I spoke with someone at FoxNews 11-18 as they were shooting video outside of Lakewood Church. I gave them this site so that they can know what God wants next for Kanye. 

The message God delivered through Pastor Joel Osteen on 11-17 was for Kanye regarding the vision for the Town of Love wing. (right wing)
The Museum of the Bible opened on 11-17. It is the left wing - the wing of God's that Steve Green claims is NOT about faith. 
We have to work to change that for God's glory. We have to use it to share the message of Jesus Christ and invite people to know Jesus Christ.

None of this is a coincidence. God has orchestrated all of it.
See how God orchestrated the wings on this page.



David Green of Hobby Lobby (with an estimated $7.8 billion) has God's money for this vision. We are called to use our gifts for both wings and so is he. We are also called to promote faith in Jesus Christ at a high level... which the Greens have refused to do with the Museum of the Bible.


You should be excited that God has chosen you brother.

I would like to welcome all the many viewers in Houston. There is a huge rise in visitors! This site is about an exciting vision which God shared with me in 2011 and recently God has revealed He wants Kanye West involved. This vision is about changing America to be a more God-fearing and God-loving nation. There is a lot of information on this page, so be sure to check out the details of how God orchestrated things below. God bless you!

I spoke with someone on the bus with the Sunday Service singers and they agreed to give you that banner. I am giving it to you as a gift... and a thank you. God bless you. People thought it was cool and they took pictures standing next to it. A couple of guys walked up and wanted to buy it from me. One guy thought it would be fun to hang it on the wall. I think a poster like that would inspire Christians to be bolder in sharing their faith. Imagine Love Sportswear being worn by Christians around the world... and imagine those Christians influencing more to become Christians. 

This site is about a vision called Town of Love in Oklahoma City. The PDF is above. One part of it is called EL-LOVE-ATION ultimate indoor skydiving. God wants that to have a visual of Christ returning in the clouds with His angels. Imagine people coming to Christ at Town of Love... and more elevating with Christ... elevating when Christ returns right there in OKC... elevating with your mom to meet Christ.

Imagine David Green of Hobby Lobby obeying God and funding it all... then imagine a Town of Love in Chicago... and other places around the US... working to influence people to come to Christ BEFORE they end up in prison.

I left a small banner for you and Pastor Joel Osteen on 11-17. It has my number on it. I also checked with the security guy today at Lakewood and he assured me what I brought over made it into Pastor Osteen's office... so he has my number too.

Please call and I can give you the details as God flows through me.

For all of you around Lakewood Church: 
Welcome to Two Wings of God where you will see part of the Kanye West connection. The above is the Town of Love PDF which God revealed to me in 2011. My prayer many years ago was that I know God more and more this side of Heaven and that God make me the most creative guy for His glory. But after listening to Kanye live today... it sounds like my brother might be some nice competition ;-) 

God revealed a vision to me in 2011 to impact America and the world. God has raised up Kanye not only to save the lost, but to get the believers who have done little to get out and do more. And God has raised him up to work with me for His glory.

Here is a quick story of what happened yesterday evening as I prepared the Kanye West banner for today.

It was about 6:20 pm, and I was faced with a decision, do I tape the large banner or do I put grommets on so I can reuse it? I was thinking I should put grommets on, but I realized I would be getting to my destination way past midnight. I sought God's wisdom and asked Him to direct me in His Word. The Holy Spirit has done this so many times I can't even count now. 

I asked God specifically if I should put grommets on it.

I was led to go to the Bible which was closed... led to open it without looking and place my finger down without looking. When I looked to see where the Holy Spirit led me, I saw my finger on the Word "should"... in James 1:5... If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given you.


This is a vision which has involved me asking for God's input and wisdom over the course of years now... something which involves Kanye West. When he seeks the Lord for wisdom on this, he will be led to do it.

I arrived here at my Houston hotel around 4:45 am. If you visit Lakewood church today, feel free to come by and take a pick with the banner God led me to do... or take a picture from a distance and share it on social media.


Pray for our brother that he will obey God and change this world with God's LOVE.


Kanye West:

Pastor Joel Osteen preached about obedience today. I was there at Lakewood in section 316... which I think is perfect. I was on row K... Jesus is King!  I left a small version of the banner for you at the main security desk of Lakewood Church showing you what God wants you to do next. It has my phone number on the back. I will be in Houston Sunday and Monday to meet with you if you are available. Feel free to call me anytime. I can also hold confidential phone calls as well.
You can reach me by email at charleswhubbard@gmail.com

Watch the video above with Kanye West at Love Video Grill.
Imagine being at Love Video Grill watching a Kanye West video. Now imagine David Green of Hobby Lobby not wanting you to enjoy that. Imagine Kanye West performing at Love to Jam with 100,000 people there and thousands coming to know Christ at one event! Now imagine David Green not wanting that to happen. It is sad when you think about a man near the end in this life not ever truly understanding how to respect what God wants with Town of Love. Pray for him to get on fire for God like Kanye West.


Pastor Marty Grubbs has already shown he does not want to work with God with Town of Love or the Crossings dome. I happen to know God has Kanye West connected to this... So Marty does not want to work with him either. God had me showing the importance of the Crossings dome to help disciple new converts at the Town of Love location before I ever knew Kanye had domes or was even a Christian.

