS" about faith.

The CBMC needs to hold Steve Green accountable... because as I read it... that is a role of the CBMC.  If that is no longer a role they are active in doing, they need to take accountability off of their website... and let people know they just look the other way and do nothing when they see a brother like Steve Green lie.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and hope you appreciate God's gift to you. God wants both wings to honor Jesus Christ at a high level... but the Green family is choosing not to. Ask yourself why they don't honor Christ at a high level with both wings. 

Which Steve will you believe?

Miriam Webster Dictionary Definition of BIBLE
the sacred scriptures of Christians comprising the Old Testament and the New Testament

Steve Green says a museum built for the Bible has nothing to do with faith or religion.

Steve Green said it is "NOT about faith" and "NOT about religion".

Steve Green is a liar.

But Steve Trice of Jasco says it IS about faith.
So which Steve will you believe?


Do David and Steve Green of Hobby Lobby expect you to believe that God told them NOT to fund the Town of Love wing designed to encourage faith in Jesus Christ... and instead... told them to fund the Museum of the Bible wing and NOT encourage faith there... and told Steve Green to tell people they don't have to believe it?

Steve Green has said it is NOT about faith. The Bible is about faith in Jesus Christ... but Steve Green has chosen to say a museum built for it is NOT about faith at all.

Compare what he says to what God-honoring Christians say at the American Bible Society Bible museum.



See this PDF for why Christians should not support the Museum of the Bible and why Christians who have deserve the money back.


Your Honor...

I would like to submit to you Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Steve Green says the Museum of the Bible, the wing shown in Exhibit A, is NOT about faith and NOT about religion.

It is reported that the American Bible Society "Faith and Liberty Discovery Center", Exhibit B, also a Bible museum scheduled to open in 2020, IS about faith and IS about religion.
Your honor I am here to show 
Steve Green is NOT telling the truth.

I would also like us to hear from Steve Trice. Steve Trice believes it IS about faith. Steve Trice is the Christian Business Men’s Connection Salt and Light Award winner of 2015... so he should know something about the Bible and how it IS about faith.

would like to also submit new evidence:


Your Honor:

The Museum of the Bible is registered with the ECFA... the EVANGELICAL Council for Financial Accountability.

This is on the ECFA website: Enhancing Trust in Christ-Centered Churches and Ministries

EVANGELICAL DEFINITION: of or according to the teaching of the GOSPEL or the CHRISTIAN RELIGION.

Anyone donating to the Museum of the Bible would likely consider them a Christian organization since they registered with the Christian organization... even going as far as signing statements of faith... the ECFA represents Christian faith. Yet Steve Green has clearly lied in public and said it is NOT about faith... and NOT about religion.

Those who donate deserve to know the truth...not to be fed lies.


This is on the ECFA website:

"In securing charitable gifts, all representations of fact, descriptions of the financial condition of the organization, or narratives about events must be current, complete, and accurate. References to past activities or events must be appropriately dated. There must be no material omissions or exaggerations of fact, use of misleading photographs, or any other communication which would tend to create a false impression or misunderstanding."

The relationship between the giver and the organization is one built on trust. That trust is developed and maintained through truthful, honest, reliable, and trustworthy communications. Anything short of that represents a violation of this standard.

The intent of this standard is to insure that all components of a stewardship resource appeal—taken in part and as a whole—communicate the appeal accurately, completely, and truthfully to the prospective giver. After reading or hearing the appeal, the prospective giver’s perception of the appeal should be as close to the actual facts as possible.

The CBMC... Christian Business Men's Connection... which has included Steve Green... contains this on their Statement of Faith page:

Believers have always had a confession – a statement of the basics of what they believe. Peter himself confessed to Jesus, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God” (Matt. 16:16). These statements reflect CBMC’s position on matters of doctrine and belief.

I show that as proof that a statement of faith actually deals with Christianity and faith... and it would be foolish to assume that they require a statement of faith while not being about faith at all... as Steve Green has clearly stated... it is NOT about faith.

Why is that up there?

David Green was given money by God to fund Town of Love... in Oklahoma City... south of Harkins Theatre.
God led me to that area around 2006 and then back again to that area in 2011. I discovered it was in the shape of a RIGHT WING in 2011. God had me present a brochure to David Green showing it was in the shape of a right wing in 2013 and let him know he was given the money to fund it so that Jesus Christ would be honored, people would come to know Christ and America would be helped. He refused to fund that FAITH venture for $30 million.

Then some time later, I discovered that his own son was planning to build a museum for the Bible. A museum that has been estimated to cost over $500 million. ($30 million doesn't sound like that much now does it?)

And I found it that it too is in the shape of a wing... the LEFT WING. But they did not want to invite people to know Jesus Christ with the Museum of the Bible and Steve Green even said the museum built for the Bible is NOT about faith... he said it is NOT a faith venture... meaning they rejected promoting faith with $30 million... choosing instead to spend $500 million and say it is NOT about faith!


It is impossible to please God without faith.


What happened recently?

My wife and I were considering movies to watch on Amazon Prime and I noticed "Let There Be Light." Before watching it, we decided we wanted some food from China Olive near us... so I drove to China Olive.

On the way, two fire trucks went on a call and immediately after I saw those... I saw a car tag just before I turned into China Olive. The tag had 3 letters on it... ABS. I immediately thought about American Bible Society (ABS).


Follow me now.

Two Fire Trucks... ABS... (American Bible Society)

Then I recalled that moment I was holding a sign to get David Green's attention at Hobby Lobby.

He drove up to the stop light... and had to wait there... as Two Fire Trucks went by... #20 and #20

#20 & #20


(The Bible museum of the ABS is scheduled to be ready in 2020.)

God does things like that with me... He orchestrates things which keeps me asking God... "Why?"... and He brings to my mind "why" after He has my attention.

Then after that, my wife and I watched "Let There Be Light"... a movie about an atheist without faith... who becomes a Christian with faith.

It was a great movie... and this blew me away... the man's name was Sol Harkins.

Harkins is the name of the theatre across the street from the RIGHT WING location for Town of Love.

As Christians, we should be doing what we can to rescue people from the fire... not sitting around like the Greens refusing to move fast on what God wants... as if there is no fire emergency.

God gave me a vision called Town of Love which He wants the Greens to fund. They have refused to obey God... so obviously... they will refuse to do things God's way with the Museum of the Bible.

They were unfaithful with $30 million wing and have been unfaithful with the $500 million wing.
They chose not to honor Jesus Christ or the Bible as God wanted with the $30 million or the $500 million.

Here is the PDF revealing the vision for Town of Love. This was given to me in early 2011 BEFORE there was any public knowledge of a Museum of the Bible wing.

Welcome to Two Wings of God.


The above is the RIGHT WING of God's 2 wings. It is a faith venture called Town of Love and designed to invite people to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

The LEFT WING is the Museum of the Bible. According to Steve Green, the MOTB it is NOT a faith venture... and not about faith or Christianity.

I believe in a God who encourages faith and Christianity... Who encourages faith in Jesus Christ. I believe His Word is always encouraging faith in Jesus Christ and do not believe it will ever discourage it.

I and many Christians love the vision of Town of Love and how it can be used to invite people to know Jesus Christ.

But others with the Museum of the Bible don't want that.

Pray for them.

Please pray for all of us to do God's will – standing up for faith and Christianity.



God bless you.

© 2020 God Against Nike