I had no idea God would bring out Kanye as an example of a new convert and have radio shows talking about how important it is for Kanye to be discipled correctly. And God even has a dome involved again... Kanye's domes. You doubters better start believing and don't ever take the word of a pastor over what God wants. God wants the Crossings dome at 3700 N Walker... and Pastor Marty Grubbs has already told you ONLY GOD could have orchestrated it... so why would he back out. As you can see... I don't back out... and God just keeps giving more and more evidence he wants Crossings to GO... and get out of their comfortable little existence within the church walls. Part of the vision of Town of Love is to reach people outdoors with LOVE TO JAM... which is what Kanye West is doing! Over 1,000 were reported to have accepted Christ in Baton Rouge! That is exciting!


Kanye West has a dome... Crossings doesn't. Kanye is GOING OUT to save people in ways Crossings isn't... and more were saved at one of his Sunday Service events than all of the Crossings locations on one day... 1,000 reported saved! Crossings may not see that many saved in a whole year! You should ask why Pastor Marty Grubbs does not support Town of Love or Love to Jam reaching people in large numbers outside the walls of Crossings like that.

For those of you who are curious, I am trying to set up a meeting with Kanye West.


Pastor Marty Grubbs is a pastor who did not think using videos in multiple church locations would work. He lacks vision. In fact, he wrote me a letter being all negative about Town of Love and in the letter it actually states he did NOT hear from God. Imagine a friend of yours telling you not to do your Jesus is King album and then he says he did NOT hear from God. You would be like... "well... I did... and I am doing it... get back with me when you actually hear from God bro!"


Welcome to Two Wings of God. David Green needs to become a better man and get things done.

David Green (shown on the right) has admitted that he has the ability to hear from God. I should tell you that he has NOT told me that God told him not to fund Town of Love in over 6 years. That means not funding it is his own decision – made by an unfaithful steward.  It is not God's decision... for I know God wants them to promote faith in Jesus Christ with both wings shown on this site. When they built a museum for the Bible and said it is NOT about faith... that was proof alone that they reject what God wants. God has orchestrated things so that I am passionate about reaching people for Christ and so that I know enough to hold them accountable.

My name is Charles Hubbard and I am a Christian graphic designer called by God. (shown left above) Some of you have been recently contacted because I know you can reach Kanye West. David Green, the man shown above on the right, has a problem with doing what is required when he has been given access to a lot of money. If given access to that money that he wants to control, we can easily fund both wings shown on here and promote faith in Jesus Christ with both. David Green has been angry before with God at what God told him to do, but finally did it – so God is dealing again with a man who doesn't go through with what God and other Christians want him to do.


I am working on a video presentation to discuss what David Green has shown himself to be unwilling to do with God. You will see it includes the phrase "I don't believe I could." If David Green sees it and believes he can... he can contact me and I will clear up anything on it for which he believes he can do. I certainly want to be truthful... and if he has been unwilling to get things done because of fear of what might happen if he obeys God with Town of Love... then hopefully this will motivate him to become a better man and get things done regardless of what Satan tells him he can't do. We need him to become a better man and get things done.

Here is a quote from him about getting things done which seems to be his attitude regarding getting anything done with Town of Love: "I think to do things under any circumstance to get things done is not a Godly thing to do."

The Greens have left God's Town of Love wing unfinished and you will be able to see some of the reasons why in the video which I expect be be up soon God willing.

One thing I have noticed for years after watching the Greens. They enjoy telling the world about themselves a lot more than sharing the truth of Jesus Christ with others. 

Town of Love is designed to share the truth of Jesus Christ outside of the church building walls... to change them before Satan leads them into prison. You will find some information about Crossings Community Church on here which is planning to work with people already in prison... but they rejected the DOME which God led them to that is part of the plan to change people BEFORE they end up in prison. They are NOT willing to GO OUT as God wants them... but they are willing to have prisoners COME to them while in prison. The BEFORE and AFTER are needed because we must stop the high numbers going to prison under the influence of the devil.

I support God's Town of Love vision because I believe in being proactive before people suffer under the guidance of Satan and do something they regret.


Kanye West is more interested in doing things publicly to save souls than the Green family. My brother Kanye put out a new album celebrating his faith in Jesus Christ while the Greens spent $500 million on the Museum of the Bible wing and said it is not about faith while rejecting God's Town of Love wing. That shows you how little they honor faith in Jesus Christ and how little they respect what God wants.

This is a site where I hold the Greens accountable which is what Kanye West sings about.
But they will have to give an account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead.
1 Peter 4:5 

Thank you KANYE WEST! JESUS IS KING! God is doing a NEW thing with you.



Here are some details to show you how God led me to know about Town of Love wing and the man who has access to God's money for it – a man connected with the Museum of the Bible wing

Kanye West (and Michael W Smith) (I have already contacted the agency representing Kanye West and have contacted others to get the message to Michael – but do not plan to stop there by any means)

The Greens have refused giving access to the money for Town of Love and have sent Steve Green out to tell people the Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith – meaning not about Christ or Christianity. 

I have proof God orchestrated both of these wings and wants them both to be about faith even if the Greens do not want them to promote faith.

Follow these numbers and see more details near the bottom of this page.

1) Around 2006 - God led me there with an idea for a Christian video restaurant which featured Michael W Smith graphics on the initial design both inside and outside.

2) In early 2011 - God led me back there in a way only He could have orchestrated and revealed 6 more places (in addition to the Christian video restaurant) He wants there in a place called Town of Love. In April of 2011 I noticed it was in the shape of an eagle wing shown in yellow.


God led me to get funding from David Green – the man with access to God's money for it. I took him a brochure showing an eagle with two wings - the right one filled in with Town of Love - the left one empty for I knew nothing about what might go there. David rejected it and called me an "idiot" – then went on FoxNews pointing the finger at Donald Trump for calling people "stupid".


3) Then we found out the Greens were building a Museum for the Bible but said it is NOT about faith – something completely against what God would have them say.

4) I measured the wing in Washington DC and discovered it fits in the area God led me to in 2011.


Kanye West...

I noticed you are into domes. I am into one specific dome which God led Crossings Community Church to. God is trying to get Crossings to be more interested and more willing to go out and help people who are not as affluent as they are. Pastor Marty Grubbs said ONLY GOD could have orchestrated going to the dome at 3700 N Walker (check it out). Even after knowing only God could have orchestrated it... they backed out. (God wants the Crossings dome to help disciple new Christians in the area of Town of Love.)

I went to (#1) location above and loved the idea but did not have the money. When I knew ONLY GOD could have orchestrated going back out there about 5 years later (#2) – while giving me a vision for something even bigger – I knew that money was not going to be an excuse. I believed He would show me how to get the money.

He did. God led me to David Green. If you pick up David's book, you will see the inside cover gives credit for Hobby Lobby's growth to he and his wife. That is not true. God caused Hobby Lobby to grow so that there would be plenty of money for what God wants with Town of Love and the Museum of the Bible.



Since they have rejected God's will, they have been reported to have consulted atheists, the have written a book saying the Bible is dangerous (what atheists say), they have said the museum for the greatest book of faith is NOT about faith, they have said you don't have to believe the narrative of the Bible... and of course with this kind of attitude... they have rejected supporting faith in Jesus publicly with Town of Love. 

Here is the early PDF version of the Town of Love vision to show you that there is a connection with what God is telling you. You know about the power of the Word of God and music to change people... add to that Love Sportswear going around the world with funding already provided and you can get a glimpse into why I am so passionate about this vision from God and not happy with a few key Christians who refuse to obey God concerning it while nearly every other Christian I have talked to personally likes it or loves it.

When will David Green admit Satan has been using him to disrupt what God wants?

David Green did not think he could obey God while God was telling him to support Donald Trump. We are still waiting for him to obey God with Town of Love after God has been telling him to give access to the money for it. Kanye West realized Satan was using him and admits it. When will David Green admit Satan has been using him to oppose what God wants to do with Town of Love? 

"I don't think I could."

- a quote by David Green of Hobby Lobby (the prideful man seen taking credit for Hobby Lobby's success) 


David Green seems to live by "I don't think I could."... so don't think for one minute he had much to do with the amazing growth of Hobby Lobby.

God turned it into what it is... not David and his wife as his book shows.

The reason he must come to terms with that is because God has provided the money for Town of Love through Hobby Lobby... but Satan is trying to make David think he made it all happen so he will be prideful and won't fund it.

The man above was once against God elevating Trump. The man above is David Green... the man trying to hold on to God's money for Town of Love... the man who put out a book showing he and his wife take credit for Hobby Lobby's success (while it was actually God).

When he admits the truth... he will fund Town of Love. If he dies before doing so, then his son will be held accountable. David changed his view on Trump. He better hope he changes his view on Town of Love so he does not end with "I don't believe I could." as he meets the God Who told him to.

"It is NOT about faith... You don't have to believe it."
- Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible talking about the museum built for the greatest book of faith - the Word of God.


Imagine how insulted Kanye West would be if Steve Green said that about his new JESUS IS KING album. Now imagine how insulted God is after Steve Green has said the above about God's museum for the Bible!

We need to h0ld people like the Greens accountable when they lie. In a recent book, his dad, billionaire David Green, lies and takes credit for Hobby Lobby's growth – growth that God caused to fund Town of Love. David Green is the guy Satan used to try to get people from voting for Donald Trump. Satan is trying to get David Green to disobey God concerning Town of Love till he goes to be with the Lord. What has David Green done for the Lord lately? Not what he should be doing south of Harkins Theater in OKC... and what he should be doing involves Kanye West.

I share the truth because the Spirit of God lives in me and am led to do so.


I assure you before God that what I am writing you is no lie.

Galatians 1:20


I want to welcome you to this site where you can see an exciting Town of Love vision which God revealed to me in early 2011. Music has always been a big part of the vision – and sportswear – two creative areas which God has gifted you in.
I know your goal is to change the world with Christ – so we have that in common. Imagine the impact of seeing the LOVE logo above on clothing around the world. (I put the logo on the shoes and your shirt to give you a vision of what can be)

God has also directed me to the man who has access to the money to fund it. His name is David Green. He is reported by Forbes to have an estimated 7.7 billion (but it is God's money and God's company - a company David tries to take credit for with his wife). But David Green has not done what God has called him to do with that money or with promoting faith – and I have been working to do what you sing about – hold him accountable. They actually built a $500 million Museum of the Bible and claimed it is NOT about faith! That just shows you how far off track they are. 

But what happens when they get back on track?

Things will get funded as they should.

That means Town of Love and the Crossings Community Church dome would be funded. That means money for Love Sportswear. That means a lot of money to sit down with Adidas and talk about creating sportswear for the 2 billion Christians on this planet.

I know you understand vision and don't think small – so I am sharing this with you – and all the others who visit this site around the U.S. and in places around the world.

You can email me at charleswhubbard@gmail.com for me information.

You are very passionate at times about what God has put on your heart and so am I. You will see me dealing with people who have been reluctant to do God's will – which is something I find very odd – because after sharing this vision for the past 8 years – nearly 95% of Christians I have personally talked have liked it or loved it. If you have plans to come to OKC soon, I would love to meet with you and discuss it. 



About the ADIDAS-LOVE video 
+ why God led Crossings to the dome
+ why God wants Crossings involved with Town of Love

God led Crossings Community Church to the 3700 N Walker dome and the less affluent so that they would have concern for others who are not as wealthy as they are – and they refused to follow God even after acknowledging that only God could have orchestrated it – claiming it was too high a price to pay.
Watch the video above and see what some people deal with - and imagine reaching a husband like that with the love of Jesus Christ - so that he becomes a man who leads his family in love. Imagine touching families all round Town of Love in Oklahoma City - reaching families who would otherwise see their men end up in prison. This is a vision to help change people so that they won't become alcoholics, won't become abusive, won't commit crimes and won't end up in prison.

This is the vision of Town of Love.

Watch the video and think about what is possible as we obey God.

"For nothing will be impossible with God." Luke 1:37

I have edited this Adidas video after asking God if He approved of Adidas producing Love Sportswear. God led me to the word "good". I will work to contact Kanye and Adidas – as I work to reveal God's will.



Kanye West puts out an album singing about his faith while the Greens put out a $500 million Museum of the Bible and deny it is about faith. 
Who is telling the truth?


We should applaud Kanye West, but NOT the Greens
We should applaud Kanye for doing an album to celebrate his faith in Jesus Christ. What should we say about the Greens who built a $500 million museum for the Bible and said it is NOT about faith? One celebrates faith in Jesus Christ... the other won't admit a museum for the Bible is about faith at all... not even about faith in Jesus Christ.  God, in His wisdom, connected us in this two wing plan, and it is not me who is trying to get out of promoting faith... and Kanye should now appreciate that. Right Kanye?


Kanye West (my brother): I am an artist who works for God. God revealed a vision called Town of Love to me which you will see on this page. David Green, the billionaire with God's money mentioned on this site, is simply a steward of God's company called Hobby Lobby and has not finished what God wants him to do. God raised up Hobby Lobby so that there would be plenty of money to fund what you will see on this site. You are passionate about what God has called you to do and so am I. I believe God wants us to work together for His glory. Imagine the impact of Love Sportswear around the world as we target over 2 billion Christians.

David Green has implied a man could die for touching God's Hobby Lobby. But God will let me touch the money and live. God will let me touch it and fund things that promote faith. I have seen you talk about Jesus more in a few videos than I have ever seen the Greens talk about him as they go around the U.S. talking about themselves. Pray with me that they will wake up and obey God to honor Jesus as He deserves. God bless you as you honor Him and proclaim "Jesus Is King!"


This is the vision of Love to Jam

Over 1000 people were reported to be saved in Baton Rouge where God led Kanye to go.
God has had me share the vision of Town of Love for over 8 years and it includes Love To Jam outdoor concerts to reach the lost like never before. What happened in Baton Rouge can happen in OKC and beyond. That is just amazing and awesome to see God move that way.

There is an interesting connection here to Kanye. If you look down the page to see how God led me to the Town of Love location in OKC, you will see that a few years before I was at that same area praying about a Christian video restaurant. When I was led back to that location, I knew without a doubt it was God. To get me there, God used a woman working with the TRUMP network... a network Donald Trump was associated with. Kanye West happens to be associated with President Donald Trump in ways few people in his position are. The man God chose to fund Town of Love is David Green – a man who rejected Trump when other popular Christians were supporting him as God was leading them. David Green has had a problem with rejecting what God and other Christians want – and still does. David Green is the man who raised a son who built a $500 museum for the Bible and proclaimed it is NOT about faith.


Pastor Marty Grubbs of Crossings Community Church said God's idea of church "was doomed to fail" and "made no sense".

Pastor Marty Grubbs has shown himself to be against some of the new things God wants to do with Town of Love that would include Crossings playing an important role with the Crossings dome at 3700 N Walker – the purchase he backed out of even after knowing only God could have orchestrated it.

Would he forbid Kanye West from stepping into Crossings wearing a LOVE Sportswear shirt which is part of the vision of Town of Love... or would he let Kanye walk right in and act like he liked that LOVE shirt?

I have shared the vision God shared with me for over 8 years now because I love, respect and fear God – and I believe encouraging faith and knowing Jesus Christ is the best thing for mankind. We need Christians who are passionate about Jesus and not afraid to tell people to believe the truth.


I applaud Kanye West for he has shown more passion for the truth than some other Christians shown on this site. Town of Love is about reaching those in the dark and bringing them into the light of Jesus Christ – about seeing real change and applauding the change that only comes from a relationship with Jesus – the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.



David Green of Hobby Lobby said it was a crazy to spend $30 million on Town of Love to encourage faith in Jesus Christ - BEFORE they spent $500 on the Museum of the Bible with his son saying it is NOT about faith.


Does David Green really expect you to believe God told him to reject promoting faith publicly?


Imagine David Green giving an account of his actions regarding Town of Love to God - in the presence of His holiness. Not only that, but God caused Hobby Lobby to grow, while prideful and selfish David shows in his book it was David and his wife who turned Hobby Lobby into the huge company it is.

The reason God has me address the Greens is because they actually have been holding on to God's money for it. Hobby Lobby (which David Green has recently said God gave to them) is actually God's company and they are simply stewards. God caused it to grow so there would be plenty of money for Town of Love and the Museum of the Bible – not David and his wife as David's book claims. But Satan tells them the money is theirs and tells them not to promote faith as God wants. They have foolishly chosen to obey Satan and talk about themselves – rather than promote Jesus Christ in both wings shown on this site.

I know I will one day have to give an account to God – and it is my desire to hear Him say that I have been a faithful servant who has done things well.

I encourage the Greens to face the God of eternity having done His will – instead of Satan's will.

Here is what is shown above:
Huge Video Screen at TOWN OF LOVE

+ EL-LOVE-ATION Ultimate Indoor Skydiving


Watch the video above and imagine Christians and non-Christians young and old watching it on a huge screen at Town of Love - then imagine them flying in EL-LOVE-ATION Ultimate Indoor Skydiving. More on EL-LOVE-ATION coming soon. Then imagine Pastor Marty Grubbs foolishly trying to stop Crossings members from talking about God's Town of Love – Marty the man who says God's idea was doomed to fail.

Why would Pastor Marty Grubbs of Crossings Community Church ever say God's idea was doomed to fail?
Decades ago, God told me He had something for me to do after Pastor Marty Grubbs preached a sermon and Ron Townsdin sang a song. Then in 2011, God revealed a place He wants in downtown OKC called Town of Love. Pastor Marty Grubbs (shown below on video) rejected it – acting as if God's idea of Town of Love was doomed to fail and made no sense to him. So imagine my surprise when Pastor Marty Grubbs actually got up and gave you a glimpse into his heart – when he actually said "God's idea" of the church "was doomed to fail" and "made no sense".

A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.

Luke 6:45

Not only did Marty reject Town of Love years ago, but he recently rejected moving forward with the Crossings Community Church dome at 3700 N Walker which God led them to purchase. He backed out even after admitting on video that ONLY God could have orchestrated it!

Watch the video to see Pastor Marty Grubbs' lie about God's idea of the church:

"It was doomed to fail. It made no sense."

(Alert: The Holy Spirit did not tell Marty to say that in the sermon and did not tell Crossings to reject Town of Love or the Crossings dome)

Is that what Marty said about God leading them to have the Crossings dome and leading them to support His Town of Love?

Did Marty say "God's idea of the Crossings dome and Town of Love is doomed to fail and makes no sense."?

Just because Marty says God's idea is doomed to fail – it obviously doesn't mean it is doomed to fail when God orchestrates it – something that has been proven over and over again throughout history.

Watch him in the video talk about how only God could have orchestrated going to the dome located at 3700 N Walker... but like he states, it appears their attitude is that God's idea of Crossings being there is doomed to fail and makes no sense... as they did not obey God and follow His lead.


I have been trained by God to obey Him and stay the course... even if others like Marty don't.

For all of you at Crossings:

See how Michael W Smith is tied into the Town of Love vision on this page. Taking the message of Christ into prisons is a great thing, but did you know Pastor Marty Grubbs actually rejected the vision from God to help the OKC Police and reach people BEFORE they go into prison?


It was tied into the Crossings dome project which Crossings backed out of even after knowing God orchestrated it.


Town of Love is designed to reach people outside of the church building. I have a letter from Marty claiming that Town of Love will not be mentioned at Crossings. But he can't stop you from talking about it at home – and I believe he can't even stop people from talking about it at Crossings. After all, he is not God and he certainly doesn't support all God wants him to support.

I stand outside of Crossings representing what Marty and his team get rid of when they go against what God wants.

Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God.

Revelation 3:2

That verse in Revelation exists for people like the Greens who have been called by God to do something to please Him. They have access to God's money for it, but they have shown contempt for it and left it unfinished.

Welcome to Two Wings of God – the two wings which God wants to honor Jesus Christ in ways the Greens are reluctant to do with money God has for it through His Hobby Lobby company – that's right – God's Hobby Lobby company.


The Greens honor God with their lips while their hearts show they obey Satan and please men rather than God. They will tell you Hobby Lobby is God's while they operate like it is theirs – denying me access to the money God sent me to get for the Town of Love wing to go with the Museum of the Bible wing.


You may ask... Why did God give them access to it? It is a test. God tested people in the Bible and God is testing the Greens – but they have been failing. God wants both wings to encourage faith and led me in the right wing to know in advance how He wants the left wing – but Steve Green in the video says it is NOT about faith – which is NOT what God taught me.  


After seeing the problems with the Greens as they have rejected what God wants with both wings, you will see the Town of Love vision where you spot Michael W. Smith.

1. David Green does NOT even own Hobby Lobby – but he treats God and me like he does – attributing the success of God's Hobby Lobby to his tiny efforts
2. God's work is about faith – but Steve Green says God's Museum of the Bible is NOT about faith. Does he really expect you to believe a museum with many Bibles encouraging faith in Christ is NOT about faith in any way?

3. Is his primary goal just to get you to engage with the Bible as he says – or is his primary goal really for you to believe in Jesus Christ – as it should be?

Watch the video to see that David Green has been taking credit for Hobby Lobby's growth in his own recent book – but it was actually God causing the growth. You will hear Steve Green admit that God actually intervened. Once David truly accepts it is God and not himself, he will be in a position to fund Town of Love. As long as he has a huge pride problem and acts like he made it happen, he won't obey God to fund Town of Love.

If you talk with him, have the courage to tell him the truth like God has me do. 

The Greens have left God's Town of Love unfinished. Go to the land south of Harkins Theater in OKC and see how unfinished it is – a fun place that God wants to be built to honor Jesus Christ and show videos which will teach people how to have eternal life in Christ and explain ways to improve life now for themselves, their families and their communities.


God caused the growth to fund the Two Wings of God - the Museum of the Bible and Town of Love. David isn't being a faithful steward and I can prove it. David Green wrote how a man could die for touching God's Hobby Lobby. God has sent me to get the money to promote faith with Town of Love and encourage the Museum of the Bible to promote faith in Jesus Christ.

I claim God has sent me. David Green has not allowed me to touch the money God has sent me to get. So - since David Green knows God can strike a man dead if he doesn't want a man to touch His money – then as a good steward – he should let God handle His Own business – and not try to keep God from handling His Own business.

If God does not approve of funding Town of Love – then let God show you. If God does approve of Town of Love – then let God show you. I would be a fool for lying about this – and I am no fool as I seek to honor Christ far beyond what the Greens have been willing to do.

Michael W Smith:
I called a place you are aware of, the Billy Graham Training Center, and asked about someone like Steve Green of the Museum of the Bible wanting to go there and say "You don't have to believe the Bible." You can already see he foolishly calls the Bible dangerous. (God led me to add the DANGER sign to emphasize just how foolish it is to say His Word is dangerous while His very Word warns people to stay away from danger! His Word and His love cannot be anything that is contrary to His nature)

Here are the responses from two God-honoring people working there which I have recorded:


Conversation 1:

Would you allow anyone to say "You don’t have to believe the Bible."?

Billy Graham Training Center Switch Board Operator:

“No. We are a Biblical ministry. We have, you know, all of our speakers and everybody preach on the Word of God through the Bible.” 


Conversation 2:

Would you ever let anyone say "You don’t have to believe the Word of God."? (like Steve Green has done)

Billy Graham Training Center Reservations:

Not a leader.


So you would not allow anyone to stand up and say "You don’t have to believe it."? (like Steve Green has done) 

Is that correct?

Billy Graham Training Center Reservations:

That is correct.

////////// From what I can tell through years of investigating, David Green, Steve Green's dad, has not once corrected his son publicly for his insults to God and His Word. So God has me rebuke him publicly. //////////


Satan's words are dangerous. So why does Steve Green say that God's Word (The Bible) is dangerous?
Steve Green said it because Satan told him to say it and told them to reject promoting faith in Jesus Christ with both wings. God has called me to hold the Greens accountable to do His will – but they have refused so far – and have gone out promoting lies instead of the truth.



Anyone like Steve Green who will tell people they don't have to believe the Bible, or like David Green who will allow his son to say such things while using God's money, is also likely to tell you God did not orchestrate things on this site and act like God doesn't want two wings about faith – but God most certainly did orchestrate it and He most certainly does want two wings promoting faith in Jesus Christ. Any Green who tells you differently is a liar. 

Anyone TRUTHFULLY speaking on God's behalf about the Bible will tell you to believe it. Anyone speaking for Satan will tell you that you don't have to believe it.


Watch the video.

Michael W Smith asks a good question.
What if Steve Green had been in Cassie Bernall's shoes?
What would he have said?


What if Steve Green, the man with Museum of the Bible who says you don't have to believe, were younger and had been the victim of a school shooting like Cassie Bernall? What would he have said to the shooter? When asked if he believed in God, would Steve Green have said to the shooter,


"I don't have to believe and you don't have to believe."?


And having gone through the massacre with his son killed for NOT standing up for faith, would David Green of Hobby Lobby be moved to do Town of Love with the money God has provided for Town of Love to help prevent that from ever happening again?

Before I placed the next photo here, I asked God to confirm He wants it to be seen on here. I was led to open His Word without looking and place my finger down without looking. When I looked, I saw it pointing to "sight" in Revelation 3:2 - a verse which God has already given to me in regard to the Greens not doing what God wants:
Wake up! 
Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the
sight of my God.


Michael W Smith:
Here is the quick version of the bigger story you will see down this page. (Don't miss how God orchestrated it)
Well over a decade ago God led me to a place in downtown OKC with a Christian video restaurant idea which featured you on the video screens. That project seemed big to me at the time. Then in 2011, God led me back out in an amazing way to that same area, but that time, He had an even bigger project called Town of Love which includes the above Love Video Grill and more which you will see on this page. It has connections to God's Hobby Lobby company, God's Museum of the Bible and God's Crossings Community Church. God wanted it far bigger than I originally thought so it will get people's attention and people will listen.

As I read about Cassie Bernall, I see a few things that actually relate to what God has had me share on this site for some time - The importance of standing up for what you believe and being Jesus-centered. Steve Green, spokesman for Museum of the Bible, says you don't have to believe and also says it is NOT about faith. God wants the Crossings Community Church dome involved to help keep the Museum of the Bible Jesus-Centered and not allow messages like that to go out. Is there anyone in the Green family or in Crossings willing to stand up for what God wants? It is my hope that Cassie's story inspires them to honor God.


God is giving us a way with Town of Love to share the truth which can change the hearts of violent people into loving, God-honoring Christians  

I knew God led me to change this site on 10-20-19 to feature Michael W Smith. The first layout at the downtown OKC location shown on this page below in #1 included visuals of Michael W Smith on video at a Christian video restaurant after his release of Healing Rain. On 10-21-19, I was at my day job working on a project with a logo for Hard Rock. Later on 10-21-19, I prayed God would direct me to a Michael W Smith video to put on the top of this page. I played a few of his newer videos and then I saw this one... with Cassie Bernall wearing the Hard Rock logo I had worked with just hours before. 


Our society has had to deal with terrible school shootings and violence like those at Columbine High School. It is the goal of Town of Love to reach kids inclined to kill others BEFORE they kill others – to change them with the love of Jesus Christ – to show them their value to God – and to show them the value of others to God.


Imagine the impact of one Town of Love on a city. Then imagine the impact of many locations throughout America. This is the vision of Town of Love.


Pastor Marty Grubbs:

God revealed the Town of Love vision and it involves you. Suppose God had revealed to you 30 years ago that He wanted the church to grow from 150 to 8,000... and God wanted preaching to be seen on videos at multiple locations... in a Children's center... in prisons... in 151 countries around the world... and in Town of Love. How much of that would you have believed 30 years ago? It is all true... whether you would have believed it was possible with God or not. 

David Green of Hobby Lobby:

God revealed the Town of Love vision and it involves you. Suppose God had revealed to you 40 years ago that He wanted you to be a servant in His Hobby Lobby company with access to His money... to share the truth of Jesus Christ... to help fund Christian schools with His money... to help fund churches with His money... and to build a Museum for the Bible wing and Town of Love wing to encourage faith in Jesus Christ with his money. How much of that would you have believed 40 years ago? It is all true... whether you would have believed it was possible with God or not.


Michael W Smith:

This is an exciting vision from God. God had me do graphics of you early on. You will find more of the story down the page. In 2013, a popular music leader who led our churches in a city wide church event called AS ONE CHURCH at the downtown ballpark said this about the Town of Love vision: "Charles this all looks amazing". He is certainly not alone. I have shared this vision for over 8 years and it is likely over 95% of the Christians I have personally shared this vision with have either loved it or liked it. 

This is the vision of Town of Love.

I know the spirit inside of you will like it because it originated from the Holy Spirit.


Disclaimer: These visuals are here because God led me to use Michael W Smith in the early days – so I do it expecting Michael W Smith will approve of what he sees here. I have not spoken to Michael personally, but I will make attempts to do so soon. As always, Satan will be against it just as he is against anything God does. Please pray for Michael and all others which God wants involved. I would appreciate your prayers as well. God bless you as you do God's will God's way.


Welcome to Two Wings of God. This site exists to influence Christians to do God's will God's way with regard to this vision and more.

God has provided the money for the Museum of the Bible, the Crossings Community Church dome and the exciting Town of Love through sales from His Hobby Lobby company. The Greens have held on to part of it and have gone gone against God's will as a result. This website will show how God orchestrated things and show how the Greens went astray when they rejected God's Town of Love – even saying that the $500 million Museum of the Bible built for the greatest book of faith – is NOT about faith! Yes, their spokesperson actually said that – even while the Bible says it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God without faith.

God included Michael W. Smith in this vision after the release of HEALING RAIN. It is no coincidence that God led Pastor Marty Grubbs to preach about LOVE with Ron Townsdin singing about LOVE... no coincidence that God had Paster Marty Grubbs encourage people to GO (that is what this vision is all about) – and now no coincidence Michael W Smith is scheduled to perform at Crossings as God leads me to type this. Nothing is impossible with God. God said He had something for me to do a few decades ago while in church after my friend Pastor Marty Grubbs preached and my friend Ron Townsdin sang a song about surrendering all.

And God has led us all here to honor Christ's love and save the lost in exciting ways never done before. 


This Town of Love vision is designed to change people in OKC, America and beyond. Mark 16:15, gives us the words of Jesus:
He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Let's GO and see what life is like doing God's will God's way >


Stephen Curry has already worn a logo God had me design – and this one stands for so much more

It was God's will that Stephen Curry wear a SoCon logo God had me design while he was playing basketball at Davidson – and Stephen Curry did. It is God's will that Stephen Curry wear the Love Logo God had me design as well – for His glory and to help others who need hope.

LOVE TO JAM Outdoor Concerts

I once drove a small car and my wife kept telling me to get a bigger vehicle. Then one day, I noticed one for sale near our house. I kept driving by and would pray that if God wanted me to have it... He would keep it from being sold. The day finally came that I was ready to buy. I called the man... found out he was a pastor... and he said he had just talked to a man about buying it but didn't feel right about selling it. He gave me a great price and I bought it.

I told him about the vision of Town of Love for downtown OKC... and he told me about something his church did in downtown OKC. They had an event outdoors with music and over 80 people came to know Christ during that event! I knew God had arranged the meeting, not just for a great vehicle, but for an even greater purpose... to give me even more enthusiasm about reaching the lost in downtown OKC with LOVE TO JAM.


LOVE VIDEO MIRROR (message to women in restroom)


How God orchestrated it


A few decades ago, God told me He had something for me to do while in the church above. God led me to go forward and several in the church placed their hands on me and prayed over me.

I believe I am still walking in the powerful results of that prayer. Pastor Marty Grubbs and Ron Townsdin sang a song about surrendering all – and I heard God tell me He had something for me to do. I immediately went before the church and told them what I heard. They gathered around me, placed their hands on me and prayed over me. I felt a strong drive to find a way to share the truth of Jesus Christ with those outside the church. I shared many ideas with other Christians, but only felt led to ask about a price for land in one location. I asked about the land price for a Christian video restaurant that included visuals of Michael W. Smith on the video screens. 


(1) The Michael W Smith connection to Town of Love

After the release of his album HEALING RAIN, I designed a layout for a Christian video restaurant featuring Michael W Smith in the visuals. It was a positive Christian environment which would not serve alcohol. I went to the above location in downtown OKC many times and prayed to God as I walked over the land. I asked someone at the rock climbing facility just south of it if they had an idea about the price of the land. Once I found out, I did not proceed at that time.


(2) In 2011, about 5 years later, God orchestrated the events to take me back 

In 2011, I was posting Christian videos on Facebook on a fairly regular basis and people would like them. One woman who had liked some had posted that she was looking for a graphic designer. I let her know I was a graphic designer. We communicated more, I designed her Hunger Heroes logo to help feed hungry children, and she loved it. She wanted to do more marketing and I agreed to help. At one point, she said she wished she could pay me what i was worth and said she could if her dad's land would sell. I asked her where her dad's land was, and what she said has changed my life since. She said her dad's land was in downtown OKC south of Harkins Theater!


I was amazed to hear that and immediately told her I had been out there about 5 years earlier praying over land for a Christian video restaurant – and then she was amazed!


I then drove out to the location shown above and parked my car at the top left corner where the "2" is. I heard in my spirit: Look up Luke 1:15, so I did on my phone and this is what I read: for he will be great in the sight of the Lord. He is never to take wine or other fermented drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even before he is born.

I believe God gave that verse in reference to what would be at that location. Within a very short time, God had orchestrated events so that I knew He wanted seven Christian businesses on that piece of land and wanted it to be called Town of Love.


Since God took me back and showed me something even bigger than before, I concluded He must have the money – then God led me to David Green of Hobby Lobby - a company owned by God

I began praying for God to direct me to who could fund it. There was one man God kept bringing to my mind and one man that was mentioned several times as I would share the vision of Town of Love with other Christians around the metro area. That man is David Green. So, believing God was leading me to contact David Green, I moved forward

God led me to design a brochure for David Green and show an eagle with the right wing filled in with Town of Love. The left wing was blank and I had no idea that there was going to be any left wing. I just knew I was to show it that way and present it to David Green.

David Green, now with an estimated $8 billion,  blew it off as if it was too much money to spend to honor Jesus Christ in such a way. David has blown off all of the above at the top of this page for over 6 years now – acting as if God's money is something he and his wife worked so hard for.

There has been a conflict because I know God actually owns Hobby Lobby and has caused it to grow in order to fund Town of Love and the Crossings dome – but David Green has written a book that shows that he and his wife take credit for the growth of Hobby Lobby.

God has had me publicly remind David Green and others that God caused the amazing growth – NOT the Greens! if David Green refuses to accept that fact, then he will try to hold on to God's money for Town of Love and the Crossings dome as if it is his to do with as he pleases.




(3) After David Green rejected the right Town of Love wing to promote faith in Jesus Christ, we saw the left Museum of the Bible wing show up in DC – funded by the Greens for $500 million and claiming it is NOT about faith!

Imagine how excited I was to see more confirmation from God when I noticed the Museum of the Bible was in the shape of a wing too. Many of you who are Christians will see the connection and the obvious problem when you reject what God wants. When you reject what God wants, you end up doing what Satan wants.


Steve Green, son of David Green, went out representing the Museum of the Bible telling people that they don't have to believe the Bible and said it is NOT about faith. He even had the nerve to call me up and say that the people who liked the Town of Love vision liked it because they had "NO SKIN IN THE GAME".


He was not thinking about Jesus when he said it, because Jesus likes this vision and approves. His comment was also of a man acting like the money was his – but it is actually God's! The Green family is estimated to have at least an $8 billion net worth (God's money) –  but haven't had enough love and respect for what God wants to fund something God has already allocated the money for.


(4) The mirrored Museum of the Bible from DC wing fits right into the Town of Love wing in OKC

God directed the Greens to purchase the wing in Washington DC that would fit into His location here for Town of Love – giving even more proof that these wings are related. The mission of each is to mirror the other – to encourage respect for God's Word and promote faith in Jesus Christ so souls are saved.

If God wanted no relationship between these two wings, He would have directed the Greens to get land in the shape of something else that would not fit – for surely God knew in advance I would be communicating about the wing relationship and the importance of promoting faith with the Greens.

Of course God knew in advance and has actually led me to share the truth about His two wings – the two wings which the Greens have refused to do God's way.

© 2019 Town of Love